Guest Review: Snacks at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

Welcome back guest author Zachary Ott with a photo review of the snacks found at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea!

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea offer some fun and unexpected eats for guests! Check out what we uncovered!

This is one of the many Disney-branded vending machines selling an assortment of soda, tea, and juice drinks.

Vending Machine.

Numerous popcorn carts dot the landscape of both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. This particular cart, found outside the Winnie the Pooh themed attraction, sells popcorn flavored with honey and matching popcorn buckets.

Other popcorn flavors included: Curry, Sea Salt, Strawberry, and Maple.

Popcorn Stand.

These were two of the bakery options available off of Main Street. On the left is a Mickey Icon shaped banana bread and on the right is a semi-sweet melon bread baked to look like Mike from Monsters Inc.

Breads — Banana and Melon.

Here are more examples of fake food displays. They look SO real!

Mickey’s Smiles and Meat Pie.

Baked Cheese Potato.

Ice Cream Sundaes and Mickey’s Smiles.

Pizza and More!

This is the menu for one of the many snack carts. Unfortunately the strawberry churros were not as good as you might expect. The second photo shows the delightful display for these churros.

Churro Menu.

Fun Churro Display!

This was our favorite snack — Tipo Torta. We tried the extremely delicious sweet potato version. It can be best described as pie in the form of a stick.

The light flakey crust perfectly gave away to the very sweet and thick sweet potato filling.

Tipo Torta.

Tipo Torta Close-Up!

On the glass covered Main Street (known as the World Bazaar), we see the standard Disney Confectionery.


Pork gyoza was offered at a food cart in Tokyo DisneySea. This savory treat had an extremely soft, almost doughy bun with a large amount of flavor in the pork and onion mixture.

Refreshment Station.

Pork Gyoza.

Pork Gyoza Close-Up.

Another snack option we tried was a soft-serve ice cream cone. We avoided the somewhat disconcerting chicken cream Chandu tail (Chandu is a very cute protagonist of the nearby Voyages of Sinbad attraction).

Ice Cream Stand.

Ice Cream Selection.

Ice Cream Cone.

This is a Duffy inspired soft cake dessert with a sweet cream filling. This dessert came on a souvenir plate and speaks to Japanese guests’ obsession with Duffy.

Duffy is the inspiration for the Spring Voyage celebration, which occurs concurrently with the Easter Wonderland celebration at Tokyo Disneyland.

Duffy Cake.

The Japanese park guests take their Disney inspired fashion very seriously and here we see a hair clip themed around the very popular popcorn buckets.

Popcorn Hair Accessory.

Another character inspired snack from within the park.

Banana Chips.

One of the numerous varieties of sweet and savory snack tins sold in and out of the park. These tins are a very common gift for Japanese travelers to bring back to family, friends, and coworkers.

Snack Tin.

Due to the popularity of Duffy, many of the tins (and other products depicting him in the spring voyage) were limited to three per costumer. Even on the slow days we visited many varieties of tins were sold out by the evening.

What snack do you wish was offered at Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Do you like the fake food displays? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Fran says

    Wow! What an interesting review. How different their foods are compared to what WDW offers. It would be nice if WDW started offering some of their international goodies at a special kiosk in World Showcase.

  2. Jess says

    This is cool to see what they offer over there! I like Fran’s idea of having a special kiosk in world showcase. I would like to try the pork Gyoza. Most of the items appeal to me since they are different and I like to try new things but I’m not sure about the chicken cream tail. The fake food is helpful as I would like to see what I’m eating especially if I am overseas. Hopefully I will make it to the other parks outside of the US someday!

  3. Natalie says

    Jess – as someone from the UK who hasn’t been anywhere but Disneyland Paris, I feel the same way! Maybe we should do a swap?

    That Mickey banana bread looks INCREDIBLE. I go a bit mad for good banana bread, I might make some today! :D

    This was such a fun post, thanks for sharing!

  4. Jackie says

    The Duffy Cake! oh my gosh, i just want to try a lot of it! The pork gyoza, the tipo torta (if done in apple would be amazing!), the banana chips are adorable! The tins are so cute! Love it! Thanks so much!

