Dining in Disneyland: Harbour Galley’s Pumpkin Squash Chowder, Stuffed Baked Potatoes, and More

Tucked in a corner along the Rivers of America in Critter Country lies the hidden little gem that is Harbour Galley.

Now that it’s FINALLY getting a little colder here in Southern California, it’s a great time to enjoy some warm comfort foods. Harbour Galley is a counter service restaurant that actually looks more like a snack stand, and they feature soups, salads, and stuffed baked potatoes.

The Harbour Galley


The seating is limited in this area, but there are a few tables with chairs as well as a little hidden area around the corner to the left of the utensil station where you can usually find a nice waterside table.

If it’s too crowded, you can always take your food to the nearby Hungry Bear seating area.

Harbour Galley Waterside Seating

I recently had a Cast Member tell me that I needed to try the Stuffed Baked Potatoes at Harbour Galley — specifically the Barbeque Chicken one.


So on a recent lunch date with some friends, I suggested that we head over and check them out.  To my surprise, I found something even better than baked potatoes… Seasonal Pumpkin Squash Chowder!

Don’t be fooled by the Halloween-ness of the sign. I just had this during holiday time, so I do believe it is there through the holidays.

"Temporary" Pumpkin Squash Chowder Sign

So, of course I had to get the soup in addition to a Stuffed Baked Potato…

Stuffed Baked Potato Options

I went with the Pumpkin Squash Chowder and a Barbecue Chicken Potato.

The chowder was by far my favorite.  Smooth, creamy, with a little holiday spice, it’s got a great flavor that will make you feel like you’re eating Christmas one spoonful at a time. (NOTE: a very similar Pumpkin Squash Soup can currently be found at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot at Walt Disney World — even with the same garnish!)

The chowder is served in a sourdough bread bowl and garnished with pepitas. My only complaint? That dang bread bowl. It’s really more bread than soup. I totally wanted a refill…

Pumpkin Squash Chowder

The Barbeque Chicken Potato was, I’m just going to go with…. OK. It wasn’t bad by any means.  The chicken was actually quite good and the potato was cooked to perfection. Just not sure that I’m a fan of mixing the two together.

Barbecue Chicken Baked Potato

In addition to the Barbecue Chicken there are two other potatoes to choose from; the Bacon and Sour Cream & the Broccoli and Cheese. All potatoes are $6.39.

Below are the “display” potatoes, which don’t really do them justice. They looked much better when ordered fresh.

I think next time I’d go for bacon and sour cream. Keep it classic…

Display Stuffed Potatoes

Harbour Galley is a great place to grab a “healthier” meal or snack. Their salads include a Steak Salad and a Grilled Salmon Salad.

My friends ordered the salads and other than wishing they had ordered the aioli on the side, they were both pretty pleased with their meals.

At $9.99 the Steak Salad includes roasted New York Strip on top of greens and hearts of romaine with fresh cucumbers, yellow & red teardrop tomatoes, feta cheese, green onions, and dried cherries with garlic aioli and toasted almonds.

Steak Salad

The Grilled Salmon Salad features grilled salmon served atop of greens and hearts of romaine with red and yellow teardrop tomatoes, fresh dill, and dried cherries with herbed aioli and wheat berries.

Grilled Salmon Salad

While here, my friends also tried the Steak Gumbo, which they found to be flavorful with a bit of a kick.

Steak Gumbo

In addition to Steak Gumbo, Harbour Galley regularly serves up Vegetarian Chili, Broccoli and Cheddar Soup, and Clam Chowder.

All soups are $9.29 and served in sourdough bread bowls. I can’t wait to get back over there to try the Vegetarian Chili and Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Both sound delish!


Overall, I highly recommend Harbour Galley. The atmosphere is fabulous, the food is great, and it’s a nice alternative to pizza or burgers if you’re in a “healthier” type of mood!

Have you eaten at Harbour Galley? If so, do you have a favorite soup or salad? Would you choose soup over pizza? (I would!)

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. Elana says

    Thanks for the pictures of the Salmon salad! My sister, in addition to being vegetarian is also gluten free and dairy free so finding a place for her to eat at Disneyland is always a challenge. The salad looks like it would be perfect for her.

