News: Restaurant and Bar Refurbishments at Disney World’s Old Key West Resort

As those who have stayed there will know, Old Key West Resort in Walt Disney World has a special feel all its own. It was the first Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Resort, and, to many guests, it really is a home away from home.

Old Key West Resort

Old Key West Resort

Recently we stopped by to see the results of some recent refurbishments in the dining spots here.

Good’s Foods to Go

We’ll start with a change at Good’s Foods To Go, the Resort’s Quick Service option.

Good's Food To Go Sign

Good’s Food To Go Sign

While the menu is unchanged (you’ll still find the Conch Chowder!), the beverage refill station now opens up into a hallway that allows guests to enter the area from the side coming from the pool as well as the front.

Good's Food To Go

Good’s Food To Go

Beverage Station at Good's Food To Go

Beverage Station at Good’s Food To Go

This helps the area feel less cramped and more easily accessible, and the natural light coming in brightens the overall space.

Good's Food To Go facing beverage station area

Good’s Food To Go facing beverage station area

Gurgling Suitcase Updates

Our next stop is right next door at the Gurgling Suitcase. This little bar is well-loved… and with good reason.

Gurgling Suitcase

Gurgling Suitcase

Gurgling Suitcase

Gurgling Suitcase

While the general set-up is the same (the space itself remains in the same area and has retained its intimate size), the decor has gone through some changes. The difference that immediately caught my attention was the walls. The signature display of police and fire station badges from all over the country as well as the really cool DVC member license plates have quite a different feel: you can now find several of them in frames instead of peppered all over the walls as they were previously.

Framed patches and license plates

Framed patches and license plates

Framed patches

Framed patches

A bit of additional “bar space” has been added with this lower counter.

Counter space

Counter space

And the specialty cocktails, previously always in handwriting, are now listed on a printed sign.

Drink Menu

Drink Menu

The small side area which offers a bit of additional seating remains, and here you’ll see some of the “DVC Family Album.” I’ve always thought that was so cool, and lends to that “Welcome Home” feel here.

Additional seating area

Additional seating area

Additional seating area

Additional seating area

One thing that hasn’t changed is that the awesome bartenders at the Gurgling Suitcase continue to help guests feel very much at home and among friends.

Bar seating

Bar seating

I do want to mention that I’ve noticed a few small changes and additions on different visits even after the initial reopening, so everything here may not be completely final yet.

Olivia’s Refurb

Refurbishment in the central area at Old Key West is still underway. Sections of Olivia’s (the Resort’s Table Service restaurant) are being refurbished; however, the restaurant is still operating, and that terrific outdoor seating area was open on my last visit.

Refurbishment underway at Olivia's

Refurbishment underway at Olivia’s

Outdoor Seating at Olivia's

Outdoor Seating at Olivia’s

So, changes are still taking place, and we’ll be stopping by to check out how things continue to change or spruce up. Especially since I’m feeling a craving for those Breakfast Potatoes from Olivia’s coming on…

Have you stayed or dined at Old Key West Resort? Please let us know about your experience with a comment!


  1. Joni says

    I noticed the pixie dust sign, is that in the lobby area of Olivia’s?
    Did they take down all the family pictures that were in there????
    My son has 2 one with my niece and one with his BFF and they have been there for ever, It is a must to go by and check them out. It really makes it feel like home. I don so hope they haven’t taken them off.

    And so glad they moved the soda’s near the G. Suitcase. The last time I was there bees were all over the soda area. I guess attracted to the sugar. It was terrible and scary if you are allergic.

  2. Disneygirl says

    They took the pictures down to paint and install a companion restroom. As far as I know most of the pictures will be going back up.

  3. zappomatic says

    Do I spy a hot chocolate machine next to the coffee? If so that’s good news – no more queuing to ask for a sachet of powder for the resort mug!

  4. Linda Martin says

    Just wanted to say that Olivia’s & the Gurgling Suitcase are our two favorite spots in the “world”! Being our “home” resort we have been many, many times even when we are not staying at OKW! Gurgling Suitcase is one of our favorite “attractions” at Disney World and Arlene is our favorite bartender!!! Love her!

  5. Paul C says

    Just booked our first ever trip today. We’re trying all the DVC resorts, and hopefully we’ll find it to be as great as everyone else says it is.

  6. cindy says

    Are home base is SarTogA springs….
    I Love key west better. FeeL so at home…..

  7. laurie connolly says

    We were 6 adults and 3 kids and it took a very long time to be served. We had just arived and were starving , but all the people at the pool were on line to eat. Maybe the refill station will help. There is no food court there.

  8. Ruth Ceretto says

    The Turtle Krawl was awesome!!!! It was recommended by the server…great recommendation. We were there during the construction..the official bar opened on the last night of our stay. Olivia’s was great service however, the grill was down so there was limited choices. Good’s to Go staff were amazing and the food was great for quick service. I LOVED OKW!!!!

  9. Stace D. says

    The Old Key west reort is home, and we are excited to see the changes that have come about. We always love the small bar and love looking at all the pictures that had been on display.

  10. Sonya McMahon says

    I also hope that the pictures will go back up in the hall just before the entrance to Olivia’s. OKW is our home DVC since 1992 and we have seen so many changes but the OKW is always our ‘home’. That picture of a part of our family is very important to me as a very difficult time had just occurred but being there helped begin the healing. I look at it with fond memories and hope for the future…..

  11. Donna says

    Our homebase is Animal Kingdom Lodge but our favorite is Old Key West. We always enjoy our before dinner drinks at the Gurgling Suitcase (glad it’s still there) and absolutely love dining at Olivias. Rather than eating in the parks (at times) we come back to the resort just to dine at Olivias. I hope that Warm/Country feel is still there after the refurbishing.

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