How MyMagic+ Will Affect Disney Dining

Planning your Disney World vacation is about to change—big time. While making your Advance Dining Reservations 180 days in advance will still be important, MyMagic+ is going to make it easier to pre-plan your trip and maybe even save your Disney dollars at the same time!

We’ve outlined the basics of the new Walt Disney World Resort technology below, followed by a healthy dose of Disney dining tips for making the most of the new system — including how it will change your Disney Dining planning, and how you might save money using MyMagic+!!

How MyMagic + Will Affect Disney Dining

MyMagic+: The Basics

This past week, MyMagic+ — a new, tech-savvy planning process for your Disney vacation — officially rolled out across the Walt Disney World resort. Relying on RFID technology, this will create a “more immersive, more seamless and more personal experience” for guests, according to Disney Parks Blog.

A major piece of the MyMagic+ puzzle is the new My Disney Experience website and mobile app, which help guests plan their trip. The interactive tools allow guests to log in to book advanced dining reservations and ride times for popular attractions as well as parade and fireworks viewing locations with FastPass+. They’ll also make it easy to change those plans on the fly from any smartphone or Guest Relations kiosk.

All of that MyMagic+ data—including ride and meals times—will be encoded onto the new must-have Disney accessory: the MagicBand. These high-tech bracelets will replace the Key to the World card, becoming a room key, theme park ticket, PhotoPass card, FastPass and charge account in one.

MyMagic+ MagicBand

MyMagic+ MagicBand in action

Right now, guests saying at WDW resort hotels, Annual Passholders, and those who purchase PhotoPass will automatically receive a complimentary standard MagicBand. Upgraded wristbands, decorated with characters, will also be available for an additional fee.

Guests who stay off property will receive an RFID-enabled card, which will act as a park ticket, charge account and FastPass+ ticket, but they will have to purchase a MagicBand separately.

Don’t Forget Your MagicBand!

The new technologies will likely have a significant impact on your dining strategy, so we’ve put together a quick primer on how to make the most of MyMagic+:

Pay and Go

The most immediate and obvious impact of the MagicBand will be the ability to pay for snacks and quick service meals with the flick of a wrist.

Literally tap the RFID bracelet (or card for non-resort guests) against the sensor at the register to settle the bill on purchases of $50 or less quickly and efficiently. No more digging around for the Key to the World!

Schedule Your WHOLE Day

With the current system, FastPass dictates your return window based on how many FastPasses have already been distributed. On some days, it’s possible to arrive at Soarin’ at 9:30 a.m. only to be locked into a 6:35-7:35 p.m. return time. That presents a problem for those guests who’ve already booked a coveted Le Cellier ADR for 6:25 p.m.

Le Cellier Mushroom Filet

Le Cellier’s Mushroom Filet Mignon with White Truffle Butter Sauce and Micro Chevril

With FastPass+, guests will be able to specify their own attraction return times and, as a result, pre-select complementary reservation times. The family who booked that Le Cellier ADR exactly 180 days before their trip will be able to set their Soarin ride time so that it doesn’t conflict.

This will give guests greater flexibility and the ability to plan their attractions around their dining plans.

Skip Rope Drop (and Sleep In)

If you, your teenager, or your sleepy spouse believe it’s not a vacation unless you can hit the snooze button a few times, you’ve likely experienced Rope Drop Anxiety: that awful, sinking belief that you won’t get to ride Toy Story Midway Mania unless you’re one of the first 100 guests through the turnstiles.

Schedule Your FastPasses Around Your Dining Reservations

Erin Foster, our Disney Food for Families contributor, experienced the new technology first hand and shared her impressions about how MyMagic+ will help families eliminate the Rope Drop Anxiety:

The main benefit I saw for my family is that the judicious use of FP+ could eliminate the need to wake up to get to rope drop. If I can schedule my Toy Story ride for the afternoon, then I don’t have to get to the park at 9:00 a.m. This may have implications for when people time their meals.

