News! Disney Fairytale Weddings Launches Wedding Cake Projection Mapping

Remember a while back when Disney was making waves in tech circles for, well, food reasons?

At that time, several tech outlets were all abuzz with the news that Disney had filed a patent application for an “interactive cake”. We did a post about what seemed like a fun adventure with food, since we couldn’t figure out how we’d approach interacting with a cake (other than eating it with wild abandon, of course), we studied the pics and did our best to imagine the end result.

Cakes and Patents...Patents and Cakes

Cakes and Patents…Patents and Cakes

Well, this week, Disney has finally let the cat out of the bag as it introduced Disney Wedding Cake Projection Cake Mapping at its Fairytale Weddings Expo.

And it actually looks pretty cool.

Disney Introduces Cake Mapping

Disney Introduces Cake Mapping

Basically, Disney has taken technology that looks similar to what it uses in its nightly slideshows at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, and reduced it in size. The video sequence is then projected on the blank slate of a wedding cake.

Couples still have the option to customize the inside of the cake with delicious fillings and flavors. The video is customizable as well, with the aim to tell a couple’s unique story.

Want to see the effect in action? Check out these videos

for a cool demonstration of the technology! The first one is a Disney-made promo of the system. The second is from someone who saw the technology at a recent expo.

Currently, guests who would like to add Cake Mapping to their wedding festivities will need to book their special day at the Walt Disney World Resort, and opt for a Wishes Collection wedding.

It will be interesting to see how Disney applies the technology in the future, and if Cake Mapping will be the Next Big Thing for big celebrations. I’m wondering how we might be able to Cake Map my next Butterfinger Cupcake. :-)

Does Cake Mapping bring additional WOW factor to a Disney wedding, do you think? Let us know your thoughts in comments below!


  1. says

    Just wanted to add a little more info about the cake… It costs $2,900 for a 5-tiered fake cake and counts toward the Enhancement Minimum for a Wishes Collection event. To put that into a little DFTW perspective, you can have Cinderella’s Glass Coach or a dessert party for 75 people for the same price.

    If you would like any of the layers to be real cake, you will pay extra for those. A white chocolate castle cake topper like the one shown in the video costs $165 extra.

    There are 3 standard designs (two of which can be seen in the video above), or you can pay extra to have them customize the video with your own photos. The image is seen on the front two sides of the cake and comes from a projector hidden inside a ginormous gift box on a table pointed at the cake.

  2. Essie says

    So it’s $3000.00 for a fake cake? It’s really cool with the action lights, but how much more is it for some cake for your guests to eat? Disney must know a lot of rich people; even in the parks and value to moderate hotels, prices are getting beyond reach for a lot of families.

  3. Miles says

    My wife and I were married at WDW in June. The cake can get super pricey, so the large price tag is not surprising. I still think I’d rather enjoy the sights on YouTube and save $2,200.

  4. Alexia says

    Woah, we’re planning our WDW wedding now for about 75-100 people & do think that price tag does seem steep! I love this idea, but think we’ll go with the dessert party during Illuminations, thanks. When you consider that cocktail hour is in a seperate room, then your guests head to reception & then to watch fireworks for dessert, you’re really only spending less than 3 hours in the reception room…..not enough time spent in the same room with a cake to drop 3 grand on it! I’m in the wedding business & have been pleasantly surprised with Disney’s pricing, you pay more per person and services where I live in NJ. I’m assuming this price will drop once they are more practiced and time efficient with it….then I may consider it!

  5. John smith says

    Yeah its a awesome concept too bad the idea was stolen. I know who invented the mapping idea it’s been a work in progress for years now… And can prove it. Lawsuit coming Disney’s way

  6. Danielle M says

    I love Disney and have always wanted to get married there. However, knowing more details and cost would definitely deter me from even considering a cake like this. I agree that the pricing has gone beyond what I’m comfortable spending. I wish they would have a cheaper annual pass for those who are not Florida residents or a coupon day for couples instead of gearing most coupons towards large families. But that’s just my opinion. The cake is beautiful non the less! But not worth $2,000!

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