Review: Fried Ice Cream at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

I don’t know about you, but the first time I tried fried ice cream at my local “Mexican” restaurant, I was completely smitten. How do you deep fry something frozen without ending up with a big mess? Fascinating!

And now it’s time to re-review the version found in Disney World… .

BoardWalk on a Cloudy Day

For a while, you could order this yummo treat at the Funnel Cake Kiosk in Epcot’s America Pavilion. Sadly, that’s no longer an option.

But I’m happy to report that you still can find it elsewhere! When I spied this favorite dessert o’ mine on the BoardWalk while I was en route hither and yon, I knew I had to return and see if it held a candle to my fond memories.


If you’re looking for fried ice cream at the BoardWalk, you will find it — of course — at their Funnel Cake Stand. Makes sense, yes? I mean, they have a fryer. So really, they might as well put some ice cream in it.

Tasty Sensations Funnel Cake Stand

If you haven’t had the pleasure of strolling the BoardWalk and having a snack (or two) or a drink (or two), I highly recommend it. During the day, it’s pretty quiet while most folks are in the parks.

More BoardWalk

So many temptations, so little time. Ready to check out the ice cream? Me too!


There aren’t a lot of surprises on the menu here. (I mean, if you don’t count the fried ice cream.) Funnel cake with a couple of different topping options, plus cotton candy and a couple of beverages.

Tasty Sensations Funnel Cakes Menu -- Click to Enlarge

But as we’ve already discussed, I was here for the ice cream! And when it came, it was friggin’ awesome. A scoop of ice cream, covered in crispy-sweet batter, and topped with chocolate sauce.

Fried Ice Cream

And while there isn’t a lot of juxtaposition in flavor — it’s sweet, sweet, and sweet — it’s still a wonderful dessert! You have that melty ice cream, which is always glorious. (Is it bad that I also like the leftover oil from the frying? Weirdness. But the truth.)

Fried Ice Cream -- Up Close

And I’ll never quite stop marveling at frying something that’s frozen, when it’s something that’s meant to stay that way.

Fried Ice Cream -- Inside

Fried ice cream continues to be a winner for me, and one of my favorite ways to enjoy ice cream.


So, as expected, the fried ice cream at BoardWalk’s Funnel Cake Stand is just as fabulous as it looks. The stand isn’t actually run or owned by Disney, but it’s the same stuff that I used to get in Epcot, and that makes me one happy AJ.

At once a novelty but familiar, I’m always delighted to see it when it turns up. And I still can’t pass it up when I’m at BoardWalk and in need of something refreshing.

And if you love ice cream, be sure to check out our Ice Cream Gallery!

Will you be heading to the BoardWalk for fried ice cream on your next trip to Disney? Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts!


  1. Angelina says

    That seems like a good sized portion for 6 bucks. I’m not saying i couldn’t finish it by myself but my conscience would probably convince me to share. :) Also it looks like a volcano!

  2. Essie says

    On my next trip (sadly not until 2014), I’m going to visit the Boardwalk for the first time on one of my EPCOT days. I never realized how close it was to the park until we went to the Cape May Cafe, which we loved, in 2012. I may check out the fried ice cream since I’ve never had this, but I suspect that I won’t have any room for it after hitting the Boardwalk Bakery! You have me drooling for the bakery’s cupcakes, AJ!

  3. Sarah says

    I am SO excited about this!! We’re having our wedding at the Boardwalk in a couple months and this seems like the best treat ever! Can’t wait to try it!!

  4. Debbie says

    Don’t waste your money. I was all excited about trying the fried ice cream this past Saturday when we were there. Made 2 trips to the board walk because we did not know the stand did not open until 6pm. It was nothing like your description. It was not in the fryer long enough to crisp the coating. The coating was actually a sticky globby mess. There was no chocolate sauce. I grew up eating ChiChi’s fried ice cream and this was nothing like it. One of the only times we did not really enjoy the food at Disney.

  5. Jeff says

    As you mentioned, the contrast between day + night crowds on the Boardwalk is huge.
    On July 4th this year, after checking in to our Boardwalk View villa around 2pm, there was a period of about 20 minutes where no more than 5 people walked past our balcony down below.
    That evening? The mass of humanity was unreal! 20 minute lines for this and all the other snack/drink stands.
    Of course the 4th of July is an exreme example, but I’ve always found the Boardwalk to have polar opposite feels between day + night. Something people should be aware of when choosing which time to visit.
    I can’t wait to try the fried ice cream next time.

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