Will resort breakfasts become more popular because people don’t have to get up early in the morning?

By allowing guests to pre-schedule ride return times without physically being in the Park, MyMagic+ may very well mean more leisurely mornings at the resort—and more resort breakfasts.

We expect that the new technology will mean bigger breakfast crowds at some of the lesser-visited but delicious spots, like The Wave, The Grand Floridian Café, and Pepper Market. Maybe it will even result in breakfast being served at formerly lunch-and-dinner-only spots, like Shutters and Boatwrights. It could open up a whole new world of Disney dining options!

Whispering Canyon Cafe sign

Will MyMagic+ mean more breakfasts at the resort?

Save on Food

All of these changes are great, but what will they mean for your bottom line? Here at Disney Food Blog, we’ve been thinking about how these changes may save you money.

Have More Inexpensive Breakfasts and Fewer Expensive Lunches
If you don’t have to be at the Park at 9 a.m. to get your FastPasses, as Erin points out, you could enjoy a late breakfast at the resort. Breakfast usually costs less than lunch and dinner at Disney restaurants, which means indulging in a big breakfast could allow you to skip lunch (or just have a small snack instead of a full meal), and pay less overall!

That pattern could result in significant savings over the course of a long trip to Disney World, and it will definitely mean we need to crunch some new numbers to determine whether the Disney Dining Plan is worth the cost.

More to Come!

We’ll keep an eye on the new MyMagic+ technology, so stay tuned to Disney Food Blog for our tips and tricks as the technology continues to develop.

What are your thoughts about the new MyMagic+? Will it change your dining strategy? Let us know in the comments section below! 


  1. says

    Wow! I have to say, I am super excited about this new technology! As someone who likes to plan the trip almost as much as I like the actual trip, I feel like this is really going to add a lot! And I know my poor husband will love the idea of perhaps being able to plan the most popular rides for the afternoons! Not to mention the possibility of having more leisurely breakfasts! I can’t wait to hear more about this!

  2. says

    Really excited for the technology. Im not sold on the wristbands yet, mainly because i hate wearing things around my wrist, and in the Florida heat, I cant see them being comfortable.

    I love the dining and fastpass+ aspects of the new system. The new resort guests park entrances, keyless room entry and easy payment. Im looking forward to trying this with DDP. No more of them taking your KTTW card away from you when paying at table service too… hmmm

    One of the things that I see you mention is photopass… im wondering if this will be the death of photopass shares??

  3. Pudge the Fish says

    I’m excited by the possibilities of MyMagic+ and I’m interested in trying all of the new features on my next WDW vacation. While I like the possibility of saving money, Disney apparently has invested over one billion dollars in this technology and I’m sure they will find new ways to recoup that investment. In the short term I am concerned about the new technology because as anyone who has used the disney website in the last to weeks already knows the revamped website is currently severely flawed. Too much too soon maybe. Hopefully that will be remedied soon.

  4. Sam says

    Any idea when we will be able to start using the Fastpass+ part through the My Disney Experience app? We are going in March and I would love to be able to reserve our Fastpasses in advance.

  5. Sue says

    It sounds like it will work better for adult travelers than for families. I’m guessing that I will have a certain allotment per day, say four rides, and that I will need to plan for the entire family to ride together. So my son, who loves Space Mountain, will need that to be one of the rides we choose even though his younger sisters will not ride. Then his sisters will want Dumbo even though we couldn’t pay him to ride. Two allotments down and each kid has only had one favorite. I guess if we rotate wristbands at least my son will get to ride twice but not my girls. I already have to plan which park we will want to be in six months in advance and now I will need to guess what my kids will be ready to ride. Plus on our last trip my three year old only wanted to see characters where the trip before they scared her to death — something which caught us all off guard. I can see the benefit for Toy Story Mania and Soarin’, but it’s going to be one more planning worry for me.

