Disney World’s Kouzzina Now Offering Prix Fixe Menu

At Disney’s BoardWalk Resort, Kouzzina by Cat Cora is now offering a Prix Fixe Menu.

This five course dinner includes some of Kouzzina’s chefs’ favorites and specialties.

Note that beverages are an additional cost unless you are paying with the Disney Dining Plan (non-alcoholic beverage included).

It’s important to know that substitutions will not be offered, so guests with special dietary concerns should opt for the regular menu.

Mezze Pikilia
Goat Cheese Sto Fourno
Lamb Soutzoukakia
Sautéed Shrimp
Spiced Hummus

Greek Hummus and Spreads at Kouzzina

Soupa kai Salata
White Truffle Avgolemono
Horiatiki Salata

Palate Refresher

Duo of Signature Piata
Fisherman’s Stew
Slow Braised Short Ribs
Smoked Feta Mashed
Seasonal Vegetables

Kouzzina Short Ribs

Glyka Pikilia
Mini Budino, Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet
Walnut-Pistachio Baklava
Duo of Pagota

If you are dining a la carte and wish to try one of the above dishes, these items will also available individually. Guests in your party may choose from the a la carte or prix fixe menu and not all guests have to choose from the same menu.

The Prix Fixe menu is now available for $69.00 per person or one table-service credit per person for Disney Dining Plan guests.

In addition, the standard Disney Dining Plan will accrue a surcharge of $18.53 and guests with the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan will pay a surcharge of $4.54. Discounts will apply, and an automatic gratuity will only be added for parties of six or more guests.

While Advance Dining Reservations are suggested, they are not necessary in order to order from the prix fixe menu.

What’s your favorite dish at Kouzzina? Will you order the Prix Fixe menu on your next visit?


  1. SharonCW says

    One DDP credit PLUS a surcharge? Is this the first step in Kouzinna joining the ranks of the 2-credit restaurants? We love the place, in fact we have an ADR there for our next trip, but I don’t believe the prix fixe menu is for us.

  2. notchris says

    I’m confused: Is this a set menu where you get all of that or a typical prix fixe where you make 1 selection for each course? The “piato” course doesn’t make a lot of sense because it says “duo” and lists 2 things I would call mains and 2 things I would call sides. The palate cleanser is counted as a course – that’s gotta be a huge serving of sorbet.
    This sounds like a replacement for the chef’s menu, which disappeared off the website at some point, maybe after the redesign. Maybe this will be eligible for the TiW discount.

  3. Brian says

    1 credit PLUS another 19 bucks? Um, no.

    I’d be especially peeved if I had the DDxP and was getting surcharged.

  4. Andrea says

    Are you kidding me, I got the ddp and I have reservations to kouzzina and now I have to pay $19 on top of everything????? When did this happen? I am very upset that I’m about to cancel my reservations

  5. Andrea says

    I just spoke with disney dining. The surcharge will oy take place if the person on the ddp wants to partake in the prix fixe menu.

  6. Disney_Robb says

    I know I may get some flack for my reply, but honestly I like the idea of a surcharge in this case. 1st, it ensures that the overall Kouzzina experience doesn’t revert to a “2 credit” meal (which I find hard to reconcile at some locations). 2nd, it is a great way for Kouzzina to offer a stellar Prix Fixe like this – something that in “the Age of DDP” at Disney becomes harder and harder to find because it doesn’t fit in with the budgeting that’s done in accommodating the Dining Plans. So rather than getting a “watered down” menu experience, they put a stellar multi-course prix fixe on the menu, allow you to choose Ala Carte and have the meal covered fully by one Table Service credit, OR order that multi-course prix fixe and add on $18 of surcharge. Count me in.

  7. John says

    I love love LOVE Kouzzina. Routinely one of our family favorites, and is a pleasant break from the relatively homogenous menus that plagued the parks in the last 10 years. The Prix Fixe would be interesting to me, but as my wife would stab me in the face with a fork if I told her she couldn’t have the oak fired Pork Chop when we went to Kouzzina, not sure she would be interested in trying it.

  8. Jared Diamond says

    Folks, the surcharge is only applicable if you partake in the prix-fixe menu. If you order a la carte, as we have all done in the past, nothing will change.

    Kouzzina remains perhaps my favorite Disney restaurant.

  9. Paula says

    I dined at Kouzzina on August 25, and had the prix fixe menu. I am celiac and they made substitutions to accommodate my dietary needs. The only thing that was markedly different was dessert, which was a trio of sorbets. I was also given gluten free pita, which was great!

  10. Kat says

    I would rather continue to dine off the reg menu where my husband has the filet & I have the whole fish. We always get the saganaki & use tables in wonderland card for the app. Of course we use the 1ts credit each for our meal which as most of you know includes dessert.
    Kat in Long Island

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