  5. says

    We had the sweet potato tipo torta a few weeks ago…yummy! Also tried corn potage popcorn….popcorn flavoured after soup??? Way better than it might sound. The chocolate popcorn wasn’t nearly as good. Had Duffy chocolate panna cotta….cute and okay but I have a general dislike of panna cotta due to the texture. The Duffy Earl grey chiffon cake was surprisingly good. We also avoided the Chandu tail which was a featured item at the Crystal Palace buffet where we did try the Mickey shaped churros!

  6. Rune says

    Wow, it all looks so pretty and I love the fact that they have replica food samples so you can see what’s on offer before deciding. Doesn’t DL do that with a lot of their menu items too? Wish WDW would take note!

  7. says

    We loved the fake food in Tokyo so much, we actually went to the area of town where restaurants buy it and got some as a souvenir! I now have a mouthwatering blackberry sundae on display in our dining room.

    My favorite snacks at Tokyo Disney and Tokyo DisneySea were the pork-filled star-shaped bun, the coconut soft serve made by the ice cream stand pictured in this report, and the sea salt ice cream, which somehow managed to taste like an entire sundae in one bite (maybe cuz the salt mimicked the flavor of nuts covered in hot fudge?).

  8. Zachary Ott says

    I am a firm believer that Walt Disney World would greatly benefit from many of the food offerings available at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea (if only for the huge variety)! My wife and I were extremely excited to see that one of the new Downtown Disney Food Trucks would be carrying international treats from the other castle parks. Unfortunately it seems as though for now Japan has been skipped over for that truck. Maybe we will see some tipo torta here in the states soon, until then we can keep hoping for a kiosk in The World Showcase (like what was suggested above).

  9. Jessica says

    Something I loved at Tokyo Disney Sea was near the two story carousel and Aladdin attraction. In a small cart was Sea Salt Icecream!!! To this day it’s been my favorite flavor, despite only having it once! Also something I wish I had known about before going is in Tokyo Disneyland, they have honey flavored icecream!

  10. Rhonda says

    Ok I’m a very picky, plain eater but I daily live out my daring bizarre foods dreams on the Disney food blog ….So, I think someone needs to try one of the disconcerting chicken cream Chandu tails for the team! LOL

  11. Angelina says

    I think some of the food probably tastes amazing but loses a little in the translation to english (i.e. “Chicken Cream Tail”) but will try anything so bring it on! Also, I think the fake food is an excellent way to judge portion sizes!

  12. Leah says

    We loved the Sea Salt Ice Cream, too. We had it at DisneySea, from a cart in the Port Discovery area. The Strawberry Popcorn is AMAZING. We ate so much of it! We spent a lot of time snacking at Tokyo Disney Resort in fact. I don’t remember having anything that was bad. It was all good to amazing. Can’t wait to go back again in a few years and try all the new stuff!

  13. Missy says

    Ahh the popcorn is amazing~. When I went in January I tried 6 different popcorns with my sister. We had honey, chocolate, strawberry(the BEST), soy sauce, curry, and corn potage. I opted out of the popcorn bucket because I wanted to snack on many different ones but I died over the strawberry one.
    The churros are pretty amazing as well since they are Mickey shaped! & they also have dipping sauce! The churro I had was strawberry milk flavored with raspberry chocolate sauce.

  14. Phil says

    The Tipo Torta were “interesting” in the orange flavour but favourite desert (to look at) by far, sold in Tomorrowland was the Toy Story Alien Dumplings.
    The Pork Gyoza was the most poular food item when were there recently and the queue for the cart was immense. They have a very particular smell and you really could smell them all over Tokyo Disneysea

  15. Miss Biscuit says

    We just got back from Tokyo and spent a day at Disney Sea – in June we return for a 3 day stay and will have more news but our “preview” trip was pretty cool! The Gyoza “dog” (it looked like a hot dog or a trilobite) was really good but the wrapping indeed was not a typical thin gyoza wrapping. It was more like hum bao… But it was yummy. The gyoza at the Nautilus Galley was more like the gyoza I was expecting and it was terrific! (The NG is a nice place to escape to – it’s “hidden” and not as crowded as the other eating places) You can also get frozen beer here. Apparently you can get this Kirin with the aerated, frozen head on it at the Japan Pavilion in EPCOT but it was a first for me. It was interesting but really just tasted like beer (not that that’s a bad thing…)

    More to report in mid June..,

  16. BeeRose says

    Awesome blog :) I’m going to TDR for the first time next month and was wondering about the price range of the tins of biscuits/chocs etc?


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