News! and Review: Downtown Disney’s Superstar Catering Food Truck

Downtown Disney (the shopping, entertainment, and restaurant district) at Walt Disney World recently welcomed the Superstar Catering Food Truck to the lineup of eateries!

And so it begins… the first official food truck has arrived in Downtown Disney!


If you’ve been keeping an eye on Disney Food Blog, then you’re aware that new food trucks have been preparing to park themselves near Cirque de Soleil and House of Blues in Downtown Disney’s West Side.

Cirque de Soleil and House of Blues

To be precise, four new themed food trucks will be joining the lineup: Enchanted Fare Food Truck (featuring treats from Disney Parks around the globe), The World Showcase of Flavors Food Truck (bringing a few Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival favorites to guests all year-round), Namaste Café Food Truck (Sanaa fans, start your engines!), and Superstar Catering Food Truck… which has made it’s starring debut!

See info and menus from the food trucks here!

Superstar Catering Food Truck

Time to line-up at Superstar Catering

Superstar Catering brings a touch of Hollywood Studios to Downtown Disney. It’s easy to recognize how the sleek-yet-playful decorative elements and colors of the truck echo those of the park. Specifically, it brings to mind images of the retro-styling of 50’s Prime Time Café.

Favorite of the Stars

A Star Studded Menu

Tables were set up for the debut! We’re not sure if these were there for the Festival of the Masters event, or if these will be there full time… .


And Disney cast members are raring to go on the inside!

Superstar Catering Window


Superstar Catering boasts a “Star-Studded Menu!”

Food Truck Menu

Guests have their choice of three dishes: Turkey Sausage and Golden Raisin Meatballs (served on soft polenta), the Lamb Meatball Flatbread Sandwich, or the Spinach and Beef Meatball Sandwich. For children, there’s also a Kid’s Meatball Slider.

Superstar Catering Menu

I went with the Lamb Meatball Flatbread Sandwich, and this one is definitely ready for its close-up!

Lamb Meatball Flatbread Sandwich

The sandwich consists of three lamb meatballs served over an arugula salad in a flatbread. It’s topped with tzatziki and a vegetable relish. I thought the presentation was pretty terrific!

Lamb Meatball Flatbread Close-Up

From the first bite, the flavor grabbed me right away –- the lamb meatballs were well done, yet not at all dry. But it didn’t seem to carry much in the way of spice… at first. By the end, I was definitely feeling some kick!

Meatball Cross-Section

But let’s not talk about the end just yet, because there are a few more elements I’d like to share…

I was so, SO impressed with the freshness of the veggies: a relish made of diced cucumber, onion, tomato, and red onion top the meatballs, while they sit on a bed of arugula. (The menu names an “arugula fennel salad,” but I didn’t pick up much fennel flavor.) I tried to take a good close-up so you could see exactly what I’m talking about.


And then we have the generous amount of tzatziki spread over the meatballs… OH MY, that tzatziki! I’ll admit my bias towards tzatziki: I looove it. I’d top ice cream with it if I found a flavor I thought might work.

And this tzatziki was wonderfully creamy, cucumber-y, and garlic-y (or whichever actual words you might prefer ;) ), with emphasis on the garlic.

Tzatziki Close-Up

One more note: you’ll want to decide your plan of attack with this one. I did try a few bites as a proper sandwich in hand. But the juices from the meat and the tzatziki made it all a bit drippy.

Take a bite


I recommend grabbing a few utensils from the spinny-fork-and-knife-thingy you may be familiar with from the Food & Wine Festival. (You may also choose the more appropriate — but slightly less fun — moniker of “utensil dispenser.”)

Utensil Dispenser

Oh, and don’t forget to grab a napkin or two like I did! I noticed after the fact that they were right at the end of the pickup counter. Trust me… you’ll want one!


According to some of the Cast Members at Superstar Catering, the other trucks will be rolling in (pun intended!) by the end of November. We’ll be keeping an eye out, and hope you will, too!

Are you looking forward to the Food Trucks in Downtown Disney? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Mealtrip says

    Nope, I don’t think the food trucks will be accepting Tables in Wonderland cards. I’m just glad to see my old friend, the cardboard boat under the food items. There’s nothing quite like a juicy $12 sandwich in leaky cardboard boat. (BYO-Tide-Instant-Stain-Remover-Pen.) It could be an optical illusion, but from a food size-wise perspective, my initial thought was… that these feel like they’re all priced about $3 too high. As a non-Disney Dining Plan person, I keep thinking about what I could get at places like the Cooke’s of Dublin, The Earl of Sandwich, or even Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons for $12… and it seems like more food.

  2. Kirsty says

    As much as I enjoyed reading this post, I just find the food trucks themselves dissapointing.

    I don’t find anything exciting about the menu at all. It seems to me, just to be CS meals put on wheels with the tacky pictures on the menu.

    A shame – I would have loved to seen “real” foodtrucks arrive showcasing something really different and exciting.

    The meatball sandwich does look tasty, but nothing that really sets the world alight.

