Review: New Lunch Menu at Le Cellier Steakhouse in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

Since Le Cellier Steakhouse in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion is one of my favorite places to dine, I take any change to the menu pretty seriously.

We recently reported the news that the steakhouse would be changing their lunch meal to a signature (i.e. expensive!) meal, meaning they’d be featuring the same menu for lunch that they have for dinner.

The change in the menu was pretty hotly contested by most readers who are Le Cellier fans. Those of you who routinely use the Disney Dining Plan expressed disappointment that you couldn’t opt for the one credit lunch (now both lunch and dinner are “signature” meals, thus requiring two credits on the Disney Dining Plan.)

But many of you who don’t use the DDP also expressed exasperation, as the prices were steep for lunch. Still others were upset that beloved items like the Le Cellier Burger didn’t make the cut.

With all of this in mind, we decided to stop by Le Cellier for lunch and take a look at some of the new menu items. I was also interested to see how we felt about eating our large, most expensive meal midday, rather than in the evening.


Le Cellier Steakhouse is located in the “cellar” of the chateau that you’ll find in the Canada Pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase. Modeled after famed chateau-style hotels, the restaurant is themed to give you the impression that you’re dining in the wine cellar.

When you arrive, you’ll check in at the podium on the main thoroughfare, then proceed down the path and into the small lobby. Le Cellier has historically been a very tough ticket to get when it comes to Disney dining reservations. I’m interested to see if it will be easier to dine here now that both meals are on the expensive side.

Le Cellier -- Outside

When we entered the lobby, we noticed that there have been some new landscape portraits added to the walls.

New Landscape Portraits in Lobby

This plaque details the history of The Group of Seven and its importance in bringing Canadian landscape art into its own.

Description of New Lobby Decor

Before the group of artists — also sometimes known as the Algonquin school — began capturing the Canadian countryside on canvas, many thought the country not worthy of artists’ attention. The paintings are a welcome addition to the lobby, and really serve to further this spot as a real taste of Canada’s beauty.

Another View of New Lobby Artwork

Once you leave the lobby area, you enter the small dining room, which is dark and cozy in keeping with the “cellar” theme. Thick arches, mullioned glass windows, and low light add to the ambiance.


All of the lights — in wall sconces, chandeliers, and free-standing candelabra — are fashioned to look like candles, and the effect works well. Note the understated use of the Canadian maple leaf motif here as well.

Wall Sconces

You’ll also see plenty of wine caves scattered throughout the space. These house a significant number of Canadian wines in addition to other options.

Wine Cave

I have lots of delicious things to show you, though, so let’s move on to the food!


It was fun to sit down and take a look at the cool light up menus. The new backlighting makes the menus much easier to read in the low light of the restaurant.

You see from the menu that the Chef continues to refine the cuisine into that of a more fine dining experience. The emphasis is on local ingredients, but with touches of Canadian specialties to add interest.

While many (myself included) are sad to see favorites like the burger missing from the menu, many other classics continue to be featured. The guest-favorite Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup is still featured, but there are several new dishes here on the appetizer menu!

Light -up Menu -- Appetizers -- Click to Enlarge

True to its heritage as a steakhouse, Le Cellier’s top menu choices continue to be cuts of beef. Where noted, they actually feature Canadian beef, which I have always found interesting and special, setting this spot apart as unique.

However, there are other hearty cuts of meat as well, such as lamb and veal. There are fish and poultry offerings too, as well as a vegetarian pasta dish here on the entree menu.

Side dishes are split evenly between being unique options and steakhouse classics.

Light-up Menu -- Entrees and Sides -- Click to Enlarge

Our meal began with the classic and complementary Le Cellier Bread Service. Thank goodness they haven’t messed with the Pretzel Breadsticks! But you will see that the sourdough and multi-grain breads are still in roll form.

Le Cellier's Bread Service

The Butter, with an accent of maple sugar, was new, however…and it was truly amazing! That tiny hint of sweetness was out of this world when combined with the pretzel bread. A true salty-sweet treat to start out the meal. Loved it.

Butter with Maple

To begin our meals, my dining companion opted for the “Chef’s Garden” Caesar Salad. A mixture of Baby Romaine, Brioche Croutons, Parmesan, and Boquerones (anchovies in vinegar), he enjoyed this dressed-up version of an old favorite.

The salad is huge, though, so it can probably be shared!

