FIRST LOOK! Main Street Bakery Starbucks Offers Soft Opening!

Main Street Bakery fans and Starbucks coffee aficionados — this news is for you! After a long refurbishment, the Main Street Bakery — Now with STARBUCKS! — in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is in “soft opening”. During soft opening, guests are receiving dining vouchers for admittance. This allows Disney to test out a newly updated venue and keep control of the crowd.

Main Street Bakery -- Now with Starbucks!

As we announced earlier, the renovation made way for the FIRST Starbucks location inside a Disney World theme park. And not long ago, we showed the Starbucks signage!

Here are the magical passes that allowed guests into the bakery this morning.

Dining Voucher for Main Street Bakery's Soft Opening.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks Atmosphere

Inside, the refurbished Main Street Bakery we don’t spot any glaring Starbucks presence. However, DFB reporter Shawn B. tells us “It’s all Starbucks here. All Starbucks cups, many of the pastries in the pastry display are all from Starbucks. I recognized the coffee cakes and pound cakes immediately.”


Main Street Bakery Cases.

Here are a few of the eats that were available for today’s breakfast! We see a cinnamon roll listed, but were told at the Bakery that we’d have to go to Gaston’s Tavern for a cinnamon roll today. We’ll keep an eye on that situation for you!

Starbucks at Disney World -- Eats

Drinks are standard Starbucks drinks. Note the Disney Dining Plan symbol to show that these are a snack credit.

Starbucks at Main Street Bakery -- Drinks!

The drinks are marked like Starbucks trains their baristas to do. The first Cast Member actually takes your drink order, calls it over the headset, and writes it down. If you don’t order your drink there, they will take it just as Starbucks does at the counter and mark the cup appropriately. They also take names to call out.

Main Street Bakery Taking Orders!

Main Street Bakery.

The condiment bar is the same as a Starbucks. It has

cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate powder for those who use them in their lattes.

Condiment Bar!


All the machines are from Starbucks. The blenders, the coffee brewers and the espresso machines are all the same. No NesCafe here!

Inside the Main Street Bakery!

DFB reporter Shawn sampled one of the breakfast sandwiches!

Bakery Items.

Sandwich Cross-Section.

We’ll have a full review for you soon with more photos and more FOOD! Can’t wait to share with you. We’re excited that the Peanut Butter Cupcake is back as well as a red velvet cupcake! Stay tuned!

UPDATE! Thanks to a Bakery cast member, we have the following information:

*Yes, we are all Disney Cast Members and have spent the last few weeks training to learn how to make Starbucks drinks. Many of us have been with the company for years (including myself) and are all very excited to share this renovation with Walt Disney World guests.
*We will not be selling the cinnamon rolls anymore, they will ONLY be found at Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland.
*All indoor seating has been removed to make the bakery larger. We are anticipating to be very busy so by making the bakery bigger we have more room and opportunity to make your drinks faster and eliminate longer wait times.

Also, here’s an update from a Main Street Bakery trainer/cast member:

I am a trainer at this location and wanted to point out that we do in fact accept Starbucks gift cards, including the application where you can pay by phone. We just do not accept the rewards you earn by using your Starbucks gift card (free drinks and such). You earn points by using your card at our location, but you can not redeem rewards. We can not reload SB gift cards, and we will not sell SB gift cards. We will only accept them as a form of payment.

Let us know what you think of the refurbishment in the comments below!

Thanks to DFB reporter Shawn Baker for many of these photos and to Dave Manning for others! More to come!


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