Review: NEW! Shave Ice at Prince Eric’s Village Market in Magic Kingdom

DFB author Wendy is back with a review of ANOTHER newly-opened Disney dining option! Let’s head over to the Magic Kingdom for a look… .

Prince Eric’s Village Market is now open in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland at the base of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

So if you’re looking for a cool treat on a hot day in New Fantasyland, you may want to make a quick stop at this new kiosk with refreshing snack options.

Prince Eric's Village Market in NEW Fantasyland.

Prince Eric's Village Market!

Prince Eric’s Village Market features ice-cold beverages like Honest Ade Iced Tea, apple and orange juices, Odwalla fruit drinks, Vitamin Water, and bottled water.

Honest Ade.


Fruit Drink Prices.

Disney continues to offer more “Better for You” fare here with options such as whole fruit, pre-packaged hummus and chips, and veggies with dip.

Oranges and Apples.

Craisins and Fruit.

Whole fruit and more!

You’ll find the Village Market directly across from the Under the Sea: The Voyage of the Little Mermaid attraction.

Prince Eric's Castle.

I was impressed by how the themeing perfectly echoes Prince Eric’s castle (the home of the Little Mermaid attraction), and yet blends easily in with the mountain of what will be the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster.

Mine Train Mountain.

In fact, it blends in so well that if you aren’t keeping an eye out for the Village Market, you may miss it! I anticipate that it will appear more prominently once construction in the area is complete, but for now, what first caught my eye was not the Market itself, but the clever crates surrounding it.

Ice Barrels at Prince Eric's

On a HOT day in Central Florida, nothing looks quite as inviting as a barrel of ice holding chilly beverages.

Beverages in Ice Barrels.

Price Sign at Prince Eric's.

All of that ice inspired my craving for… ice! Shaved Ice, to be exact! It comes in your choice of blue raspberry, cherry, grape, orange, or watermelon. You can grab a frozen lemonade here, too!

Drink Sign at Prince Eric's.

I went with the Shaved Ice. “Orange, please!”

Shaved Ice.

I’ve never been particularly drawn to Shaved Ice, to be honest. But while September brings some truly fun and festive autumnal decorations to the Magic Kingdom, it still brings the heat, and this seemed like just the treat for a cool down.

It looked to me like Ariel herself was reaching out for one… but I wasn’t up for sharing ;).

Cheers, Ariel!

Prince Eric’s Village Market is a welcome addition to the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland!

What would you order at Prince Eric’s? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. Chris C says

    I’ll be at MK on Saturday, looks like I’ll have to try the shaved ice! Glad to see another part of New Fantasyland up.

  2. Beth says

    Darn! I was hoping the shave ice would be better than what they have at Aulani. Looks like the ice crystals are too big to properly hold the syrup here too, just as they are at the one at Aulani. Oh, for Wailoa Shave Ice to take over this for Disney in both spots!

  3. Chrissy O. says

    How amazing would a shaved ice be while waiting on that hot bridge to get into Be Our Guest for lunch!

  4. Courtney says

    @Beth – I agree. Looks more like a sno cone than shaved ice. At least we still have Kaki Gori! That’s the real deal!!

  5. Steve says

    @Courtney – Sorry to say, but Kaki Gori is now the same as what is pictured in Prince Eric’s. I was very upset last time I had Kaki Gori that it wasn’t the authentic fresh snow like shaved ice anymore

  6. Essie says

    We call them snowballs where I’m from and you guys are correct, in that the chunkier ice doesn’t hold the juice. I’d still go for an orange one though on a very hot day. I love the Kaki Gori, too, Courtney! It’s rare that I don’t enjoy a triple flavor one on any trip I make to the World.

  7. Lynda says

    Had a shaved ice yesterday, and sadly I was quite disappointed! We tried the cherry flavor and the syrup had an unpleasant aftertaste. And yes, the ice chunks were a little too large, but I wouldn’t have minded if the flavor had been as yummy as EPCOT’s kaki gori. :(

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