Caesar Salad at Le Cellier

I opted for the Seafood Ravioli. The pasta, made in-house, contained large pieces of Lobster, Scallop, and Jumbo Lump Crab.

Seafood Ravioli

The Arugula garnish was a nice, biting contrast to the rich flavors of the ravioli filling. The Citrus Beurre Blanc was very good — the perfect balance between silky and bright. It’s one of my favorite sauces.

In this pic, you can see those big ol’ chunks of lobster in the ravioli!

Seafood Ravioli -- Inside

Soon, we were ready for our entrees, and I know you’ll never guess what I chose.

That’s right! The Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon! I’m so boring. But you have to understand — this is my favorite entree in all of Walt Disney World. And when I veered away from it once, I disappointed. No way I’m making that mistake again.

The Filet was perfect, as it always is, as was the Wild Mushroom Risotto which accompanied it. There was an interesting addition of Pickled Pearl Onions — a new component to the plate. I honestly didn’t notice them all that much, since I was focused on that risotto.

Mushroom Filet

And, of course, I ordered extra Truffle Butter Sauce as usual. If I could figure out a way to keep this and take it on the plane home with me, I totally would. (If you feel the same way, try this handy Le Cellier truffle butter sauce recipe.)

Extra Butter Truffle Sauce

Our other entree — after much deliberation — was the Bone-in Ribeye with Roasted Garlic Butter and Fingerling Potatoes. After a not-so-great experience with the rib-eye on a previous Le Cellier visit, I was cautious. But this was actually outstanding!

The switch to the Roasted Garlic Butter from the much-too-sweet maple butter they’d been using previously on this steak was WELCOME! This is a much better compliment. Plus, the steak was on of the best I’d tasted on property! Well done, Le Cellier.

Grilled Bone-In Ribeye with Roasted Garlic Butter and Fingerling Potatoes

The Fingerling Potatoes were a prize as well. These were nearly french-fried in their crispiness and the flavor was impressive. We totally fought over these, so order extra if you’re sharing!

Fingerling Potatoes with Ribeye

For our sides, we decided to go with an old favorite, and a new addition! First up, my beloved “poutine.” (Yep — it really is on the menu in quotes now.)

These savory french fries topped with a red wine reduction gravy, Canadian Cheddar (I think this is Black Diamond), and truffle salt were just as good as I’d remembered. Except the serving size was significantly smaller. Hmph. I wonder if it’s still the large plate at dinner. Anyone know?

Pouring Gravy Over the Poutine Tableside

I don’t really care as long as I get to eat most of them. The savory flavors are powerful, but work amazingly well together. This is absolutely one of my favorite side dishes / appetizers in the world. Not just Disney World…the whole world.

Poutine Fries with Canadian Cheddar, Red Wine Reduction, and Truffle Salt

For our new adventure, we tried the Lobster Mac and Cheese! I’m seeing Lobster mac on LOTS of menus in Disney World these days — from counter service spots to signature dining. This is one of the newer versions, and it’s quite good. I enjoyed the creamier cheese-sauce-like cheese here, and they weren’t skimpy with the lobster.

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

OK — you think you’re full now?! No way, Jose! It’s time for dessert! Let’s check out the menu…

Dessert Menu -- Desserts, Cheeses, and Wines -- Click to Enlarge

Dessert Menu -- Loose Leaf Teas and After Dinner Drinks -- Click to Enlarge

Since I always want to try the requisite blueberry-and-lemon dessert (seriously, don’t they have one on every single signature menu these days?!?), I went for the Blueberry Ginger Sorbet with Lemon “Snow.”

This was…interesting.

Blueberry Sorbet

The sorbet itself was pretty grainy and honestly didn’t have much flavor. I was sorry to see this, since Disney usually does a great job with flavored sorbets!

And when I isolated some of the “snow” to taste, I was still unimpressed. It kind of seemed like straight citric acid — very sour (and you know how much I love sour things!) and almost baking soda-like in texture.

Lemon Snow Garnish on Blueberry Sorbet -- Up Close

On to the White Chocolate Cheesecake, which we ended up sharing when the sorbet turned out to be a dud. We’d gotten this before and it was still a winner…though very small! Thick and creamy, it offered a great end to the meal.



Le Cellier remains one of my favorite restaurants in Disney World as the Mushroom Filet and “Poutine” still top my list of favorite Disney menu items.

