New Craft Beers in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion

Craft beer lovers, rejoice! The Italy Pavilion at Walt Disney World’s Epcot has joined the ever-growing list of areas at Disney World that are focusing on unique brews.

Italian Craft Beers -- Photograph Courtesy of Beers and Ears

Our friends at Beers and Ears recently sat down with Eric Bandauski, who heads up the beer program for the Patina Group. Patina runs all of the Italy Pavilion restaurants along with three spots in Disneyland Resort.

Under his passionate direction, Epcot is now offering a wonderful array of craft beers. While craft beer is still an up and coming craze in Italy, the program is certainly giving beer aficionados some interesting things to sample and anticipate.

These bottles of winter Italian craft beers, which are available at Via Napoli, are almost too beautiful to consume! (We said almost.) :-)

Via Napoli Winter Beer Selections -- Photo Courtesy of Beers and Ears

It sounds as though there are some fun new developments in the works concerning an Italian craft beer stop in the pavilion. There are also some beer plans underway with next year’s Food and Wine Festival! WHOO!

Head over to Beers and Ears to get the full scoop and low-down on all the happenings regarding beer in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion! We think you’ll be impressed.

I can’t wait to sample a few of these. How about you? Leave a comment and let us know which of the Italian beers gets your vote!


  1. Lori says

    I was going to comment on Strada, but Catherine beat me to it. I’m pretty sure all the beers were part of the beer pairing lunch during the Food and Wine Festival, and the Strada was my favorite one.

  2. venessa says

    $36 for a bottle of MY ANTONIA!! I get it here locally for $12!!! It’s amazing though and you can only get it up here in DE so if anyone is ever ther ein Epcot, you have got to try it! =D It’s good to see that Dogfish Head is getting some love in Disney World. <3

  3. venessa says

    And I have to apologize once again, 36 is the serving size. I don’t know how much a glass would cost.

  4. says

    @venessa… Yup! It’s $36 for I believe 750mL, not just one serving! Unfortunately you can’t buy it by the glass just yet.

    Just stopped by Via Napoli and Tutto Gusto yesterday to test out the newest beers in their lineup and love them all!

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