  2. Niki M says

    That steak salad looks like it’s covered in mayo…definitely aioli on the side. The soups and potatoes look like great options though!

  3. Heather Sievers says

    @Elana – Great! I hope your sister gets to try it out!

    @Niki – Yep, lots of aioli. On the side or without is a much better option.

  4. M says

    MmM looks Great! im SOLD! ive always wanted to try their soups. Question… do they take AP discounts?? =/

  5. Matt says

    The potatos are I am guessing temporary, as they are usually served at the Troubadour Tavern in Fantasyland, which is undergoing a refurb.

    I just ate at that very table where the photo was taken of the “hidden” area on the “back” pathway over Splash, next to the dry dock. I had the bbq chicken baked potato and loved it. I’ve had it a few times over at Troubadour as well over the past year or so. It’s a great alternative to the usual theme park food items, and it’s filling.

    I also had the broccoli cheddar soup and it was so good, just perfect on a cold SoCal evening like it was last Saturday. But like you said, there was not a lot of soup in that bread bowl. It really makes it not worth the $$$ if you don’t have an A.P. discount because it’s mostly just bread!

    I’ve had the bacon/cheese potato at Troubadour and it was just…ok. Not a lot of flavor, and made me determine that if I’m getting a potato in the future, it’ll always be the bbq chicken one.

  6. Wendy says

    Great post! I didn’t know the potatoes were here- I discovered them at the Troubadour Tavern just before it was closed. I like the bacon and cheese, however, I wish Disney would assemble the potatoes differently. As you can see in the picture, the cheese and bacon are on top of the (cold) sour cream. Under the sour cream is a big ball of butter, which due to the cold sour cream, doesn’t melt. I wish they would reorder the ingredients: butter, cheese, bacon, microwave for a few seconds, and then add the sour ceam and onions. In my opinion, melted butter/cheese/bacon is always better than cold butter/cheese/bacon on a baked potato. Now that I know the potatoes are at the Harbour Galley, I’ll stop by on my next visit, and ask if they will assemble it differently. Thanks again!

  7. Heather Sievers says

    @M – Yep! I used my AP discount!

    @Matt – Yes, they might be temporary until that area opens back up. I don’t have any official news though.

  8. says

    Haven’t tried it, but I heard a tip that you can ask to have the soup in a bowl and the bread on the side. That way you can, munch on that sourdough goodness later on too!

  9. says

    Great review Heather!

    There is a little story behind the Harbor Galley. During the early design & construction of Splash Mountain it was not in the project at all. At that time the “Mile Long Bar” fast food place was to be re-themed and re-opened with Splash as “Brer Bar”. Then it was learned that Disneyland management wanted to tear-down the old Fowler’s Harbor facade and leave it bare (no pun intended). Imagineering did not like that idea and devised a way to save old Fowler’s Harbor. That was the birth of Harbor Galley! Now there were 3 places to eat in Critter Country and everyone was happy. On opening day in 1989 they served shrimp cocktail, popcorn shrimp (my favorite), and halibut sandwiches.

    P.S. some will argue that Harbor Galley is part of N.O. Square, and not Critter Country.

    Thanks, Now I’m hungry!

    Mark Hickson

  10. Heather Sievers says

    @Mark – Thanks for the interesting info! I love that spot! Curious though, Disneyland lists it on their website as part of Critter Country, so why would people say it’s N.O. Square? I get that it’s right across from Haunted Mansion, but it’s clear on the website.

  11. says

    Heather – the website is correct but Fowlers Harbor historically was not part of the old Indian Village – that later became Bear Country, then Critter Country. Also of note is there ain’t no critters there!

  12. Heather Sievers says

    @Wendy – I bet they’d assemble it how you’d like!

    @Mark – The only critters I noticed were ducks, lots of them! ; )

    @Logan – My friend really enjoyed it!

  13. Tiffany says

    The BBQ potato is one of my favorite things to get at the park. I do ask for cheese on top and while it’s an up charge for it, I think it’s completely worth it.

  14. Stacy Whitaker says

    My family ate here last week. The menu is much smaller, but the lobster roll and the clam chowder were both phenomenal.

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