That said, the into-the-stratosphere prices here — especially for the same food and somewhat smaller portions as we used to be served — are starting to get a little out of hand. While we had a great meal as usual, sadly I don’t think I can justify visiting as regularly as I’d like.

Perhaps this is a way to lower demand for the always-packed Le Cellier…or lure folks into using those two precious Disney Dining Plan credits instead of just one on a different restaurant. Either way, I’m sorry that Le Cellier is starting to slip away as a good value on property.

Have you tried Le Cellier’s new All-Day menu? Would you shell out the bucks for a mid-day meal? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Pat says

    Very disappointing to see such a sharp increase in menu prices in recent years. It used to be a must do on each trip, but now I’m not sure I can stand paying that much especially for a lunch. It doesn’t seem that long ago that the mushroom filet was offered for half that for the lunch portion and I believe they also had a steak sandwich that was pretty good.

  2. Stacey says

    Last year Le Cellier was part of the Candlelight Processional dinner package for lunch. Any thoughts if it will be included again this year since it is now 2 dining credits for lunch?

  3. Prof. Brainard says

    This is my favorite place to eat in World Showcase–I have never been disappointed, plus I find it soothing to eat under heavy stone arches and mullioned windows (not to mention I look best in dim light).

    They are wise to put “poutine” in quotation marks, since you know that many people become Extremely Agitated when Disney claims to be serving their regional specialty (ahem . . . a certain “dog” now barking at the end of Main Street, U.S.A.,).

  4. Amie says

    Without the burger and the chocolate “moose” there isn’t a reason to go any more. :(

  5. says

    Amie — The chocolate “moose” is historically a kids’ menu item and may still be available :)

  6. DisneyMom says

    This USED to be one of my favourite places to eat, but now with the 2 credits for dining, we have not been back. I don’t feel it’s worth it. Sure it was a great meal, but we’ve discovered some other hidden gems for dining where we can get great steak. (The Wave).
    Plus the chocolate moose was reason to visit, and now that it’s gone : (

  7. Joni says

    Seriously how many familes after paying an already large fee to get into the park can all sit down to a 60.00 a piece lunch?
    If your on the DDP and aren’t on the Deluxe plan those Table service meals are like gold. I too hate to use 2 for something last year was just one. (In most cases,The exact same meal) I love LeCellier. But have to admit it is out of my range unless I am staying for a week or so and really feel like splurging or have something special to celebrate. Too bad.
    Anr really if there are kids dining why nt have a kid friendly dessert. The Moose was “Canada” so cool See anything on the menu now they would like? No

  8. Mike says

    I agree with the other posters that Le Cellier’s changes will encourage me to look elsewhere for dinner, even a steak dinner. And that is truly a bummer because I love the ambiance in the restaurant and I looove the mushroom filet and the ever so tasty risotto.

    Although, I would put it back on the A-list of considerations if I could get the mushroom risotto as a side item. Then I could split a steak, salad and dessert with my wife but still get the awesomeness which is that risotto without breaking the bank. Has anyone ever tried to order the risotto as side and been successful?

    Oh well, change can sometimes be good. I won’t feel so bad trying out the Yachtsman or Shula’s with the changes made at Le Cellier. And, who knows, maybe these changes will make it easier for others to get a reservation here.

  9. Alan says

    Has any restaurant at WDW evolved as much as Le Cellier has over the years? When I first ate there it was, sort of a cafeteria and not often crowded. Now it is a Disney signature restaurant, one of the most popular on the property. It does seem very expensive but not much different than the better steakhouse I’ve eaten at. I just hope they make sure the quality continues to justify the menu prices.

  10. Sandra says

    $35 for roast chicken? No way. I am so glad we experienced this restaurant before it went all upscale and pricey. I fondly remember the maple sugar pie I had there. Too bad they have seen fit to make this an unattractive dining option for many of us.

  11. Leslie says

    We have reservations here in September, which I only made in anticipation of the free DDP, which thankfully happened. I would not actually pay $43 for a steak that wasn’t Kobe beef. I ate here last year for lunch for the first time and had intended to get the filet but was just too full from all the food you get on the DDP. I will not make that mistake again!

  12. CraigInPA says

    LC used to be a good value when it was one credit. It earned a reputation based upon that value proposition. It made sense to capitalize on that success, reduce the lines, and still maintain the profitability by upgrading it to a “signature dining experience.”

