Review: Downtown Disney’s Italian Ice Stand and NEW! Taco Truck

It’s time to take a quick trip to Downtown Disney in Disney World to check out a great way to cool your jets while you’re in Orlando this Summer!

Downtown Disney Italian Ice Stand

You may walk right past this kiosk in Downtown Disney, but it’s worth stopping during those hot Florida days! The Italian Ice stand is located near the middle of Downtown Disney’s West Side between the Characters in Flight Attraction and the bridge to Pleasure Island.

Italian Ice!

They offer six different flavors of Italian ice in three different sizes. Don’t you just love when a treat is fat free AND delicious?!

Italian Ice Menu.

On our visit, we sampled the Tie Dye, which was a mixture of three different flavors — Blue Raspberry, Lemonade, and Lime.

Italian Ice Tubs.

Not only was this very pretty — the ice had very small crystals, which resulted in a smooth texture. And the choice of flavor was perfect — the blend of citrus and blue raspberry was uber refreshing in the hot Florida sun!

Tie Die Italian Ice!

They also offered three different types of Churros, including two FILLED versions — Bavarian Cream Filled, Dulce De Leche (Caramel), and King Cinnamon & Sugar. They smelled amazing!

A selection of churros!

Be sure to let us know if you’ve tried the filled versions! They sound sooo good!

Taco Truck

Now, here’s a little update from Downtown Disney that I really wanted to share with you! I knew I had to get some pics when we spotted this one.

The food truck trend has really rolled into Disney World! Food trucks have been seen at Disney’s Wide World of Sports, and now this Rolling Taco Truck has moved into Downtown Disney!

Taco Truck!

Perhaps this is our first glimpse of the potential food truck row that might be added to the new Disney Springs area of Downtown Disney??


Taco Truck Banner.

While the Taco Truck was closed during my visit, I can’t wait to stop back and give it a try!

Have you tried the Italian Ice or the new Taco Truck in Downtown Disney? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    Yum! I love italian ice, and anything that turns your tongue blue is just an added bonus :)

  2. Alan says

    I miss my favorite frozen dessert. Growing up in NY City, Italian ice was sold in every Italian bakery and there were a lot of those. Living in the south now, sadly, I cannot remember the last time I had that treat so I am looking forward to my next trip to WDW. Even the soft serve (we used to call it frozen custard), is almost impossible to find where I live so the new kiosk is very welcomed.

  3. Prof. Brainard says

    Who’d have thought that fifty years after the tie-dye shirt came into the national consciousness we would be eating “tie-dye flavored” Italian ice. When you eat it you’re cool according to both definitions of the word!

  4. Frank Stefanec says

    If you can, display the TacoTruck Menu and pricing when possible.

  5. says

    Is this a Disney-run food truck, or independent/third-party operators? If the former (and the generic signage gives me that impression), then can we really expect quality food from this truck, or just the usual quick service?

  6. Julie says

    The food trucks I have eaten at are normally delish! Much more creative in their offerings. Hope it will be the same with this truck.

  7. Susan says

    I saw the Taco Truck when I was at Downtown Disney yesterday (6-21-13). Sadly, it was not open while I was there, which was from about 10:30 am-1:00pm. So, it wasnt open during lunch time. I did notice a white tent across from the food truck selling adult beverages and the flowers in the center had been taken out and many tables and chairs set up so Disney is obviously expecting people to sit and eat.

  8. Galloping Gourmand says

    No watermelon flavor? No just plain lemon? Disney, come up north… We need to teach you about Italian Ice..

  9. says

    In response to Tank, the food truck is operated by Levy the company that also own Fulton’s Crab House, Wolfgang Puck, and Portobello. They have tried to pass the truck off on social media as being an owner operated food truck, but it isn’t. Levy has several other trucks on the way.

  10. Dani says

    We had a chance to try the tacos at the food truck a few weeks ago. They weren’t good ):

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