Happy Hour: Block & Hans Craft Beer Kiosk in Epcot’s America Pavilion

We have some fun news for all of you beer lovers out there!

We spied this new Craft Beer Kiosk in Epcot’s America Pavilion a while back for the first time.

Block & Hans Craft Beer Kiosk

Block & Hans Craft Beer Kiosk

Today, we’re back to tell you all about it, and to give you a closer look!

Block & Hans Craft Beer Kiosk

Block & Hans have apparently been in business since 1612, supplying fine ale to the colonies. :-) And now, you can enjoy a beer from their menu while strolling the World Showcase Promenade at Epcot.

Close Up of the Action

Close Up of the Action

You’ll find beer representing many different parts of the country on the menu here. Angry Orchard is also available for those who prefer a nice alternative to beer — Hard Cider.

Were kind of intrigued that they haven’t included any local Florida craft beers, though — you can find them on many menus around Walt Disney World.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Click to Enlarge

Form follows function, as they’ve chosen to “decorate” with empty beer bottles. It’s a great way to see some of the cool label art.

But all I can think of is…who got to participate in the “Let’s empty some bottles so we can decorate with them!” campaign? Because I’d really like to sign up for that team.

Beers Displayed

Beer Bottles Displayed

Fortunately, the bottles that you’ll actually consume are on ice, just as they should be on a sunny Florida day.

Brews on Ice

Brews on Ice

But — to accompany your fine beverage — Pretzels! As far as the eye can see!! And you have the full pretzel panoply here — or just about! You can choose the cult favorite Mickey Pretzel, or even grab a Cream Cheese Pretzel. They also have my most favorite in the category — Jalapeño and Cheese Stuffed Pretzels! Ah geez, now I want one.

AND — plastic cheese!!!!



We think this is an excellent addition to the America Pavilion lineup, and it leaves us wondering if this move opens up Fife and Drum menu room for other interesting things.

Will Block & Hans Craft Beer Kiosk be a regular stop on your Drinking Around the World trip? Tell us your thoughts in comments!


  1. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    it says limit of 2 per guest with valid I.D… what if you dont carry any with you.. i only have the key to the world or more recently the magic band. no other I.D.

  2. Kelsey says

    Oberon is a fantastic Michigan beer — but in Michigan and its normal distribution range, its only available in the warmer months! We grabbed a bottle when we were down in late January and it was SUCH a treat (I’m pregnant so… it made things a bit more sad than usual, but it was SUCH a treat for my husband!).

  3. Andrew Z says

    @Canadians ID for alcohol was the only downside with my magic band. I honestly carried mine + my girlfriends’ loose ID’s in my pocket just in case. No wallet, no credit cards.

  4. Solsun says

    I agree on Oberon, Kelsey. We use to frequent the Kalamazoo Brewing Company (now called Bell’s Brewery) when I was in college up in K-Zoo. Only back then, Oberon was called Solsun. Nice to see Oberon back on the shelves again here in MI.

  5. April Kirkpatrick says

    @CanadiansLoveWDW if you are carrying your phone I would recommend taking a picture of your ID

  6. Venessa Hinojosa-Wright says

    Victory Golden Monkey will knock your socks off so be careful with that one! But I can buy a whole 6 pack of that deliciousness for $8! Crazy! It’s nice to see good beer showing up at Disney finally. Kudos!

  7. Mike K says

    I’m so glad to see more craft beers appear around the World Showcase. I am a big fan of Purple Haze by Abita Brewing Company located 20 miles away from me here in south Louisiana. If you like a full bodied beer with a fruity taste (Raspberries), then you will enjoy this beer. It has many national awards for it’s class of beer. It is a great warm weather beer and is so refreshing. It goes great during a crawfish boil:) I spied Abita’s Purple Haze for the first time at Disney last fall at the F&W festival, so it’s nice to see it return and hopefully it’s here to stay for a while.. Bravo, Disney and Abita Brewing Co. I’ll be there at Disney in 39 days and counting.. Guess what I’ll be drinking while there??!!!

  8. Tom says

    Golden Monkey would be about the only thing that interests me (I know Oberon and Purple Haze have loyal followings but they’re pretty meh to a super beer snob like me). A step in the right direction at least Disney beer wise.

  9. Mark D. says

    I’d have to agree with Tom, although I haven’t had Hoppegeddon before, so I can’t speak to that.

    Great to see Victory represented here, even if Golden Monkey isn’t my favorite. Wouldn’t mind seeing their Imperial Stout or Hop Devil.

    A little disappointed they went bottles instead of taps.

  10. Chuck says

    I agree with what others have said about Oberon, Growing up then going to college in Kalamazoo it’s awesome to see it in WDW and would love to see them bring it to DCL!

  11. Scott says

    Unless you are microchipped or something, I’d ALWAYS carry some form of I.D. You don’t want to end up a John Doe.

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