Favorite Finds: Disney Valentine Treats at Target

During a recent pass through Target, I was please to see that much like last year, they’ve got a nice selection of Disney-branded treats fill your Valentine’s stocking. (Wait, that’s not a thing, is it?)

Many of the items feature retro-style Mickey and Minnie illustrations. They remind me a bit of the “Get A Horse” film short that runs before the theatrical showings of Frozen.

My Target had an aisle end-cap with a Disney theme, but I found Disney items scattered throughout the Valentine candy section, not just on the end-cap.


The items included a plush Mickey, holding a chocolate heart lollipop.


These cutie patootie Mickey and Minnie tins hold wafer cookies.



Here’s a cupcake mix. It comes in a little tin mailbox that you can use to hold your love notes.


These tin hearts hold traditional “you never know what you’re gonna get” filled chocolates and truffles.



The paper heart boxes hold solid milk chocolate bites shaped like Mickey and Minnie.




The reusable flannel fabric totes hold chocolate bars.


And the larger Mickey and Minnie tins hold a classic mix of butter/cheddar/caramel popcorn. Surely not as good a Karamell Kuche, but that wouldn’t stop me from eating it.



The last items I saw with the retro theme illustrations were Utz brand chocolate-covered pretzels, shaped like our favorite mice, and a Valentine mix of Jelly Bellys. The jelly bean mix includes bubble gum, coconut, cotton candy, strawberry cheesecake, and very cherry. I’m not really feeling the combo, but the box sure is cute.


Check out the jelly bean-shaped bar code. Clever!


For the school-kid crowd, there are boxed paper Valentine notes that come with lollipops to share with your friends. I saw Cars, Planes and Princesses, but it looked like there were Marvel ones as well that had sold out of my store.



School valentine shareables have come a long way in even the few years since my kiddos left elementary school. They’re not foodie, so I’m not posting pics, but there were also Disney branded paper Valentines with giveaway tatoos, rulers, notepads, pencils, stickers, and even glo-sticks. I wanna be in third grade and get a glo-stick from my honey!

The only repeat item I saw from last year was a multipack of giveaway Princess or Cars shaped pretzels.


And last but not least were little paper hearts containing four filled chocolates. There were Princess and Monsters versions. IMG_5822


“I have my eye on you”, ha! Love it!

Will you be buying any of these Valentine treats for your sweetie pie? Will you be buying any for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Erin Foster is the Disney Food for Families columnist and a behind-the-scenes guru here at Disney Food Blog! Check out more of her posts here.


  1. Lynda says

    Our Target just outside Orlando has the same items. :) Thought the Minnie Mouse bag with chocolate bars was so cute, I almost bought it for myself! Lol. Also, don’t let the cute princess heart paper box fool you, I’ve been given some in the past and sadly the chocolates inside are not very tasty!! :x

  2. Lynda says

    Sorry for double posting, but I did not intend to make an angry face in the post above, I was trying to make a face with an X for a mouth!

  3. Julia says

    Hi Erin!
    This same Valentine Mickey display is at my local Target as well, and I think it is absolutely adorable!!! I saw that you said the retro-style Mickey and Minnie illustrations reminded you of the style as seen in “Get a Horse” from Frozen, (which I absolutely LOVED too) but I feel like these illustrations are more based off of all of the recently made “Mickey Shorts” that can be found on Youtube. I think these short little videos are absolutely amazing and are some of the company’s most clever creations, since they are FULL of so many easter eggs and tributes towards attractions in both of the Disneyland and Walt Disney World and much more!!! They are all great, but the one’s that really showcase the theme parks are “croissant de triomphe,” “o sole minnie,” and “potatoland.” Some of my other favorites are “no service,” “staying cool,” and “bad ear day.” Each video is only about 3 minutes each and if you pause where goofy is about to jump and dive in “sleepwalkin’,” to the top left, you will see cinderella’s castle!!! Hope you have the chance to check these out! Thanks!!! :)

  4. Bill says

    I’m sorry to be a negative but I absolutely HATE the new Mickey Mouse. Big pants and attitude is just all wrong for Walt’s creation. Sorry Disney — won’t be buying ANY of your new Mickey Mouse stuff.

  5. Bill IsADouce says

    “BILL” needs to calm down.
    They updated Mickey to keep him fresh with the young crowd. He’s got a nice look to him and keeps him contemporary with shows like “Adventure Time” and the rest of the Cartoon Network line-up.
    I’d rather him be updated to modern standards, then fade out of popularity.

    Besides, with the new look means NEW cartoons. I’d much rather have more Mickey than less.
    Embrace the change.

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