  6. says

    I can see why out-of-town guests, planning a full vacation would like these options, but honestly, I think this is going to be one more thing that makes visiting the parks less enjoyable for locals. We’re already locked out of many popular restaurants due to vacationers booking six months ahead of time; I’m afraid the same will happen with fastpasses for popular attractions. Spur-of-the-moment visits (which account for most visits by locals) will mean eating at counter service and not riding any fastpass rides. I know this question was asked on the Disney Parks Blog, but I didn’t feel like it was answered in any depth.

    Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I feel like this is one more way Disney is putting their resort guests ahead of their passholders. I suppose like all things, though, we’ll get used to it! ;-)

  7. Emma says

    I think i will wait to see what the reviews are like. It seems like it will become even more of a military operation. I mean, places to view a parade?

  8. SharonC says

    I am all for anything that has the potential to bring breakfast back to Boatwright’s! I miss their sweet potato pancakes.

  9. Charles B says

    So anyone with my wristband can charge up to $50 at a time to my account with absolutely nothing done to verify that it is me making the purchase. This scares me. Heck it already scares me that they allow the same for room card charges now.

  10. Mikey says

    I agree with Diane’s comment. As an annual passholder I wonder how this will affect me. I visit WDW Parks several times each month. I like to explore and go at my own pace. On some days I make a spur of the moment decision to go to the parks. It’s bad enough that I’m usually locked out of booked up dining venues. If the same thing begins to take place with attractions I’ll end up spending my entertainment budget elsewhere. I’m not going to wait two hours to ride Space Mountain because no more fastpasses are available due to the number of Fastpass+ reservations.

  11. Linda says

    To be honest, I can’t say I’m happy about it. I am one of those people that plan out their vacations – get the park hours, extra magic hours, etc., and map out kind of a itinerary of what park we are going to, what we are doing in the evening, taking advantage of extra magic hours, making any dining reservations we want, etc. I only do this because if I didn’t we would spend time everyday trying to decide what to do and we want to see and do as much as we can when we go to Disney. So we do plan out which parks we are going to on certain days, but they are always subject to change based on how we feel or weather. To now have to think about when we want to do certain rides, where we want to stand to view a parade it adds more planning onto a trip. And to be honest I think it takes some of the fun out of getting up early and heading to the parks when they open and getting on the rides we want to get on before the crowds hit. At the end of the day it’s a vacation and while we do some planning, some of it is spontaneous.

    We are going to Disney in May so I’ll be anxious to hear what others think about it…………

  12. Jennifer says

    Linda, I feel the same. I don’t want to pre plan a ride. It feels too structured and takes fun out of it. Plus like another previous poster said and something I hadn’t thought about at all was if your whole party doesn’t want to do a ride together. I know we all don’t ride the same things. So can you divide up fast passes? I have some research to do before May!

  13. Galloping Gourmand says

    Linda, I’m with you. I can be a commando tourist and love flexibility. This seems to eliminate much of it.

    I’ll reserve judgement until I see it in action but, boy, do I dislike having to choose what park I visit 2 months in advance. I’m the same way about food. I have gotten used to having to do this with the resteraunts but with the rides? No thank you.

  14. EeyoreBFF says

    This has been the best explanation of this new system I have read yet. It will have some bugs, but as it will be available to all guests-on and off resort, I think it will all work out for everyone. I am sure Disney is trying to figure out what all details to release…too many and there will be disappointments; too few and the rumors start running. I am all for breakfast and other meals at the resort instead of race, race, race all over the parks. Plus wont they be able to figure exactly how much pineapple and cinnamon they need on hand to make our favorites?

  15. A Newton says

    Like others, I was interested in the program but as more details emerged, especially regarding Fastpass+, the more discouraged I became. I don’t want to pass judgment on the program before it’s in place, but it sounds more and more like a bad idea all the time.