    Unfortunately, merely raising prices doesn’t make it a “signature dining experience”. The dungeon-like (“wine cellar”? LOL) atmosphere, kept dark so you won’t see the wear and requiring the use of backlit menus, isn’t up to any other signature in WDW. The table spacing is tighter than most one credit dining plan restaurants. The wait staff is totally forgettable, and certainly not the best that Disney has, unlike the other signature restaurants. The food is the same exact food once served as one credit meals, and, in some cases, smaller portions of that same exact food. There are no exotic ingredients or exclusive dishes (e.g., Bison, Whole Maine Lobster, fresh fish from the Northwest, African dishes, etc..) No, LC is signature in price only.

    One might conjecture that Disney is moving LC upscale slowly. First it made dinner 2 credits. That made the absence of any physical and personnel changes understandable. Then, moving lunch to 2 credits (because everyone on DDP suddenly wanted to have lunch, not dinner), made perfect sense. But, they’re now a total signature restaurant, and they’re playing in a new league. There is no room for excuses. Disney should have closed LC, upgraded everything to a signature level, and then re-opened before making lunch 2 credits. By leaving it the way it is, they’re raking in money, but they’re also inviting comparison to other signature restaurants. LC comes up lacking in every category when compared to other signatures. So, LC goes from “best value for DDP users” as a one credit restaurant to “worst value, worst experience” as a two credit restaurant. Way to destroy the reputation of restaurant, Disney!

    Really… Would you like to eat in a dungeon, waited on by second string wait staff, and be served food that isn’t any better than that served by one credit restaurants in the same park, or would you walk your dining credits out the International Gateway, over to the Yacht Club, and have a real signature steakhouse experience at Yachtsman? My wife and I took the walk the last time, and will do so again until LC is upgraded to a real signature dining restaurant.

  13. Victoria V says

    When my husband and I went in December, the chocolate “moose” was still a dessert option. My husband got it, since that’s what he got when we ate at LC on our honeymoon a few years ago.

    It was the Candlelight Processional package, so maybe that’s why the moose was still there? Or maybe they’ve changed it since.

    Either way, LC is always a great meal for us. But the fact that it’s now 2 dining credits for lunch kind of bums me out. Along with the prices. :(

  14. Gary says

    $46 for a steak! $6.29 for a cup of tea! Disney is way out of touch on this one. I have said for years that Le Cellier belongs in the Hall of the Overrated.

  15. Deb Ragno says

    We ate there April 23 for dinner (but what difference does it make since it is all the same menu?). We had a lunch reservation scheduled that we cancelled once the menu changed to all day. Why eat the same thing twice?

    For the two of us, our total bill with tip was $150.00 (give or take a few cents). We do not use the dining plan as we tend to not eat desserts with our meals.

    Dh got the Canadian cheese soup, the mushroom filet, and a Moosehead beer. I had the lobster salad, the mushroom filet, and an iced tea. THAT is not a $150.00 meal.

    I originally ordered the rib eye. When I looked at the menu outside, it said $36.00. Just after I ordered it, as I was closing the menu, I saw that it was $56.00. I assumed I just the read the outside menu wrong. But I see on the menu you provided that the price is $46.00. Strange. (Just looked at the Disney website and they have “Dry-aged bone-in Rib Eye, $54.00.)

    The rib eye was delivered to the table next to us and, since we are all elbow to elbow any way, I asked him what he had ordered. When I found out that the huge piece of meat on his plate was the rib eye, I immediately called the server over and changed my order. The server said the rib eye is about 28 ounces! That is a ridiculous amount of meat for one person to eat at one meal. The man next to us said it was too much for him to finish and he was not a small guy.

    Was the food good? The pretzel bread was different from what I remembered in the past and I only ate half of one stick. In that past I would have eaten at least two. The sourdough bread was better. My lobster salad was good, but not really worth $16.00. Dh said his soup was good. Our filets were done perfectly and we enjoyed them. But I don’t think I felt like I had $43.00 worth of enjoyment in that filet.

    Will I go back? Not really thinking so at this time. Maybe it is time to try a different place for steak.

    Overall, we were disappointed in most of our meals this trip (April 2013). Meals are usually a highlight for us. We were even disappointed with Be Our Guest lunch and dinner .

  16. Laura says

    Will Le Cellier let you order a cheese plate as an appetizer instead of dessert on DDP Like the California Grill does? I just noticed the Artisinal cheeses on the dessert menu…I like this option at Cali Grill.

