News! Booking Begins TODAY for 2015 Star Wars Weekends Dining Packages

Booking for Star Wars Weekends Dining Packages will return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in 2015 and booking begins December 3, 2014.

Star Wars Character Meal Backdrop

Dinner at the Hollywood & Vine restaurant and breakfast at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater will offer these galactic experiences May 4th through June 14, 2015. Note that the character meals are available all week — not just on weekends!

Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dine at Hollywood and Vine

At Hollywood and Vine, Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dine will feature Disney characters wearing their Star Wars best as they celebrate the greatest saga ever told! See our review from this year’s experience here!

You may get the chance to meet Ewok Chip & Dale, Jedi Mickey, Leia Minnie, Darth Goofy, and/or Stormtrooper Donald. Star Wars décor, themed foods, and music create a galactic experience. Advance Dining Reservations will be offered from 4:15-8PM.

Ewok Chip and Dale welcome you!

Ewok Chip and Dale welcome you!

Cost: $57.99 Adult, $34.99 Child, or two Disney Dining Plan Entitlements per person.

Star Wars Dessert Plate

Star Wars Dessert Plate

Or opt to plus your Star Wars dinner with the Fantasmic Dinner package. Fantasmic Dinner Package reservations will be offered 4:15-7PM at Hollywood and Vine for $63.99 Adult, $38.99 Child, or 2 Disney Dining Plan Entitlements per person.

Star Wars Dine-In Galactic Breakfast! at Sci-Fi

And guests can start their day (8-11AM) with the Star Wars Dine-In Galactic Breakfast at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant.

Star Wars Pastries

Star Wars Pastries

Discover an out-of-this-world breakfast while you watch memorable movie scenes from the “Star Wars” films. Encounter Darth Vader along with a gallery of infamous “Star Wars” characters. Watch out for stormtroopers guarding the Galactic Empire!

Star Wars Breakfast Fun

Will you join the Dark Side?

Cost: $49.99 Adult; $31.99 Child or Two Disney Dining Plan Entitlements per person

Please note that characters, menu items, pricing, and hours are subject to change. These will be popular so we recommend dialing (407) 939-5277 or making online reservations at lightspeed.

Are you planning on attending a Stars Wars Weekend? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Rach says

    As of 9AM on Dec 3rd the website is taking bookings from May the 4th (Be with you! ;-) ) through June 1st. So they are starting the meals before the weekends.

  2. Isela Guzman says

    Booked the breakfast!

    Will the “feel the force” dining package be offered this year?

  3. Casey says

    Looks like you can’t use dining plan meals towards this unless you have premium or platinum. When I tried to book it it said it didn’t take my deluxe dining. :(

  4. Mandi says

    I am not even a huge Star Wars fan but I just loved the buffet at H&V so much that when this was announced for last year I figured I’d give it a try. I had so much fun with the characters as well as all of the special desserts. It is quite pricey, I agree, but where else would you be able to do such a thing? And also, add in the convenience of the reserved seating for Fantasmic! and it really is worth it

  5. Matt says

    My son and I will be there the first weekend. It will be our first time at Star Wars Weekend. Right now he doesn’t know the two of us are going.

    I have my TA making both meal reservations today, dinner on Friday and breakfast on Sunday. I will also do the Feel the Force package if offered. Going to go all out for this!

  6. Eric says

    You can use the dining plan. I just booked using the deluxe dining plan. It just takes 2 credits per person. They still require a credit card to book though.

  7. Isela says

    Try booking online! I tried on the phone and tey were showing everything as full and then I went online and everything was open!

  8. Kara says

    I am thrilled that I was able to book both the dinner and breakfast SW character meals for our May trip!! This is our second trip, so the kids have been helping me plan but I haven’t told them that it will be SWW while we are there!!! Had to sneak in some sort of surprise and my kids are obsessed with anything Star Wars! I, too, was able to book with my dining plan.

  9. Karen says

    got breakfast on 5th May – can’t wait! We’ll be there on the first Saturday weekend too, just before we fly home. A bit of planning and some luck thrown in for our first Star Wars weekend.

  10. Jackie says

    AJ-will the breakfast @ Sci-Fi still be “all you dare to eat”? The food was good & not huge portions to try last year.
    @Cindy-keep trying! People cancel all the time. I just got a Crystal a Palace breakfast after trying for a few months…May the force be with you!

  11. Jo says

    We have got 30th May at 17:05 the Jedi mickey dinner and fantastic package! 2 credits from our deluxe dining plan! It’s a first for us all! Very excited indeed

  12. Casey says

    @Eric Really? When I went through everything it specifically stated Deluxe Dining Plan not accepted. Interesting.

  13. Georgeanne says

    Ridiculously excited to have the Hollywood & Vine dinner booked. Now I’m just wondering if I should talk my family into breakfast too…..

    P.S.- Just booked today, and got my first choice of day and time. Dining plan accepted for two credits, cc required only to secure reservation.

  14. Melissa says

    I have booked both a breakfast and dinner for our trip in June. When I go to the Disney World website and access my reservation details through My Disney Experience it tells me that the 2015 Deluxe Dining Plan is NOT accepted. I have done online chat and spoken on the phone with them and have been told that it is accepted but will take 2 credits. I am still trying to figure out who is wrong. I’m only paying for the Deluxe Dining plan if it is accepted at these meals. Otherwise I will just get the regular dining plan and pay out of pocket for the Star Wars meals. I can’t afford to do both and I’m going to be very upset if I get there and they tell me that the DDP isn’t accepted. Does anyone know for sure if it is???!

  15. Eric says

    The website is wrong. I’ve confirmed it multiple times now with people at Disney. It is two dining credits from the standard or deluxe dining plans. I went to both meals last year too, and that was what it was then as well.

  16. fatcat says

    Thanks for the info. ..any idea when Feel the Force Packages will be available? Are there special SW exclusive FP+ typically offered?

  17. Kristin says

    We will be going the first weekend of SWW for my son’s birthday. We have reservations for dinner at H&V. I’m trying to decide if it makes more sense financially to do the dining plan or pay out of pocket. We are only going fo 2 nights. Any input?

  18. Eric says

    if you’re only there two nights, this will eat up both of your table service credits. It probably makes more sense to just pay out of pocket, if all you’re going to get out of your table service credits is this one meal.

  19. Ty says

    Booked both Star Wars Meals: Dinner on May the 4th (be with you) and Breakfast on May the 17th.

    Wondering if they will have the Dessert Party this year as well??

  20. Keri says

    Anyone hear if they are doing the Dessert Party this year? We didn’t book last year and it looked like a lot of fun. Looking forward to the breakfast again, we had a blast last year!

  21. Sasha says

    Anyone know if they are doing discounts for dvc, or accepting TiW for either/both Star Wars meals?

  22. Jennifer Dalton says

    I just snagged a reservation for dinner for Hollywood and vine on May 21st. I thought it was a mistake because I thought they were only doing Friday, Saturdays and Sundays but I was told they added Thursday May 21 due to popularity. Steep price due to the fact that it is coupled with Fantasmic but it should be fun.

  23. Jennifer Dalton says

    @ Sasha- I called TIW this morning and they said that it is not included because it is a special time there and had it been without Starwars or Fantasmic coupled it would normally be covered.

  24. Paulette says

    I cannot go to Disney in the summer too hot my husband passed out once,need to have the events in the fall /winter.

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