News and Review! The Cronut Has Landed at Disney World!

Ohmigosh. Disney’s finally hit on a food trend…while it’s STILL A TREND!!!

Yup; according to our fearless DFB reporter, James A., the cronut (well, actually called the “croissant doughnut” due to the actual word “cronut” being trademarked) can now be found in Epcot!

On the menu at the Refreshment Port (the understated powerhouse that has brought us the incredible spicy chicken and cheddar poppers in the past), your cronut can be had for $4.49 or a Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit.

And here it is!!

Croissant doughnut layers close up

What’s a Cronut?

It’s OK. I didn’t know either until just recently. But these hybrid croissant doughnuts have been taking the snack world by storm.

Introduced by chef Dominique Ansel for Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City, the cronut is a doughnut made from layer upon layer of croissant pastry. The whole thing is fried up, then filled with silky cream and frosted. Flavors can vary, so there’s always something new to bring to the recipe.

Earlier this year, they were so popular that there was actually a black market developing for the sweets!

Try Disney’s Version!

Anyway, the trend has made its way to Disney World, so if you’re headed down to Epcot anytime soon you get to try one (lucky ducks)!

It doesn’t look like this version has filling or frosting, but it still seems to be pretty great.

James says, “It was very good, and my wife is obsessing over wanting another one already. It was flaky and tender and did not disappoint from what the news has been saying about cronuts.” He coupled it with a Starbucks coffee from Fountain View Cafe and deemed the pair just about perfect.

Cronut and Coffee

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Have you tried the cronut in Disney World (or anywhere else for that matter)? Let us know what you think of this sweet trend in the comments below!


  1. says

    At one end of the scale Epcot goes for the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger, then at the other end, we can have this most luscious of desserts from our favorite food park!

    I know that AJ loves Mac ‘n’ Cheese but to me that’s just like having a mashed potato sandwich lol

    At least Disney have this time taken brave steps by combining two amazingly popular concepts that actually work well together!

    My only question is: what next from Disney? A funnel cake topped off with a part melted Mickey Premium? Perfect!!!!

  2. Angela says

    The CNE (big fair type thing in Toronto) had a Cronut stand this year and a Cronut burger. Over 60 people got serious food poisoning from it and a bunch were hospitalized and the thought of a Cronut is forever ruined for me :( It wasn’t the Cronut or the burger that did it, it ended up being a maple bacon jam they paired it with!

  3. Nerak says

    zoinks!!! I’ll be in WDW in one month and 3 days (but I’m not counting…) at this point, I should probably stop eating right now in preparation for all the new epic eating adventures that are in store.

  4. Angelina says

    i’m not sure how much different it would taste from a cinnamon sugar donut…but i’m willing to try it!

  5. says

    Saw the sign over the weekend and we were busy eating all the holiday treats around the world so as we walked up to the refreshment port at the end of the night, they pulled down the window covers just as we stepped up…denied!
    We shall meet again!

  6. Marcellina says

    I’m sorry but I LOVE me some croissants.. and I just think this is messing with a good thing. Why mess with perfection? I’m sure it will be popular, and possibly pretty good.. but I guess I’m just a croissant purist. ;)

  7. Essie says

    OMG, it looks something like the wonderful Puffy French Toast that they make at the CP in the MK. YUM!

  8. Felicia says

    I had one yesterday. Pretty fantastic, with super buttery layers and a crispy exterior. It reminded me of a cruller doughnut or a Disney churro. My only complaint is that it had a bit too much cinnamon sugar. It would be great if they started offering these in different flavors. Fingers crossed!

  9. Venessa Hinojosa-Wright says

    While I’ll give it a chance I really don’t think it’s going to be as good as te real one from The Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC! I felt love from those cronuts when I ate it. The whole experience with my husband in Sept was amazing :) It was worth the 3hr wait for me hahah.

  10. Lisa says

    One of the best things I’ve ever eaten at Disney world. Wish they had it at other parks too. YUM!!!!!!!

  11. Cathy Wuestner says

    Does anyone remember the wonderful nut-filled, glazed croissants that were served at the Fountain View years ago? They switched to an ice cream place and those croissants disappeared from the face of the earth…..they have never again surfaced at WDW. (They were second only to my beloved beignets from Port Orleans). Now I think I may just have discovered NOT a replacement, but perhaps a temporary substitution. Bring back that nut-filled croissant!!! Please???

  12. Nicole H says

    Any allergy info on it? We are passholders, so we are there often, and passed it up the other day, but if it is allergy friendly (nuts) for my daughter, we will definitely have to try!

  13. John says

    The half that I had was incredible. I wish I could’ve enjoyed the other half but one of Epcot’s feathered friends swooped down and took it right out of my hand. I hope he liked it.

  14. Sandy says

    These are amazing! I now officially forgive the Canadian pavilion for no longer having beaver tails!

  15. Emma says

    I tried one of these beauties in February after a day exploring the World Showcase, it was amazing!

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