“The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Disney!” Breakfast!

We’re back for more fun with a brand new version of our hit series, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Disney”!

Best Thing I Ever Ate in Disney -- Breakfast

With your awesome input, we had tons of fun exploring our favorite Disney food categories a looong time ago. But Disney keeps adding amazing new dishes, treats, and foods! And so, it’s time to revisit these questions and add some of our new, and enduring, favorites to the mix!

Today, we’ll get the day started off right just like we should — with some delicious Breakfast! I’ll let you know a few of my favorites…and then it’s your turn to chime with in YOUR votes for “The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Disney — Breakfast”!

Let’s get to crackin’! (Like…eggs. Crackin’ eggs. Get it? :-) )

Waffle with Whipped Mascarpone at Trattoria al Forno

It’s a breakfast classic coupled with a dessert indulgence… the Waffle with Whipped Mascarpone at Trattoria al Forno on Disney World’s BoardWalk!

Trattoria al Forno Waffles

Trattoria al Forno Waffles

The generous dollop of smooth, rich, whipped mascarpone topping the crisp-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside waffles provides a truly decadent way to start the day. With espresso flavoring the cream and a light dusting of cocoa powder on top, it’s much like eating a tiramisu-topped waffle.

Waffle Topping -- Up Close

Waffle Topping — Up Close

And look… you can see the vanilla bean specks dotted throughout the cream!

Waffle Topping -- Inside

Waffle Topping — Inside

Upon first glance, you may — like I did — think something’s missing, and you may be tempted to request some syrup on the side. Don’t.

Waffle -- Cross Section

Waffle — Cross Section

This one’s terrific just as it is.

Tonga Toast at Kona Cafe

Classics become so for a reason. In Disney food circles, classics = awesomeness (and often over-the-topness) that just about everyone loves.

Case in point: Tonga Toast at Kona Cafe.

Tonga Toast with Bacon

Thick, fluffy bread is stuffed with banana yum, before it’s battered and deep-fried. After a roll in a ton of cinnamon sugar, it’s delivered to our table with a hearty helping of strawberry compote, ready for your enjoyment. This is the stuff that breakfast dreams are made of, and I guarantee you it will keep you going for hours.

It’s handy that we’ve got a recipe for Tonga Toast for those in-between-Disney-trip cravings. And by the way, if you prefer breakfast on the go, you can also get Tonga Toast at Captain Cook’s Snack Company, the Polynesian’s counter service spot (it’s cheaper there!).

Tonga Toast – Inside Close Up

Pecan Caramel Bread Pudding at Boma

Ask Disney fans their favorite places for breakfast, and Boma is likely to be on top of many lists.

The buffet spread at Disney’s Animal Kingdom boasts a beautifully-themed dining area and lots of exotic eats that makes your first meal of the day extra-special.

You won’t often find French toast as part of the spread there, but if you’re looking for a little dessert with your breakfast (and really…who isn’t??), then you will lurve this French Toast Bread Pudding.

Pecan Praline Sauce and French Toast Bread Pudding

And there’s no better way to indulge in this sweet breakfast casserole than with a thick layer of caramel-y-good Pecan Praline Sauce poured over top. This was my major winner from my recent Boma breakfast. Wish I’d eaten this FIRST! Be sure to get a BIG glass of milk to go with this one.

French Toast Bread Pudding with Pecan Praline Sauce

Mickey Waffle at Grand Floridian Cafe

So…yes. You can get Mickey Waffles at lots of places at Disney. And I love them! There’s a reason that this little guy is the face of DFB Social Media :-)

So good, with that crispy, malty goodness. And who can resist smiling back at that goofy expression?

But one of my favorite spots to grab one is Grand Floridian Cafe, where you can choose from two different versions: Multigrain or Malted. Guess which one I choose? Sprinkled with just a dusting of confectioner’s sugar, well..you know it’s just completely delicious.

Mickey Waffle with Bacon!

And Now It’s Your Turn!

I really want to hear from you guys! What’s the Best Thing You Ever Ate in Disney for Breakfast in your book? What morning meal has you dreaming of coming to the breakfast table miles away from the Happiest Place on Earth?

Chime in below in the comments. I can’t wait to hear your Best Things!


  1. Bernice says

    The Breakfast Lasagna at the Crystal Palace. Sadly it is no longer. It was replaced by a meh peach cobbler. My husband and I would go just for the Breakfast Lasagna it was mind blowing.

  2. Bill says

    Over Marathon Weekend, we had the Turkey Bobotie with Pap and Chakalaka at The Mara two days in a row. It was an absolutely delicious quick service meal. For a full service breakfast, you can’t beat Boma for variety and flavor.

  3. says

    Yes!! The breakfast lasagna is worth the trip. Was just there in Nov. and they still had it . Hope it comes back soon!!

  4. Jean Kinsley says

    Our favorite was banana stuffed French toast at the Cafe in the Grand Floridian. They do not serve it anymore. Bummer!

  5. Brennah says

    Banana Bread French Toast at Olivia’s is to die for! It’s super moist and extremely decadent. I can’t wait until I can have it again!

  6. Doug says

    Sweet potato pancakes at The Wave…of American Flavors! Served with honey pecan butter. Sublime.

  7. Eleny says

    I love the Pooh french toast at Crystal Palace (even though it’s on the kids’ side) Also, just went there this past week (January 25, 2016) and they still had the breakfast lasagna! And the potato casserole there is wonderful.
    Mickey waffles are my all-time favorite Disney breakfast!

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