News: Chef Cat Cora Responds to Questions About the Closing of Kouzzina in Walt Disney World

Recently, we shared the announcement that Kouzzina by Cat Cora at Disney’s BoardWalk resort would be shutting its doors on September 30th at Walt Disney World.

Cat and Mouse to Part Ways in September

Cat and Mouse to Part Ways in September

There’s been lots of speculation from our readers and other Kouzzina fans as to why the restaurant will be closing, and on Monday, April 14th, Cat Cora addressed the closure of Kouzzina on Reddit:

“We’re at the end of our contract, and Disney and I want to do more projects together. But this is a really great time for them to focus on a new concept in that space and I can focus on more restaurants around the world. It’s all good, and I’ll still be at the Epcot festival of food & wine this year.”

With official confirmation of the Kouzzina closure as of September 30th, we’re now looking forward to seeing what’s in store for this space.

Fans of Kouzzina are sure to miss the awesome breakfasts! And fans of Cat Cora can mark their calendars for this year’s Epcot Food and Wine Festival!

What do you think will open in this space? Do you have more thoughts on the Kouzzina closure? Share in the comments below!

Thanks to DFB reader Matt R. for sending us this news!


  1. Kati S says

    This makes me very sad. Kouzzina was a place that we visited on every Disney trip. Their traditional whole fish was spectacular. I guess I need to plan to visit as much as possible before September.

  2. Olivia M. says

    Wow..this makes me very sad..we loved their breakfasts and they were always so good..especially being right on the boardwalk..where we stay as out DVC resort. We really are going to miss going to this place but we are very excited to see what’s in store for the new place that’s coming in after they close for sure in September. We are so glad that we probably are getting our last round if Kouissina in July when we go but we really are going to miss this great and nice place to eat on our Disney Vacation.

  3. Paul says

    Contracts can be renewed. If Disney and Cora wanted the restaurant to continue as is, an agreement would have been reached. Either one or both parties did not want this restarant to continue on the same terms as the original contract. Without details though, which look like will not be forthcoming by either party, one is left only with assumptions.

  4. says

    I liked the food at breakfast but from opening until my last visit a few months ago, Kouzzina’s service has remained my pick for worst on Disney property consistently. I really hope they do better with whatever goes back in there because this space deserves to be awesome. I miss Spoodles and their paella, it was awesome!

  5. Kerri says

    Would love for them to put in a counter service restaurant. We live near the boardwalk in Nj so to stay true to the area it would be good to put in fast but relaxed restaurant. There is no quick service. We were just there last week and tried to enjoy our lunch at ESPN and nope no one in our party liked anything we tried, even to the desserts.

  6. says

    Oh no! This makes me so sad! We enjoyed both breakfast and dinner there!
    I’ll be curious to see what replaces it, but will certainly remember Kouzzina’s!

  7. Bo says

    The service was bad, the ambience was boring (not nearly as cool as Spoodles), and the food was cafeteria quality. Good riddance!

  8. Hayden says

    This is very sad news. Kouzzina was one of few places at Walt Disney World that offered truly unique cuisine. The closure will now mean that there are no options for Greek cuisine anywhere on property. I hope that they don’t replace the restaurant with another run-of-the-mill restaurant offering a generic menu. If Kouzzina really has to close, let’s use the opportunity to bring an entirely new dining concept to the BoardWalk.

  9. Carole Manchor says

    My husband & I will truly miss Kouzzina when it closes. We have had delightful dinners there and their chocolate molten lava cake was to die for. We have always had great service with the utmost attention. I hope something high quality will move into it’s location.

  10. Mary Anne says

    So sorry to hear this. Always had excellent food here, especially the breakfasts. Neither good nor bad service, just average.

  11. Gail says

    We just returned from Disney and was sad to hear Kouzzina was closing. We took time for two breakfasts while there. Unfortunately time for no dinner. We often stopped just for a coffee to go. Well miss it!!

  12. Lauren says

    Does anyone know when the replacement restaurant will be opening? I’m going beginning of December and would hate for there to be no replacement by then :( I’m curious to see what is going to open. I never had dinner at Kouzzina, but I loved the breakfast there!

  13. Darren says

    Wow! This is sad news! We are going in three weeks and grabbed a dinner reservation so we can at least eat there one more time! Has always been one of our favs on property from the excellent service to the entrees and desserts!

  14. Leon says

    Kouzzina will be missed, so enjoyed the breakfast meals we have eaten there and we have a dinner reservation there next week. I certainly hope Disney officials will honor the request that many of us that are DVC owners and the Boardwalk is our home location. Many of us have been asking for a “Counter Service” dining location like those offered at Disney lodging location like the Wilderness Lodge. While the Boardwalk Bakery was enlarged it is just not suitable for a casual meal that one could sit down inside to enjoy and relax.

  15. Suellen says

    Thank goodness it is closing – breakfast was never ever hot – and got sick this last time on the waffle – I want a good restaurant with a good whole hearted ‘American’ breakfast.

  16. nancy says


  17. Amy says

    We made a dinner reservation for Sept. 30th not knowing that it would be the last day of service. Does anyone know, should we cancel it seeing that service/quality may not be up to speed or do you think the “last” day may be quite special?

  18. Glo says

    I looked forward to eating there on our trip last November, as we never had before. I got the waffle and within an hour, I was so sick! I hate to blame this restaurant, but I could barely eat anything else that day or the next. Since we were there for the Food & Wine Festival, that was quite disappointing.

  19. Conblondee says

    I agree with my fellow Spoodles fans. It was my families favorite Disney restaurant. Where oh where did it go ?????

  20. Bubbie says

    I’d guess it wasn’t doing well. If a restaurant is a smashing success and everyone is happy, the contract would be renewed. What is a Kouzzina anyway? What was the identity and what did it have to do with Disney?

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