  16. Mark D. says

    AJ, one change they have already made is that you will have to put in a pin code when you touch your bracelet to pay, even if the amount is under $50.

  17. mealtrip says

    So, being a local AP holder… if I book a reservation for two at Le Cellier on Valentines Day, say at 5:30pm, Soarin’ at 8:00pm, and reserved Illuminations viewing at Showcase Plaza at 9:00pm … can I “loose” my itinerary wristband on eBay for $35 with free next day shipping worldwide, and then just get a replacement the next day, because shoot… I just don’t know where it could have gone??? I really need to find a way start supplementing that $400 pass. Blah, yeah… it’s a “fail” for me. I go into the parks to forget about schedules, not to be tethered to a wristband and a wifi enabled tablet. Now if I could wear it on my ankle, well that would be a different story.

  18. kirsty says

    does anyone know when the fast pass plus will happen? We are going in five weeks and the new website doesnt seem very helpful

  19. kirsty says

    another comment is that everyone will have to be at each ride to get a fastpass? This is a pain, a lot of the time we have someone take all the tickets and walk over and get the fast passes. Not sure how I feel about everyone having to be there at the same time!

  20. Paul A. says

    Horrible, Horrible, Horrible!
    It isn’t enough that our everyday lives are over-programmed and over-scheduled, now Disney is forcing us to plan and schedule every detail of our vacation in the World.
    We’ve been FL-resident annual passholders for the last 7-years and gradually Disney is implementing changes that cater more and more to out-of-town resort guests and DVC members. During the last 7-years we’ve visited WDW well over 100-days and most times could not get reservations at a table service restaurant because we didn’t schedule our trips months in advance. Fed up w/ eating low-quality “fast” food at counter service locations. I can just imagine how many rides, parades, fireworks shows will have to be missed because Fastpass+ has booked up in advance.

  21. Jen says

    Wow, I find this incredibly disappointing. I wonder if they will only allow one fast pass per ride per day. Often times we’ll ride Toy Story 4 or 5 times in a day. Riding first thing when we get there and getting a few early fast passes. Not to mention, cast members were often accommodating with expired fast pass time slots and while I know that was changing to more of a case to case basis, I suppose that is totally out the window now.

    The whole thing is too over-scheduled and starts to loose the magic for me. It’s already stressful scheduling food reservations for certain times and trying to nail down how much we’ll want to be in one park vs. others and when. Not to mention accommodating naps and children melt downs. Now I have to also figure out rides and where we want to view the fireworks??? I hate it. Half the fun of a vacation is being able to relax and be spontaneous, not to over-schedule every second. And…hate hate hate hate the wristband. That thing is going to be so sweaty and nasty at the end of the vacation. Blah. I much preferred a card in my pocket. We have always been obsessed with Disney, it is our favorite vacation! We were thinking of switching to annual passes this year but now I am questioning whether its worth it.

  22. CraigInPA says

    I *hope* they aren’t introducing it in February 2013 when I’m going!!! Their new “My Disney Experience” website is SO RIDDLED WITH BUGS that my hotel reservations and a good number of my dining reservations aren’t retrievable (but, according to the CM’s I’ve spoken to, numerous times, they’re still there in the old system!). I’ve watched ADR’s get “linked” and then had them disappear the next day. ADR’s with special celebrations lose their celebrations when migrated. One of my ADR’s lost a person when migrated. The new site takes three times longer to make or cancel a reservation than it does to call wdw-dine.

    If I arrive for my $15k vacation and find that I can’t use any of the whiz-bang features like fastpass, etc… because they are basing MyMagic+ on “My Disney Experience”, I’m going to be BEYOND UPSET.

    I’m also a little concerned that this technology will allow Disney to track me anytime I buy something, sit down to eat, walk into a park, store, board a ride, or get on a bus, monorail, or boat, or go into my room. Does Disney have a posted privacy policy regarding this technology?

