Fun Find! Vintage Disney Candy Wrapper Collection

Recently, I got an email from Jason Liebig of The name of his blog was enough to pique my interest right there, but when I realized that this was the same guy who collects those awesome vintage Disney Wonder Bread Pennant Stickers, I couldn’t wait to see what he had to share with us now!

So here’s the deal: Jason’s putting together a collection of v. cool Disneyland and Walt Disney World souvenir candy wrappers and boxes.

Disney Vintage Candy Wrapper Collection. Photo Courtesy of

Many of his pictures brought back memories of family trips to Disney World and Disneyland growing up, and it’s cool to see how the design (and partnerships) have changed throughout the years!

Disney Licensed Gobstoppers Circa 1990s. Photo Courtesy of

He’s got some great photos of seasonal and celebration wrappers and boxes, too — including this Disneyland popcorn container from America’s bicentennial.

Disneyland Popcorn Container Celebrating America's Bicentennial Circa 1976. Photo Courtesy of

And Jason’s looking for YOUR help! Do you have any photos of Disney candy wrappers, food boxes, or even merchandise bags? Head over to Jason’s blog to see what other awesomeness he’s found, then check your closets and attics to see if there are any fun Disney food finds squirreled away in scrapbooks.

If you’d like to contribute pictures of your souvenir wrappers, boxes, and bags to Jason’s cause, be sure to drop him a line.

Do you have a favorite candy wrapper or souvenir packaging to remind you of the magic? We’d love to hear about it!


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