  17. mealtrip says

    Well yeah… I won’t comment too much on the entree prices… other than to say I agree, I think they’re too high. If you’re from one of the big three foodie places, like LA, NY, or Vegas, they might not seem so out of line… but then again Le Cellier isn’t exactly Mesa Grill either (and Mesa’s chicken is only $29). Unless Martin Short is going to pop out and do a bit with my pretzel bread, I’m not sure what justifies the superstar prices. But… they do have menus that light up!

    Sadly, the desserts still feel like canned afterthoughts. I can’t believe they went through all the price hikes… and I’m still seeing mini-sized desserts that look like they came right off a Tomorrowland Dessert Party tray. Sure, there’s a fancy plate and a schmear of fruit or chocolate goop but really… $10??? For $10 I want a Pollyanna sized piece of hot vanilla pound cake with a scoop of maple ice cream on top, domed with pecan almond brittle, sitting in a pool of flaming house-made butterscotch sauce, served in a hot skillet. Three tablespoons of grainy frozen blueberry compote dusted with citric acid just isn’t going to cut it.

    So yeah… too much, for not enough, all the way around. I guess it may seem like a “deal” for those willing to spend DDP credits, but you did “pay” for those credits… in one way or another. I’m a local AP out-of-pocket diner, and for me, Mama Melrose’s Vegetable Risotto is just as good, and half the price.

  18. Erica H. says

    Where can you get lobster mac and cheese at a counter service? Because I would be alll over that :-)

  19. notchris says

    I never got the hype even before the credit increase. We had a couple of meals there when it was 1 credit and thought it was only OK. While I like the idea of a big lunch, steak isn’t exactly what I crave during an Orlando steambath.

    I don’t think the prices are that far out of line for a Signature ($15 starters, $40 mains). It might not be fair to 1-1 compare with the old LC menu: I thought one of the benefits of the Signature designation was that the restaurant could source from whomever, so better (pricier) ingredients should lead to better (pricier) food, right? Now you get Canada beef and seasonal Delta asparagus.

    P.S. I found this title to be a little misleading – it made me think LC had abandoned the all-day menu they adopted a few months ago.

  20. Linda says

    What happened to the cute chocolate mouse for dessert? It was so good to eat and looked so darling.

  21. says

    I think Disney should offer the Cheddar Cheese Soup outside the Restaurant like it does during F&W Festival. That would keep demand down a little which could have resulted in them not having to hike up the prices. On a plus note it is much easier to reserve a table now days.

  22. Mike Venere says

    Once a staple on our list of places to eat while in the World has quickly turned into one to stay away. I miss it, but not for the price!

  23. Essie says

    I’ve eaten here twice and fell deeply in love with the filet with the risotto. The first time in 2009 I had a good sized filet and it was the best restaurant meal I’ve ever had anywhere, not just in WDW. We ate here again in Nov. 2012 and had the filet again for lunch and it was half the size; I assumed it was because it was for lunch and it was only one credit, but I see in the above photo that the new all day menu portion is the same size that we had for lunch! My friend had the ‘Moose’ dessert and went nuts over it; I hope they didn’t really do away with that, but I had a delicious dessert that was like a pecan pie in a glass and I see that it’s now gone, also. I love this restaurant’s filet and risotto more than any other meal, but I for one, can no longer afford it. :(

  24. Leslie says

    I rarely comment twice on the same article, but I had another thought. For those who enjoy the experience at LC but don’t want to pay $100 for lunch, this is still totally doable. You can just get an appetizer and a side and get a very decent meal for under $30. Sure, it doesn’t work on the DDP, especially since you’re using 2 credits, but I don’t think the DDP is worth it for most people anyway. It’s too much food for me at least, and I only do it when it’s free and the numbers work when comparing it to the discount I could have gotten off my room.

  25. says

    Erica H. — You can get the Lobster Mac and Cheese at Gasparilla Island Grill at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa (counter service location).

