DFB Exclusive! New Pressed Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich at Epcot’s L’Artisan des Glaces!

I’m so excited to share with you a DFB EXCLUSIVE news item! This week, you lucky Epcot-goers are going to be able to try a brand new treat in the France Pavilion!

Artisan des Glaces

You guys remember when we showcased the brand new L’Artisan des Glaces earlier this Summer, right?

The newly renovated space now offers a selection of 16 different house-made sorbets and ice creams (For realz!! I saw the ice cream machines!!) as well as the now-famous Ice Cream Martini!

Artisan des Glaces

And don’t forget the chocolate macaron ice cream sandwich — heavenly!

Anyway, we’ve got something brand new to tell you about today!! Something BIG!!!

L'Artisan des Glaces in Epcot's France

Introducing the Croque Glaces — Pressed Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich!

Yup! It’s actually…literally…pretty huge!

The Croque Glaces — or Brioche Pressed Ice Cream Sandwich — is a warm-cold-crispy-chewy, sweet sandwich of wonderfulness that’s coming to you VERY soon at L’Artisan des Glaces. Maybe even TODAY!

Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich!

This new treat starts with freshly made (like…today) brioche, created next door at Les Halles boulangerie.

Freshly prepared brioche

These mounds of golden perfection (seriously…I ate some…they’re amazing) are cut in half, and then you get to customize!

Brioche cut in half for the sammy

Choose which of those 16 house made flavors suits your fancy, and which sauce to pair it with!

I tried three versions — Profiterole ice cream with chocolate sauce, Pistachio ice cream with raspberry sauce, and Salted Caramel ice cream with chocolate sauce! :-)

Artisan des Glaces Ice Creams and Sorbets

The CM will add a generous scoop of your chosen flavor to the brioche…

Ice Cream and Brioche

…then douse it with some serious sauce! Choose from chocolate or raspberry!

Sauced Up

Then, it’s into the press for your customized treat. Yup — there’s a press JUST for this! It’s a waffle-iron-meets-panini-press kind of gadget. Wish I had one of my own…

Into the Press!

It comes out of the press with edges sealed — no muss no fuss. Pretty impressive.

But inside that fluffy package is still-frozen ice cream, soft enough to allow a big ol’ bite.

Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich Just Out of the Press

The sauce melts easily into the surrounding, warm and crispy brioche; and you have just enough ice cream meltage to give the inside of the brioche an entirely different texture than the now-crispy outside.

Finished Pressed Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich -- Croque Glaces!

Add a little color to your choices with pistachio and raspberry!

L'Artisan des Glaces

Artisan des Glaces

But my favorite combo was the Salted Caramel ice cream + chocolate sauce. There’s nothing better than a sweet-meets-salty, cold-meets-warm dessert like that. A perfect match!

The Croque Glaces will cost you $6.10 — the same as a double scoop of any flavor in a cone — so the price point is actually very reasonable. Especially since this thing is easily big enough to share.

Artisan des Glaces


I was so excited to get the chance to try this before it’s even on the menu! As usual here at the France pavilion, they’re shaking it up with new ideas and specialty items available nowhere else in Disney World — or any Disney park that I know of for that matter.

While this sammy would be a great breakfast, the ice cream shop doesn’t open until noon each day. (Maybe that means you should head into Les Halles next store when it opens at 9AM, sip on a mimosa, and get ready for your ice creamy lunch, eh? Just a thought.)

What flavor combo will you choose for your first Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Donald says

    Yum! I’m already a huge fan of L’Artisan des Glaces, and now there’s even more to love. The hardest part will be choosing a flavor combination. ;)

  2. Sandy says

    Yum! I am so bummed I won’t be visiting epcot for the rest of this trip, but have to add this to next years! The flavors all looked so delicious.

  3. Maren says

    Literally on the bus to Ft Wilderness from EPCOT when I saw this. Bad timing! Guess it will have to wait until tomorrow.

  4. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    yummy did not see this 2 weeks ago… did try the Macaron sandwich , and eclair and creme brule.. they were all very good…

  5. Jonathan says

    I hope these will be a permanent offering… I MUST try the Coconut White Chocolate ice cream with the raspberry sauce. Sounds like pure heaven. :)

  6. Essie says

    Definitely the Caramel ice cream with the chocolate syrup for me. I’m just not sure about the roll; is there a sweetness to this roll?

  7. says

    O. M. Gosh!!! This is a little bit of Heaven. I canNOT wait to try this in Jan. Salted caramel and chocolate. Anything and raspberry sauce. Oh this is….the only word I can think to describe it would be inappropriate I fear. Of course the hard core dieting (30 pds in 4 mos) probably has something to do with it. :)

  8. Cheryl Donofrio says

    I can’t decide between the hazelnut with chocolate and the caramel with chocolate. But really, share? Surely, you jest. :)

  9. notchris says

    I tried one yesterday and it was only ok. The brioche doesn’t have enough texture so you get too much of that untoasted wonderbread feeling. I think croissant dough or puff pastry would have worked better for my tastes; I’ll stick with the cones.

    I will say that the scoop sizes here are enormous, not at all like our experiences in Paris.

  10. Jim says

    I don’t think that sounds too appetizing to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream, this just doesn’t look like my kind of treat.

  11. Marie Rossiter says

    I have a new must-do for our trip this coming week! My mouth doesn’t usually water at pictures, but wow wow wow. Between the pics and description, this may be my first stop on our trip!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Nancy says

    I’m dying here. I mean dying to get my mitts on one or more of these! This is a “must” for my December trip. Here’s hoping they are still available come December and not just for the F&W.

  13. Michelle B. says

    I tried this last week. I’m glad I tried it as it was an interesting texture profile. But I have no desire to have another one. Too me it was just too much bread that didn’t add any flavor.

  14. Tracy says

    Tried this on Monday and LOVED it! Don’t understand those who thought it was ‘too much bread’. The one we had was PERFECTION. I can strongly recommend the profiterole ice cream with either chocolate or raspberry sauce. Simply delicious! Tastes like a wonderful yeast donut, slightly sweet, warm and toasty on the outside, cool on the inside. So glad these are available all yeard ’round! :-)

  15. Colleen says

    I was first in line one morning. Got the Hazelnut with Chocolate sauce. It was awesome! This is not to be missed.

  16. Colleen says

    I was first in line one morning. Got the Hazelnut with Chocolate sauce. It was awesome! This is not to be missed.

  17. Sue says

    This was the best…. Melt in your mouth…. Two of them… One was salted caramel with chocolate and the other was coconut white chocolate with chocolate … Wish I could get my hands on a grill… Disney should sell the grills!!!!!

  18. Kristi says

    Had one this week! My new favorite Disney World snack! I think it even surpassed my old number one Dole Whip Float :) Thanks for the recommend! It was cold so I wouldn’t have even walked in there if it weren’t for this post. Now I can’t wait for my next trip just so I can eat another! YUMMY

  19. tron says


  20. Kevin says

    I wasn’t sure what to think back when I read this review – I was quite skeptical that ice cream on bread would be a good idea. Luckily, I was wrong – these things are great!

  21. Lisa says

    I tried the salted caramel with chocolate sauce and was really excited for it but was highly disappointed!! Bread and ice cream just don’t go together. I would have loved it with cheese and maybe some type of meat.

    This was just very wrong in my opinion. Sadly I threw most of it away because nobody else in my group liked it either : (

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