News! More Popular Restaurants Possibly Coming to Disney Springs in Walt Disney World

As expected, we are hearing more news about Disney Springs in Walt Disney World!  We recently shared the announcement of a Patina Group Restaurant taking over the 8Trax and Mannequins clubs as the Pleasure Island area of Downtown Disney is completely re-imagined.

Disney Springs Artwork on construction walls

Disney Springs Artwork on construction walls

And now we’ve got even more info for ya. If the current plans remain unchanged, we can expect some impressive eateries when Disney Springs officially opens in 2016.

Restaurants that are being considered include: Morimoto (based in New York and Philadelphia) featuring Japanese and sushi; STK (a steakhouse currently in New York, Miami,and Las Vegas); Los Angeles restaurant, The Edison; and The Boathouse.

A Landry’s restaurant, The Boathouse, currently serves up seafood and steak dishes at its British Columbia locations. T-Rex Cafe, Yak and Yeti, and Rainforest Cafe are also owned by Landry’s.



Morimoto, STK, and The Edison are upscale restaurants with award-winning accolades. The addition of these restaurants would help Disney Springs become an Orlando-based culinary destination for gourmands.

What’s happening with the current restaurants? As reported earlier, Planet Hollywood will remain in its current location. However, it will be converted into a planetary observatory! Will the theme change from celebrities to celestial stars? We can’t wait to find out!

If The Boathouse is constructed, it will occupy prime lagoon real estate next to Fulton’s Crab House. Fulton’s and Portobello, both Levy Restaurants, along with the nearby Paradiso 37 are expected to stay.

The Boathouse

The Boathouse

Will we see any of these restaurants at Disney Springs? Cross your fingers. As of right now, STK is the closest to reaching an agreement with Disney. All plans are subject to change!

Source: Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide

What restaurants would you like to see in the new Disney Springs? Chime in — the comments are below!


  1. Chuck says

    Wow I’m impressed I hope they can bring in all of these restaurants! Especially Morimoto, STK, and The Edison they sound excellent!

    I am happy with what I’ve heard about Disney Springs and hope that more great news keeps coming out! I would love to see a couple of nice lounges / bars in addition to the great restaurants! And I am intrigued to here what shops they are brining in I would LOVE to see a wonder ground gallery link in DLR!

    My only question is how will these restaurants work with the DDP I honestly wouldn’t be upset at ALL if they don’t accept it like the Swolphin restaurants – if they do I hope they can keep the quality that they seem to have in their current NYC, LA ext locations…

  2. Alexandra says

    Morimoto coming to Disney Springs would be amazing! My husband and I had the tasting menu at the one in NYC on our honeymoon (once in a lifetime celebration) and it was incredible. That would definitely help convince him to make the trip to Orlando for some Disney!

  3. Dana says

    I’ve never been to Morimoto, but I’ve heard it’s amazing. Would love to get the opportunity to try it!

  4. says

    Given how lousy Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex are, I’d think bringing in another Landry’s restaurant would be a giant red flag…

  5. Mike Venere says

    WOW….would love to see Morimoto down here. Living just outside of Philadelphia I have dined there and the experience was EXCELLENT!!!
    GOt my picture with Chek Morimoto as well as he was there that night!!

  6. Frank says

    Sounds exciting. Checked out STK website….. what I saw was definitely NOT Disney..Hee-Hee. Anyway, sounds like a fun place, but my question is this. Kouzzina is leaving… what’s coming in?? I’ve not heard anything, but the Patina group seems to have done a great job in Italy-Epcot. Italian on the Boardwalk would fit nicely… Sushi??, of course it’s just down the “street” at Kimono’s.. BTW, on the recommendation of an article, I thick as part of this blog, we went back to the Poly. Sat at the Kona sushi bar. Wings and sushi were marvelous!!!
    Exciting times continue at Disney. They don’t seem to let any grass grow under their toes.

  7. Kenny says

    I wonder if Morimoto coming would mean that the iron chef would make some appearances at Food and Wine Festival events…

  8. Jen W says

    My husband and I got engaged 12 years ago at the Philly Morimoto’s. The Chef was there too ;-). Love that place.

  9. Pete says

    I think Disney’s choice of restaurants will paint a clearer picture of the direction they are going with Disney Springs.

    Living in NY, I have eaten in STK a few times. The restaurant’s Meatpacking District location is swanky, upper class and very “clubby” Its midtown location is more “Disney” as it is more of a restaurant or steak house.

    If they decide to go with STK, I think we are going to see them try and revive a Pleasure Island type atmosphere. I don’t think we’ll see comedy clubs or dance clubs, but I think we are going to see older and adult-type restaurants and entertainment. I think this would be smart. Yes, Disney is a family place, but I think the overall goal of Disney Springs is to phase the locals. When they first opened Splittsville and introduced the plans for DS, I knew that the goal was to bring in more local guests. Not everyone from the Orlando area is buying an annual pass and going to the park every weekend. But, people in the area may be more “open” to bowling at Disney or going to STK.

    If they go with a T-Rex or Rainforest type restaurant, then they are sticking with the Disney theme. It is simply an expansion of Downtown Disney.

    I think it will be the former. I honestly think they realize what failed with Pleasure Island and why it did not work. They tried to create an 18+ atmosphere but were afraid to stray too far away from being “Disney.” As a result, they offered “adult” entertainment that was more “PG-13.” This time around, they are not branding it as “adult,” “family,” or “older.” They are simply keeping the Disney name but bringing in attractions and restaurants that will attract an older crowd. To me, that’s a HUGE win.

    Sorry for the long post. By the way – having eaten at STK I can tell you that it is outstanding!

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