  26. Mom who doesn't throw away money says

    No way. Ate lunch there last year, which was good, but not worth the price and definitely not worth the new increased prices. Had to entertain bored and restless kids who had to sit and wait almost an hour for a table even though we had a reservation. We work hard for our money … need to play and have fun as a family, not waste several hours on overpriced food that we can’t take leftovers with us as we walk around a hot park. (maybe this is more suited for couples without kids)

  27. Karen says

    I was never in love with Le Cellier, although they do have a few things that I like on the menu. I could never understand what all the hullabaloo was about, there have always been better steak houses on property, with better service and better food overall. In addition, the current prices seem outrageous even for dinner (inside the park). It definitely looks like they are trying to reduce the crowd while still keeping the profit margin by increasing the prices and make it worth 2 credits. it’s true that the prices are in line with other Signature Restaurants, but I would hardly put them on par with (food, service and “wow factor” wise) California Grill, Citricos, Jiko, Artist Point, Yachtsman’s Steakhouse, and Flying fish. No loss for me, I would rather visit the other places I listed and I don’t have to cut into my park time to enjoy them, since I eat late.

  28. Frank says


    The Mac and Cheese with Lobster hasn’t been on the menu at Gasparilla Island Grill for sometime now. I just double checked the WDW website, and it is not listed. They do offer a pasta with sauce of your choice with shrimp though.


  29. Marlene says

    We loved the filet with mushroom risotto when the lunch menu was still there.
    We’ve had the filet with mushroom risotto on the new all day menu.
    Not worth the price, and seems to us to be the same smaller size we used to get at lunch time.
    (Which had a much smaller price!)

    The chocolate moose was still available in mid February 2013.
    It is still good, but not as good as the previous moose.
    It is on the children’s menu.
    Our server indicated that many adults order the chocolate moose, and they do not have a problem with serving it to adults.

    Re: lobster mac&cheese, they made it fresh for us at Gasparilla Island Grill at the Grand Floridian.
    We’ve also had it (they are all a little different – some no so kid friendly) at Yachtsman Steakhouse and Shula’s. The best lobster mac&cheese is at the Capital Grille!

  30. Jacky says

    I have never been convinced at the prices here. I was contemplating eating lunch here but never did get to making a reservation. I guess I’m glad I didn’t since the all day menu debuted. I just can’t bring my self to spend so much on a steak when there are great steaks at other locations on Disney property. I love Kona Cafe and their steak is awesome and it’s $28.99!

  31. Ryan says

    I’d be interested to know if the dinner portion of the fries has also shrunk.

  32. Girl who loves Disney says

    Actually poutine sizes have gone up since then and Le Cellier has introduced two new poutine a to the menu, New Brunswick lobster poutine and the Asian pulled pork poutine. These type of poutines have been introduced in canada as well. also a new pork and halibut entree.

  33. Marlene says

    Sorry – should have noted that the lobster mac&cheese we had at Gasparilla Island Grill at the Grand Floridian was BEFORE the renovation. Too bad it is no longer available.

    The rest of the lobster mac&cheese (Le Cellier Steakhouse, Yachtsman Steakhouse, Shula’s Steakhouse, and the Capital Grille) we tried in February of this year.

  34. Lynne says

    This used to be a must do for us every trip. Not so any more. The exorbitant prices aside, they no longer have the salmon dish. We could go as a family, the carnivores could have their steaks, and I could have the maple glazed salmon.

    I tried the halibut offering once, and it was so bad I couldn’t even eat it.

    So long, Le Cellier

  35. Hillery says

    I would go along with the price hikes if only they hadn’t gotten rid of the only item I liked on the menu. I loved the pork with maple polenta. Now the maple polenta is obviously a big favorite since they still served it at Food & Wine, but apparently that is all I can get of what used to be my second favorite meal in the park :( And I only discovered it via this blog in time to have it twice before it disappeared, I’m so sad! I’d love the increased availability that is coming from the prices hikes if it hadn’t been for that change, but then it seems they are making a lot of unpopular menu changes in addition to the price hikes. I keep finding slots for Le Cellier open every day when I search for dining this latest trip, and it is almost surreal. The 2 credit hike for dinner didn’t create a gap nearly this bad. I think they may have caused themselves a problem with this one.