    The only positive I’ve heard, so far, is that there will be free wifi throughout the entire resort.

  23. Libby says

    There are some definite benefits here. My family is going in February, along with my brother’s family. It’s a happy coincidence that we scheduled the same week! MDE lets us include each other in our dining reservations and in other attractions — which will help if we switch up the cousins a bit!
    However, it is not without glitches. Not all of my dining reservations show up online. None of them show up on the phone app. Yet. We’re being told that the app doesn’t “activate” (my word) until we hit park property. At that point, I hope all the ADRs magically appear. In the meantime, Disney Dining folks have assured me that all my reservations are on their system and in good order.

  24. Erin says

    Just got off the phone with a LOVELY woman at technical support and had a nice chat. All I can say is that the new website is in it’s “infancy” stages and they are constantly working on adding new information and improvements so don’t fret! If something looks funny (the reason I called) or you don’t see some information you know should be there, don’t worry because it’s there. Just keep an eye on everything and have faith that Disney will come through in the end. PS. I’m going in May and can’t wait to try out the wristbands if available!!

  25. Courtney says

    I am getting frustrated with Disney fans not realizing that the more Disney has the direct ability to control crowd flow, the better it is for everyone. This is their way of taking systematic control of not only the guests but the cast members, as well. You may not like vacations where you can’t be ‘spontaneous’, but you can choose to not partake and still see the positive effects of MyMagic+. Those of us who do love to know where we are going and when are going to benefit a lot more, too.

    Thanks for highlighting the many positive points of MyMagic, AJ! We got to use Fastpass+ in December during a trial, and it was nothing but positive and great experience!

  26. Tracy says

    So a local who decides to for the heck of it go to WDW the night before wants to go, do they have any chance of getting on a ride? How far ahead do we have to schedule our trips before we are penalized as we are when we try to dine in a restaurant and don’t know we are going by the 180 day mark?

    Some people will love this new technology but when tiredness, aching feet and horrible weather get thrown it this could ruin vacations. I understand how this could be convenient but have found I don’t bother eating in Disney restaurants after it became so difficult to plan so far ahead to get in. I think I will be going less if they take away the ability to ride what I feel like riding that day without having to plan far in advance.

  27. Georgeanne says

    I am trying to maintain my faith that Disney always knows what they are doing, but I have many of the same questions as everyone else. Hopefully, there will still be regular fastpasses available, but with everything being in that wristband, I sure don’t like the idea of having to take my entire party with me to get them. For us, half the fun is getting to a park before rope drop and riding as much as we can before the crowds get there. I hope that is still possible. Also, our vacations are a time to loosen the grip on our smartphones. Guess not while we are at Disney. What happens when the battery dies? Now I have to take my charger with me to the park, too? I have downloaded the app in hopes of seeing how things will work. So far, not impressed. Can’t tell too much because it is slow slow slow. Hoping Disney comes through for me on this!

  28. Stephanie says

    Everyone keeps saying how they don’t want to have to chose which park to go to and which rides to ride that day. Guess what? You don’t HAVE to use the new system to reserve rides. Ride them whenever you want! You can go about your visit to the parks as you normally would, just using a bracelet as your ticket. Calm down!

  29. P says

    What happens when you have reserves a ride time and the ride breaks down, like it happened to us too many times on our last trip to WDW? Do you risk not getting to ride that ride that day and it is subtracted from your reservation allowance?

  30. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    Lik Stephanie said .. you dont have to use fast passes for rides they are still available for walk up like the vast majority of people use… my only ? is about the dining.. will the whole parties allotment be available to each wristband is just like it is available to each passport now… if not then it will suck cause i would have to have the whole party there to order the food…

  31. Jay says

    I’m intrigued, but I do have some trepidation about how it will work. We don’t carry smart phones, especially on vacation, when we’re supposed to be paying attention to our family and activities rather than some gadget! Hopefully I’ll be able to schedule what I need to do from home, but I will not be able to change on the fly at the parks. I hope that works out.