    Maybe it’s just me being hard to please ;)

  3. Amy Ross says

    Are the food trucks going to be there permanently? We are going in May and I would love to try these.

  4. Sherri Erwin says

    I was hoping you would review the lamb meatball flatbread, because it looks amazing. But so drippy for vacation food. I would have to knife and fork it, or maybe try making it at home. Seems like it might be worth getting messy, though.

  5. Essie says

    The lamb meatball sandwich looks very good, but expensive. It reminds me of a gyro sandwich which I love.

  6. Mili says

    I’ll be there the first days of December so I’ll be sure to keep an eye out! also, on a different but related subject, could someone please tell me exactly where Writer’s Stop at Hollywood Studios is? I noticed it doesn’t appear on the maps like other restaurants, and I have been craving the carrot cake cookie sandwich, I wouldn’t want to miss it!!

  7. Mealtrip says

    @Mili – That’s because writers are a secluded bunch and don’t want their hideaway discovered! It’s right on the corner of Commissary Lane and the Streets of America… just past the Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant, but before you get to the Osborne Family Lights. I believe it looks like a tiny two-story brick building on the current Hollywood Studios map.

  8. Mary says

    In the spirit of food trucks, it would be fun for them to travel to different resorts! This way, you’ll have a different option at your resort one day without the commute!

  9. Wendy Snelgrove says

    I’m at WDW right now, and here for the next two weeks. Was really hoping to try the Disneyland corn dogs I’ve heard so much about. If that truck comes, please post here and tell us ASAP.


  10. Summer says

    Looks tasty, but seems pretty expensive (even with the Disney “curve”) to not even include a side! We are there beginning on Thanksgiving day for a week, so hoping to be able to check them out and see all of the offerings by then.

  11. Wendy says

    Frank, Amy, and Rose – I’ll check on your questions on my next trip out, and will post what I find on this stream :).

    Mealtrip, Marie-Eve, and Essie – I was truly very impressed with the quality – plus it was absolutely filling, so I was glad to know there is real quality behind the cost. That said, I agree it wouldn’t be bad to see the price point down a bit.

    Kirsty – last Friday evening, I stopped at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex to pick up some items for the 5K race during Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend. It was fun to see a local business selling cupcakes from their food truck there! Not sure how often that happens, but I’ll be on the lookout :).

    Mili – You definitely don’t want to miss Writer’s Stop :)!

    Wendy – hope you’re having a great trip! Yep, we’re excited for the corn dogs, too, and will give a shout here if we see them over the next 2 weeks!

    Jessi – ooh, falafel would be a great fit! (Have you had the Falafel Pita at The Mara in Animal Kingdom Lodge, by chance? It’s always looked good to me, but haven’t had the chance to try it…)

  12. Christopher J says

    My partner just said the lamb meatball sandwich looks great (we read this blog on iPad each night whilst getting ready for bed) but I’m still looking forward to the Saana inspired truck! Hurry up! Lol

  13. orljustin says

    Yep, not a real food truck. Just a counter service location in a truck that doesn’t move (I’m guessing). Real food trucks have lower price points (due to lower costs), varying menus and moving locations.

  14. Wendy says

    Hi, Frank! The food trucks will not be accepting Tables in Wonderland.

    Rose — it’s still not on the signage, but I asked the Cast Members at the truck and they said they do accept the Dining Plan :).

    Amy — I asked about permanency, and they can’t speak to that definitively while everything is so new, but I’m guessing that’s the goal :).

    Chrissy — You know it!

    Christopher — same here!! Namaste Cafe is the one I’m most interested in, too. Butter Chicken!!! :)

    No additional trucks yet (as of yesterday), but for anyone interested in visiting, you may like to know they are now testing out a few locations on the West Side. For instance, yesterday Superstar was in that open area beside Bongos (closer to Pleasure Island than Cirque de Soleil).

  15. Ruby says

    Omg this makes me so hungry right now and I just had a huge breakfast. My niece and I will be coming next year and I’m so glad they have these!

  16. Chris says

    Talking with a few cast members yesterday apparently the grass at Bongo’s area there will eventually be the permanent home for the trucks once the area is redone. They are hoping for summer for this to become the permanent home at DTD. They did mention that they might be seen in the parks to assist for high volume events and even at ESPN.

  17. Wendy says

    Ruby — hope you and your niece have an awesome trip :)!

    Chris — Thanks so much for the info! Did you try anything :)?

  18. Wendy says

    Hi, Amy! Since the trucks are still pretty new, hours have been fluctuating. This week, they’ve been trying a 5 – 11 pm schedule (but with a few more days per week, I believe). However, the first weekend of the Superstar Catering truck operated from 10 am – 11 pm on the weekend, because it was a Festival weekend at Downtown Disney, so traffic in that area was heavy. My visit to Namaste Cafe was 2 pm on a weekday. Thanks to the mobility, I guess they are able to see what works at various times, and alter the hours for anticipated crowd levels, from what I can tell :).

  19. Amy says

    Thanks for the response, Wendy! I looked everywhere and couldn’t find the hours. We will be stopping for a night at DTD en route to a cruise an wanted to check it out!

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