Guest Review: Photo Tour of NEW Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort

We’re thrilled to introduce guest author Bob Sikon with a review of the re-opened Hurricane Hanna’s quick service restaurant and pool bar at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort.

The poolside dining area at Stormalong Bay has been under refurbishment for the past several months, and now re-opens with a fresh feel and brand new name! There are also several more items on the bar menu and counter service menu for guests to enjoy! Scroll down to see pictures of a few of these!

Let’s take a look at the updated name, atmosphere, and menu…

The quick-service outdoor restaurant at the Beach Club resort has re-opened after a lengthy refurbishment. It’s now known as Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar & Grill!

New Sign

Poolside Dining

View of Hurricane Hanna's


As you look at Hurricane Hanna’s, the bar is on the left, the food ordering queue and counter is in the center, and the mug wash and condiment station is on the right.

Bar Area at Hurricane Hanna's

The updated yet classic nautical feel offers guests a “sit and stay a while” feel. We like the new sturdy wooden bar chairs and great-looking lanterns lighting the bar area.

Outdoor Bar

Enjoy a beverage at the bar!

View from the Bar

The counter-service ordering area is set up as usual to the right of the main bar serving section.

Counter Service Area

Food Queue

Hurricane Hanna Food Ordering Area

A separate beverage and condiments area — with an actual refillable mug station and mug wash — has been added to the right of the food ordering area. This is a great addition for those lounging at Stormalong Bay.

Beverage Station Area


Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are also available at the beverage station.

Beverage Station

The seating area for guests seems a bit smaller than it has been in the past.

Seating Area



Now you’ll find both counter-service food AND a new bar menu with appetizers at Hurricane Hanna’s.

Bar Menu
The new Bar Menu at Hurricane Hanna’s offers several new appetizers to enjoy with your drinks. This is much higher-end than the standard burgers, sandwiches, and nuggets previously offered at Hurricane Hanna’s.

Bar Menu

Bar Menu - click image for larger version

Bar Menu - click image for larger version

Bar Menu - click image for larger version

Bar Menu - click image for larger version

My wife and I ordered and shared the seared tuna and chilled shrimp.

The tuna was fantastic. So much so that we ordered a second serving. The accompaniment for the tuna was a hummus with kalamata olives, artichoke, arugula, and tomato. It was outstanding.

Seared Tuna

The chilled shrimp was good, but less impressive. Its accompaniment (dipping sauce) tasted of berries (raspberries, we think).


On another day, we had the Pulled Pork Sliders for lunch. Not as good as those offered at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, but still outstanding!

The thing that separates these sliders from the Hawaii kiosk at the Festival is the spicy mayo on the Hawaiian ones. These were slightly larger and very tasty, and the bun was soft and warm; but the Food and Wine Festival pork sliders just rock.

Pulled Pork Sliders

Pulled Pork Slider

Counter Service Menu
The counter service menu is also available and offers a few higher-end options, like a Vegetarian Quinoa Wrap and a Lobster and Shrimp Roll!

Counter Service Menu - Click Image for larger version

Counter Service Menu - click image for larger version

We were excited for the chance to try out the new Hurricane Hanna’s. It definitely seems like a more substantial restaurant option for those staying at the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts now!

What do you think of the new Hurricane Hanna’s? Let us know in the comments below!

Bob Sikon is a Cast Member “Wanna-Be”. He fell in love with Walt Disney World on his first visit 13 years ago, and that’s because of the Cast Members. The way they take care of you, they make you want to be part of The Magic. Someday, his dream will come true, and he’ll proudly wear a Cast Member name badge; but, for now, you can find him working in the “real world” in Atlanta, GA, planning his next trip to The World, and blogging about the place Where Dreams Come True at


  1. says

    Hurricane Hanna’s has always been one of mine and my wife’s favorites, and I can’t think of a better way for us to celebrate its rebirth by having a hand in its re-introduction on Disney Food Blog’s pages. My sincere thanks to A.J. and Kim for the honor of letting me into their world! DFB truly rocks!

  2. Kris says

    The menu looks great Bob! I’d like a Category 5 and a Hanna Burger right now! Headed to the world on 2/21 and will have to check it out!

  3. says

    Great review Bob- I can’t wait to check out the new menu in person. I last stayed at Beach Club just as this refurbishment was getting underway, and we really missed Hurricane Hanna’s during that visit. The new options look good- as do those wooden chairs! A much nicer feel than the old walk-up windows. My daughter will be relieved to hear that the kid’s menu still offers grilled cheese!

  4. Chuck says

    I wonder whether the service will be faster or slower, now with the bar menu in addition to the quick service items. HH’s was always kind of slow before the refurb.

    And the big question – Will there still be beach buckets with the kids meals????

  5. Highboltage says

    Love the mention of the F&W pork sliders. We still talk about those. One of the best things this year.

  6. says

    When we visited in early January, two Cast Members told us that HH was opening later than planned because some of the work needed re-done. They also said it came in over budget. Oh, and we initially thought the seating area was smaller than in the past, but we think the space is the same size – they may have jammed a lot more tables into it. Might just appear smaller. I’m going to check some old pictures when I get back home.

  7. Tamara Blundy says

    Looks great! I can’t wait to go back and try out the new and improved Hurricane Hanna’s…and the grilled chicken sandwhich! Yum!

  8. John Grigas says

    I’m super-excited about this! We have our BCV reservations for end-of-the-year, and our December 31 plan is to spend it at Stormalong Bay, strolling the Boardwalk, etc. We will definitely be spending quality time here!

  9. Jon P says

    My wife and I just stayed this past November and HH was closed. We are coming in November but staying at another resort. Can you eat at HH even if your staying at another disney resort?

  10. says

    You don’t have to be staying at Beach or Yacht. We walked right in from the Boardwalk. No one asked us where we were staying – even though we were staying at Yacht. HH is outside the fence from Stormalong Bay.

  11. Marlene says

    Counter Service:
    Burgers were fresh and great!

    Lobster and shrimp roll included scallops.
    We asked for the citrus mayo on the side, and used the regular mayo in the packets.
    FYI, the seafood was already in a sort of spicy salad dressing with loads of black pepper, small pieces of red onion, and sweet red pepper.
    Nice quality item, but was not kid friendly for our family.
    We know, it was not a kid menu item.
    But we tried because the lobster sliders at Captain’s Grille and Crew’s Cup Lounge were kid friendly and very good.

    Great to be able to re-fill the mugs there – no long line when we were there.
    (The line at The Marketplace to re-fill the mugs could be very, very long!)

  12. danielle says

    DFB NEEDS to review the grilled cheese at this location. It is a DELICIOUS ‘secret’ (I say that because for some reason it gets looked over time and again). I think the apple butter throws people off, but it is seriously good. I had it the last day of my previous visit, and I was blown away by how good it was, wish I knew about it earlier because I would have eaten it more than once!

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