    Also, I’m sorry to the local annual passholders … but you already have the luxury of being able to go more frequently than most people. We saved and planned for ages to be able to fly down there and stay at a resort; it’s nice that something will work in our favor. As with all things, it’s a tradeoff.

  32. jdh says

    oh dear, does this mean that oldies like me and my husband will have to bring our grown kids and/or grandkids to interpret another new technology?! We can’t keep up!

  33. Pam says

    This is going to turn into a case of the haves & the have nots. Getting a FP during certain times of the year is a difficult thing. Im thinking that Adding FP+ into the mix is going to limit the availability of regular FPs. There are only so many FPs available per day. So theres probably going to be fewer regular FPs available. And there has been no definitive answer as to whether or not regular FPs will remain or for how long. And I’m sure the standby lines will not improve. I feel bad for those who plan last minute trips or are local. They’ve been getting a bad deal on dining & now they’re going to get a bad deal on just enjoying the parks. Maybe they’ll start taking their money elsewhere.

  34. Maureen says

    This really doesn’t appeal to me at all. I find it confusing, and maybe I am misunderstanding-it sounds like a big pain in the butt for the seasoned WDW traveler who knows the parks and enjoys the flexibility of the park hopper or annual pass.

  35. Jenn says

    We were just there and had some difficulty juggling a room card, DVC card, and annual pass, so having something that combines them sounds great! But I’d vastly prefer a single card, not a tacky wristband. I can see how they could be helpful for kids, pools, etc., but I’m not wearing that!

    CraiginPA – The wifi is indeed resort-wide, and awesome!

  36. Jarrett says

    On our recent trip to WDW we were asked to help test FastPass+ on 12/14 and 12/15 at MK and HS. We used fast passes for the Parade and Fireworks at MK. The spot for the parade was exceptional, not so great for the fireworks in my opinion. It was great to just walk up and get a great spot 15 minutes before both events. We got fast passes for Toy Story Mania, Star Tours and Tower of Terror. We went to HS late in the afternoon that day because of the MVMCP. We would not have been able to secure the fast passes for TSM had we not signed up using fastpass+. We were actually at HS on another fastpass+ day and the TSM fast passes went quickly. I went to pick some up at about 9:10 and the return time was already at 5:30 for the day. I assume due to many people using fastpass+. People were not happy.
    We are extreme planners as well, and I feel it helped us plan even more efficiently.

  37. Jenny says

    Thank you, AJ, for this very clear explanation! I would be so grateful if anyone can advise on these questions:

    We have several sets of no expiration magic your way passes from years ago with a few days left on them. We always stay off premises at a family-owned non-Disney timeshare. How will we take advantage of the FastPass+ with our old passes? Can I exchange them for ones with RFID cards before my trip, so I can take advantage of the advance planning?

    How much does it cost to buy a wristband if you are not staying at a Disney resort?

  38. laureen says

    My Big concern is the Annueal Pass situation, I have the Premium annual pass for both WDW and DL and even just between the two places without thew changes it is a hassle because the two places are on such opposite systems. when I was just at the park we had a room reservation key and my Annual pass and I could not use my annual pass at any of the touch and go stations to get into the park. It was a big pain when everyone in my group could walk in on one side and i had to go all the way over to the opposite side of the turnstiles to get in. I just see a lot of logistical problems for this system – I mean they can’t even launch a new website without an issue i see many issues popping up for this. The new website still cant pull in all of my reservations from the old system and you can’t attach a dinning reservation through your resort reservation as you could in the past.

