Review: Steamed Vegetables and Rice at Katsura Grill in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

I bet we caught you by surprise with the title of this post ;).

After all, here at the DFB we’re known for our love of all things fried, frosted, or otherwise fixed up in the name of vacation indulgence! It’s not that we’re opposed to veggies, believe it or not. (I love ‘em!) It’s just that in the Vacation Kingdom that is Disney World, we enjoy showing you all sorts of decadent vacation treats you might not typically encounter.

But sometimes maybe you just feel the need to switch things up for whatever reason… to counteract overindulgence, or just fulfill a sudden craving for more simple, natural foods.  For such times, I’d like to introduce you to one of my (surprisingly, I know!) favorite finds in Epcot: Steamed Vegetables and Rice at the Japan Pavilion’s Katsura Grill.

Katsura Grill

Katsura Grill

Now, the Steamed Vegetables and Rice aren’t sold as a combo – they are each items that are ordered separately. You’ll find them under the Side options on the menu.

Katsura Grill Menu

Katsura Grill Menu

Therefore, each item is served in its own bowl as well.

Rice and Steamed Vegetables Katsura Grill (7)

Steamed Vegetables and Rice

The Steamed Vegetables are exactly that – solely steamed veggies. You won’t find any sauce or added seasonings here. What you will find is a simple and colorful blend of steamed vegetables including carrots (orange and yellow), broccoli, zucchini, and sugar snap peas (the only way I can ever deal with peas). I’ve never had an over-steamed, mushy batch. Mine have always been nicely prepared.

Steamed Vegetables

Steamed Vegetables

Steamed Vegetables

Steamed Vegetables

I don’t always get the white sticky rice, but it’s a great addition if you’re looking for something a little more filling.

Side of Rice

Side of Rice

Together, I think both items make a nice, light lunch. And coming in at $4.50 ($2.50 for the veggies, $2.00 for the rice), that’s not too bad for a small meal!

So, there you have it… a post about Steamed Vegetables from your friends here at the Disney Food Blog. Never thought you’d see the day, did you ;) ? Yeah, we’re not all bad.

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Would you try Steamed Vegetables and Rice on vacation? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Mike Venere says

    It’s also good to note that this is where you should purchase your Kirin Ichiban beer.
    A 20oz pour here is 25 cents LESS for a smaller 16oz pour you get at the stand outside.

  2. Angelina says

    AJ, I never thought i’d see the day…looks great though, thanks for the post! I would totally grab this for a quick lunch.

  3. Claire "Evil Queen" says

    …and there each a snack credit!! Good score if you are looking to eat a little healthier. Unfortunately, if I’m that close I hear the Teppan Edo calling my name. ‘Cause nothing beats having your healthy veggies turned into a little steaming volcano :)

  4. Sheri says

    This restaurant was exceptionally wonderful to my family on our last trip. My daughter has a food allergy and they went out of their way to fix something special for her. The food naturally took a while to prepare and the waitresses kept my hungry daughter distracted by making her an origami crane. That crane was one of her most treasured souvenirs.

  5. Ashley says

    This is one of my must do restaurants at Epcot so I can get the teriyaki chicken. Usually my family will stake out a spot for Illuminations, then we take turns going to get food and that’s what I always come back with.

  6. Kris says

    Looks delicious and I would definitely also consider ordering and jazzing up the side salad or miso soup with these beauties.

  7. Galloping Gourmand says

    We stopped there as a storm came 2 Augusts ago, just after the renovation. I think it’s a relaxing and beautiful spot for a light lunch or snack. The food is so simple that you won’t find any unpleasant surprises. The Udons were light but filling – if a little listlessly flavored when we had it. A friend had the kid’s chicken teriyaki and it was very straightforward, like everything on the menu appears to be.

  8. Leah says

    Great idea for my toddler daughter for our trip next week! She will love both the veggies and the rice!

  9. Sandra says

    We love eating in the garden here. I tried the salmon with veggies and rice last time and was very happy with it. My husband did the sushi and enjoyed that too. Their iced green tea is something we look forward to each trip. I do wish they offered something better for dessert, like ice cream or even a pickled plum. The cookie we got last time was almost inedible (and imported from Canada, according to the package) and the cheesecake’s color really is a bit off-putting.

  10. soph says

    I love seeing nice cheap posts like this! I love the creative snacking/meal ideas of making meals out of sides or small dishes :) thanks!

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