Easter Egg Hunting in Disney California Adventure

Happy Easter Everyone! On this treat filled day, we wanted to share a fun event that happened recently in Disney California Adventure.  As part of the Limited Time Magic campaign, Disney has been introducing special activities for guests including a handful of Annual Passholder events.

My boys and I headed over on a Friday after school for an Easter Egg Hunt around the park.  The event was very well organized. Egg Hunt Maps were available for purchase inside Elias & Co. on Buena Vista St.

Disney California Adventure Easter Egg Hunt Map

For just $4.95, you got a map and a sheet of stickers to place on the map as you found each egg.  Upon finishing or not finishing the hunt (because everyone’s a winner!) you turn your map in for a fun prize.

The maps had 10 “clues” on them; each corresponding to an area in the park where an egg was hidden.  The goal was to travel to each spot, search for the egg, and then place the corresponding sticker on top of the clue.

We were already near Carthay Circle, so we went hunting for that one first.  Since we weren’t sure about the size or look of the eggs, we really were a bit lost.  However with one hint from a fabulous cast member, we were able to get the hang of it real quick.  All we had to do was look up to spot a big Mickey Egg perched right on top of Carthay Circle Restaurant’s balcony.

Mickey Egg

After finding Mickey, our next clue was “Award Wieners.” This is where we found Pluto! Kind of an easy one.

Pluto Egg at Award Wieners

“The Hollywood Backlot” was up next. This egg took us a bit longer because Minnie was sort of hiding behind some bars of a second story building.

Minnie's Spot in the Hollywood Backlot

Making our way around to the next clue, which was “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror,” we stayed on path from the Hollywood Backlot and headed towards the ride.

We spotted Chip just outside of the Tower’s gates, perched upon a rail.  I love that in the photo it looks more like the Tower of Terror is hiding.

Chip Egg at the Tower of Terror

There were actually two clues in this area, the second was “Fastpass by The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.” We spotted Dale right away!

Dale Egg at the Fastpass Distribution Area for Tower of Terror

Next stop was Carsland where our clue was “Tow Mater’s Tire.”  That one was easy peasy.

Mater Egg

The second egg in Carsland was a bit more tricky.  The clue was “Radiator Springs Curios,” which sounds pretty self explanatory.

However, that is a busy building. Lots to look at on the exterior, so even though it looks totally obvious, this egg was a bit harder for us to find.

Lightning McQueen Egg at Radiator Springs Curios

With only 3 eggs left to find, we were getting close. We were also told ahead of time that there was one particularly hard to find egg in the hunt, so we assumed that it had to be one of the three we had left because the other 7 we had already found were not too bad.

My boys and I headed to search for the next egg, which had the clue of “Near the Wharf.”  This one was pretty broad. In fact we searched the entire Wharf area, all around the dining area, near Boudin Bakery and even stopped inside Ghirardelli for a free chocolate square! All with no luck.

After what we thought was a pretty thorough search, we decided to give up on this one and go check out the other two clues that were left. Process of elimination led us to the next clue of “Water Tower at Goofy’s Sky School.” Another super duper easy egg to find. Here we found the Goofy egg right away.

Goofy Egg on the Sky School Water Tower

Next up was the clue “Silly Symphony Swings.”  Here we spotted Donald amongst some flowers in a planter just to the left of the Silly Symphony Swings entrance.

Donald Egg near Silly Symphony Swings

SO, by process of elimination, we knew that the tricky Wharf egg had to be Daisy! Even though we completed the sticker map, I really wanted to make sure that we “found” each egg. While standing by the Donald egg, I happened to spot another family who already had the Daisy egg sticker on their map. I told them that we knew the Wharf egg was Daisy, but we couldn’t find her.

Without totally cheating, I asked them for a clue. We were told to go over to the bridge that leads to the Wharf, but DO NOT go inside the Wharf. OK! So we headed back and did just that.  It still took a while, but my 11 year old finally spotted Daisy hiding on the banks of the Wharf to the right of the entrance bridge. YAY! We did it!

Tricky Daisy!

Proud of our completion time of 45 minutes, it was time to turn in our maps for the prize, so back to Elias and Co. we went.

Proud Easter Egg Hunters

Here there was a little table set up with a “Pick One” type of situation ready for us egg hunters.

Redemption Location

We were very excited when we found out the “prize” was an adorable Vinylmation Keychain set.

Each Participant Left with a Vinylmation Key Chain Set

Overall, kudos to the Disneyland Resort for putting on the Annual Passholder Egg Hunt. This event was very fun and perhaps one of the most affordable things I have ever done in the parks. So looking forward to see what other Limited Time Magic events are headed our way!

Happy Egg Hunting!

Did you participate in the Limited Time Magic Easter Egg Hunt at Disney California Adventure? What did you think? Were any of the eggs tricky for you to find??? I hope I’m not alone in that hunt for the Daisy egg!

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


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    Now that looks like fun! I wish we were there for this, but since we weren’t thanks for letting us live vicariously through you! Love the pics, and congrats to you and kids for successfully completing this! YAY!!

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