  39. Cathy says

    I really, REALLY don’t like three things: 1) that a wrist band has all my personal information on it…something that can be easily swiped by identity thieves passing by with the right apps. 2) that the wrist band has the ability of tracking my where-abouts. This technology is too “big brother is watching you” for me..even if that is optional, the idea will spread to so many other things in society (airports, bus terminals, etc). I just KNOW this is a way of people accepting something under the guise of simplicity at a theme park,and then being forced to be tracked in a couple of decades. 3) are CHILDREN wearing these? Do you really want strangers to have access to your child’s name and where-abouts? Oh, sure, how cute that Cinderella calls them by name… until a hacker gets into the system and comes to your child as a “friend.” And if a hacker can get their whereabouts…they can also delete them.

    I’m really not liking any of this technology.

  40. says

    Jenny — That’s a great question re: the old passes. I’m sure Disney will have a solution for this, but I’m not sure what it is yet. We’ll keep an ear to the ground to find out what other guest experiences are with this type of thing.

  41. Dawn says

    I understand that ‘so far’ the wrist band aspect is ‘optional’…is that right? Will the new technology be put onto a ‘card’ for those of us who dont like to wear a hot strip of plastic around our wrists for 10 hours a day…or those of us who dont want to wear our personal information ‘on our sleeve’ as it were…b/c Im sure that saavy passers by WILL be able to scan these wrist bands at some point for NOT so magical reasons…if the technology is there for Disney to read them, its there for unsavory characters to read them too.(they will instantly know where my room is, that Im not in it, they will have my cc #, and all my personal info….doesnt sound like a good idea to me)
    As for me? I like the idea of maybe having a spot to watch the parade, but booking FP return times in advance seems a bit forced…and I will choose a card … forever…if it remains an option…especially considering that fact that our entire party would have to be there to get fastpass’ the regular way.

  42. David says

    I am going in less than 2 weeks. I had made dining reservations on the old system, and with some playing around, they are now on the new website. They are also on my iphone app. Tried to see about the fastpass+ on the phone, but i am thinking you have to be on property (and probably on their wifi??) to access this feature.

  43. Donna Pemberton says

    I am a little disappointed with the in people’s reaction to the new implementation of the Disney wrist Bands.

    It’s not an invasion of privacy, unless we all have a chip reader in our pockets no one except the reader & staff will know your information.
    How often do you leave your bags unattended? So why would you leave the wrist band unattended so someone can run up a $50 bill.

    You don’t always need to pre book your rides & events, but it’s available for you if necessary.

    We visit Disney when we can.Although coming from UK we find some planning is needed, as we have NEVER been on Toy Story mania……… So we revel in the thought of this band to help us get a PRE BOOKING!!! As mentioned above, when others used the fast pass, they booked 4-5 times in that day, this was excellent for them but disappointing for the likes of us who were unable to try this ride.
    All I want to say is….. Technology is to be embraced & not scoffed at, give it a chance before you all voice such negativity. Give it a go first.
    Life is for enjoying, so enjoy IT.

  44. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    I just thought of something completely unrelated to food but interesting.. if your child had one of these , and got seperated from you.. could they be tracked ???

  45. yvette says

    Just remember…anything can be hacked! People can hack your phone standing nearby…

    It is quite interesting Disney is doing this.

  46. Catherine says

    The information is not stored on the bands. They are a conduit to a larger database. Scanning the band itself would not automatically allow the database to be breached.

    Rumor currently is 3 fast passes can be booked in advance per day, in one park only. This applies to all guests whether on site or off.

  47. Catherine says

    And fast pass plus is not operational yet, though it has been tested. No one can access it at this time.

  48. Isabelle says

    I don’t mind the idea of the magic bands. However, I would like the option of NOT having my credit card info stored on it. Also, I feel as if the FastPass+ should only be offered to resort guests and annual pass-holders, NOT to guests staying off property. Guests staying off property should only be offered the regular in park fast passes. I’ve always felt that being an annual pass holder or staying on property should offer special “extras.” I know they offer Magic Hours for resort guests, but when you are paying that much money to stay on property (or being an annual pass holder), you should be offered more “extras” than those staying off property.

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