Snack Series: Cinnamon Sticky Bun at BoardWalk Bakery

Well, my friends…it’s time to tempt¬† your taste buds yet again! You’ll remember when I visited the newly refurbished Boardwalk Bakery and ate my weight in pastry a few weeks ago… .

The NEW Boardwalk Bakery -- three times the size of the old one!

Well, here’s another gorgeous treat from the updated bakery that I’m sure you’re going to love — the ooey-gooey Cinnamon Sticky Bun!!

Cinnamon Sticky Bun

It’s OK if you’d like to take a moment to sit quietly with that picture. We’ll wait.

They had these piled high on a plate in the display case of the bakery, and they totally just CALL to you!! (What’s that one in the pic above saying to you now???) And I couldn’t help myself… . I ordered one and couldn’t get it out of the shop fast enough to dive in.

Cinnamon Sticky Bun -- Inside

This was every bit as incredible as it looks. And surprisingly lighter than you’d think (not in calories, of course, but texture at least)!

While the topping was sticky, caramel-y goodness, the dough itself was light and airy. Similar in texture to a croissant, you can tell that there’s plenty of butter involved here. I’m pretty sure we don’t want to know the calorie content. And look at all that cinnamon!!!

This was one of the highlights of my culinary day, and I think it will be for you. When’s your next visit to the Boardwalk Bakery? Be sure to check out our full review of the new Boardwalk Bakery and make your choices before you get there! :-)

Does this cinnamon sticky bun look like a good Disney breakfast to you? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. William Wells says

    Go ahead, take my heart, throw it down and…wait. t me try one of these jewels of goodness first. And guess what?…BAKED FRESH AND WARM. (Not like another bakery I know. Not pre-made with preservatives)
    I drooded all over my computer looking at this Cin for me Roll. Just can not wait. for one.

  2. Jenny says

    Oh wow yummm oh. Thank you for sharing that wonderful yummy picture. For my hips right now, I’m happy that it is there and I’m at home. :)

  3. Cheryl D says

    30 days and we’ll be there! I can’t wait! I’m definately going to the BW to get one (or more) of those. It’s only a few minutes walk from the Beach Club. Yummmmmmm!

  4. A Newton says

    The cross section mirrors our experience with the regular cinnamon roll – hollow. Not really what I’m looking for in either a cinnamon roll or a sticky bun. :(

  5. Riley70 says

    That may be the best looking sticky bun I’ve ever seen! A definite for my next visit. Sure hope they are a permanent item.

  6. Essie says

    The Boardwalk resort is definitely on my list of places to go to on my next trip and the Bakery is at the top of this list. I love cinnamon buns….

  7. Teresa says

    I just looked at the clock and thought, “It’s 8:30. If I drive to the boardwalk I will be there by 10. Darn, that’s too late, they’ll be closed.” Seriously, those look like they’d be worth a trip even though my passes are blacked out- you know, I could buy a few and make it totally worth the drive!

  8. Miranda midas says

    I just wanted to say I bought one of these one our vacation last month and it was just as unbelievable as this review suggests! The only difference was that the ones sold the day I visited had heaps and heaps of nuts over the top, and the bun was taller. There was still lots of caramel/toffee sauce over it. All the nuts were pecans (I am sure because I asked, but I guess that might change from time to time). It was hands-down one of the best things I have ever eaten!

    For people who asked about the texture of the bun, the outside is crisp and flaky but the centre was very, very soft. It was closer to a croissant than a baklava, but the inside was more fluffy than a croissant, and not as rich. I ate the whole bun in one go and felt very full, very sticky, very happy, but because the dough wasn’t too rich it wasn’t sickly at all. It had lots of cinnamon all through it. Best cinnamon bun treat ever!

  9. Kdotr says

    I just had this amazing creation this evening at the BW Bakery! I am no stranger to the cinnamon bun or sticky bun….and this experience was neither. Instead, this was a unique hybrid of cinnamon bun and croissant…however, the inside is more relatable to that of a french cruller doughnut. The sweet coating is not sticky, rather it is a caramelized syrup that generously hugs the pastry. I felt the rich portion of pecans lessened the naughtiness of this guilty pleasure. Well done Disney, well done!

  10. Nikki says

    My family and I just stayed at the Boardwalk Villas in January and I had one of these everyday while we were there. Baked fresh every day(if you’re on the boardwalk at night you can sometimes catch them making the dough). The texture is so light and airy and the cinnamon is just the right amount. And then there’s the sticky goodness and pecans! And the best part….it qualifies as a snack point for the dining plan! This made two meals for me.

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