News and Review! Bacon Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese at Friar’s Nook in Disney World

Well, butter my biscuits. Mac and Cheese strikes again in WDW!

Recently, we’ve brought you mac and cheese hot dogs, mac and cheese hamburgers, lobster mac and cheese, mac and cheese bundles…and now, we’ve got a variety of macs-n-cheeses at the ever-changing Friar’s Nook in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

NEW Friar's Nook Mac and Cheese

NEW Friar’s Nook Mac and Cheese


Friar’s Nook is never open. OK; that’s obviously a fib. It’s open SOMETIMES. Usually when it’s supa crowded in the park. But methinks that now there’s some macs n cheeses on the menu, it will need to open its little robin-hoody doors more often!

Friars Nook 2

This tiny, walk-up counter spot is located in Fantasyland (OLD Fantasyland, for those who need clarification), and usually features some pretty tame items. However, it also seems to be a prime spot for Disney to introduce new, clever snacks and then quickly take them away

once they get reeeeally popular (Figaro Fries are one case in point).

Welp, we might be in for a little bit more of that…


All of a sudden, innovative mac and cheese options have popped up on the FN menu!

New Friar's Nook Mac and Cheese Menu

New Friar’s Nook Mac and Cheese Menu

How good does this stuff sound, I ask you? “Bacon Cheeseburger Macaroni and Cheese”?!? BLUE CHEESE MACARONI AND CHEESE WITH BALSAMIC?!??!? What?!?!?!?! (There’s also a plain mac and cheese with panko, but why?!? would you do that?)

OK, DFB editor Kim LaPaglia got the chance to nip by the old FN and snag a taste! Her fam chose the Bacon Cheeseburger Mac!

Bacon Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese at Friar's Nook

Bacon Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese at Friar’s Nook

They said it’s a bit like a hamburger helper with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and a creamy Mac n Cheese. There’s no bread or bread bowl — just the “filling” of the “cheeseburger” so to speak. And — the best part (for me anyway) — it was even a little spicy! Yum!

Close up of the Mac and Cheese Deliciousness

Close up of the Mac and Cheese Deliciousness


Friar’s Nook, you’ve done it again. Managed to introduce a “what-in-the-world-is-this-doing-here” menu item that I cannot WAIT to sample. (I’m totally going for the blue cheese version!) Kim says it’s absolutely enough to share (which might make the $9 pricetag a little more bearable).

Don’t forget — the Nook doesn’t necessarily open all the time, so be sure to have a backup snack in mind just in case it’s shuttered when you’re there. AND — let us know what you think!

What new Mac and Cheese dish will YOU try at Friar’s Nook? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Kristina says

    I really hope mac-n-cheese is the new cupcake trend (carbs + cheese = heaven)…I can’t wait to try this treat. Too bad I don’t have a trip booked (yet) for 2014.

  2. Alan says

    I guess I am once again on the road less traveled, but I just don’t much care for mac and cheese in any form. I’ve never tasted any that made me love it. I’m sure someone, somewhere makes a killer plate or bowl of it, but I haven’t found that person or restaurant. My problem is that I really don’t care for melted cheese on anything except a good pizza.

  3. Lorri says

    WHAT???? No more fresh made chips at FN? We watched that place like hawks to see when it was open to savor those chips!!! Hopefully that’s not the whole menu now. Not sure what to think of that mac ‘n cheese. Looks too messy to even try.

  4. says

    It’s only open when I’m not hungry. Fact! It looks good but please tell me the base is not the standard kids meal Mac and cheese because it tastes like flavorless canned stuff. This looks a bit different I’m hoping.

  5. Essie says

    Wow, it doesn’t look like a snack to me; it looks like it would be an entire meal. I love mac’n’cheese and I also love blue cheese, so either one would be fine for me to try.

  6. Angelina says

    Not usually a fan of Mac & Cheese but that balsamic pairing makes my mouth water. Maybe i’ll try cooking it up at home first…lol

  7. JoAnn says

    I will be in WDW for Princess Half Marathon weekend. I will be more than willing to try the blue cheese one purely for research purposes if they are open. :-)

  8. Jennifer Stewart says

    Oh my! I don’t know which intringues me more but I will definitely be eating some in April!

  9. Debbie Ernest says

    Looks interesting…not very healthy choice… but …would like to try…yummy? PRICEY!

  10. Shannon says

    If they use the mac & cheese recipe from Liberty Tree Tavern as the base I will most definitely plan to chow down in April! I never liked mac & cheese until I tried theirs.

  11. Laura says

    I wouldn’t consider this a snack–we ate it as lunch! But it was AH-MAH-ZING! I like plain food so the mac and cheese with panko for me was perfect and my sis got the bacon cheeseburger which she loved. HUGE portions but it was delish– and you walk it off anyways right? ;)

  12. Hilary Lardin says

    I ate this on Christmas Day at Disney World, 2014. It was not good at all. All I could think about as I was eating it was the heart burn the over processed cheese ooze was going to give me. Not only was the “mac n cheese” covered with tasteless cheese ooze that I imagine came from a gallon can of cheese sauce from Sysco, but the cheese burger meat had some sort of sweetness to it that was unpleasant. Sweet burger meat? It was weird and did not even remind me of a cheese burger. It did NOT taste like a burger at all, maybe a sweet meatloaf. I would not recommend eating this.

  13. Sylvia Clark says

    Please Please send me a copy of the macoroni and cheese with panko!!!!From the Friars Nook. My children loved this dish and we struggle with them being picky. however we ate this dish 3 times while at magic kingdom last week on our trip to disney world.

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