  36. Sherm Sherman says

    I have eaten at Le Cellier as recently as last week. It is a pleasure to be able to have their dinner experience earlier in the day. We frequent other WDW signature locations and this is by far our favorite. I find the servers to be wonderful, polite, knowledgable and extremely pleasant.
    Now the food, compliments to the chef for adding new “poutine” dishes, they are generous portions and hit the right notes for flavor and are complimentary to other dishes. The rib-eye on the menu is huge. They told me it is dry-aged for 21 days and the flavor and temperature was perfect. Maybe the best steak I’ve ever had and I dine at Peter Luger, Berns, David Burke…just an excellent and well prepared steak (but yes large). The wine list is great, I forgot I was in a theme park. I was also temped by something I had not seen on their menu before, large corked “reserve” Unibroue beers. I had the Reserve, the server explaine it is aged in oak barrels like wine (really great flavor and a great story too). My friend that dined with me had their pork dish which she said was amazing (I did get a taste), pork two ways, tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto and crispy pork belly. I know I will order that next time. I even got to talk to the chef and a manger who were talking to the tables. The chef explained they have a farm to table mantra and do frequently change their menu looking for seasonal and local produce.
    As far as the prices…I didn’t really notice them being any different than other fine dining that we frequent.
    In closing…I can’t wait till we dine at Le Cellier again, if they have reservations available!

  37. Kris says

    You said lobster mac popping up on various menus??? Where? My husband used to love it at Gasparilla at the GF, but it is now gone…. Help!

  38. Marlene says

    Hi Kris:

    Lobster mac&cheese at:

    Le Cellier Steakhouse (Canada), Yachtsman Steakhouse (Yacht Club) and
    The Capital Grille (2 Orlando locations, and across the country).

    Crab mac&cheese at:

    Shula’s Steakhouse (Dolphin)

  39. George Glass says

    I love LC! Everytime I actually get a reservation I look forward to every moment until I make it to the table. The food here is so good I’d give 3 DDP points:) The pork mentioned above is new and sounds amazing. I’ll definitely be ordering that one the next I visit, which is next week. Woohoo!

  40. James says

    Here right now & was told at the door only that it counts for twice. I booked in March & was not updated about the 2-1 charge change. Very dissapointed- what i supposed to do? Change lunch plans at 2pm with two hungrybkids or get charged for cancelling? Hope the food is worth it – arriving soon…

  41. Colleen says

    Le Cellier is one of the reasons we always get the deluxe dining plan when we go to disney! Last year we were able to nab a reservation for 1 credit/person at lunch. My fiance and I were sadly disappointed when we found out both lunch and dinner were 2 credits/person this year. We still went though! Like everyone else, I absolutely love the Mushroom Filet. It is the reason I was willing to use 2 dining credits! My fiance had a peppercorn crusted sirloin that had a great level of kick!

    Every time we go, the service is amazing, and I never feel rushed. Especially when we went for lunch last year. Lunches always seem more laid back at Disney. Probably because people are always ‘go go going’ and decide on quick-serve lunch. Now that it’s 2 credits no matter when you dine though, I’d prefer dinner, as I agree that it’s so hearty you just want to curl up in bed right after :)

    We’re staying on property again in November for the Half-Marathon weekend; however, we decided to use 2 dining credits/person for Cinderella’s Royal Table this time. Our past 2 trips it was already booked solid, so we were lucky to get that this time. I’m still sad that we won’t have our beloved Le Cellier though.

  42. Ashley says

    I was just browsing the newest Le Cellier menu and the mushroom filet is GONE! The filet now has a smoked bacon and spinach risotto.

  43. Jacob says

    Was thinking about starting a “Drinking around the world” trip with a stop here for a light lunch (appitizers and maybe a side) along with a drink… do they frown on this or will they be cool with me booking a reservation but not ordering any entrees?

  44. Ruth says

    We have long enjoyed going to Disney with our entire family (grandparents, children and grandchildren) for many years. One of our most FAVORITE places to eat has been Le Cellier. The burger was, without a doubt, the best meal that any of us has ever eaten. We would talk about it all year long and anticipate our return to Disney…in many ways just to sample that delectable burger again! Imagine our surprise when we arrived last time to find it cut from the menu. The replacement items were good, but way out of our price range and not worth shelling out large amounts of cash for. We were so disappointed that we called Disney to tell them. But, to no avail. We all agreed that we’d probably pay double the price if they’d just bring back the burger!!!! Please, please….

  45. Tenney says

    Without the burger and chocolate mousse on the menu, I will NEVER go back! They were both exceptional.

  46. Dennis says

    Just left there this afternoon. We were unable to visit in 2013 so have looked forward for years to returning. Loved the lunch menu, soup, pretzel bread, excellent steak and dessert. However after today would never recommend it again – pricing too steep for lunch and on the dining plan use of two credits for a steak and drink is ridiculous overpriced.
    Such a shame they’ve gone that way.

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