Review: Mickey Caramel Apple at Magic Kingdom’s Big Top Treats

We’re going for an absolutely classic confection today, so get your sweet tooth ready to bite into a Mickey Caramel Apple at Magic Kingdom’s Big Top Treats!

Of course, Caramel Apples at Disney World don’t just come dressed up as Mickey… and they aren’t only available at Big Top Treats, either. Magic Kingdom’s apple spots also include the Main Street Confectionery. And you can find them at other sweet stops like Sweet Spells at Hollywood Studios or Goofy’s Candy Co. in Downtown Disney.

But nothin’ says “Caramel Apple” quite like living life under the Big Top, so that’s where we’re grabbing our apple today! While you just gotta love the classic Mickey Apple, part of the fun of getting any Caramel Apple at Disney World is seeing all the choices up for grabs. Options available vary based on the time of year or nearest holiday. Most recently, Mickey Apples could be found participating in the Wearing o’ the Green for St. Patrick’s Day.

St Patty's Day Mickey Apple

St Patty’s Day Mickey Apple

The Halloween Caramel Apples are particularly noteworthy every year.

Mickey Ghost candy apple

Mickey Ghost candy apple

Poison Candy Apple

Poison Candy Apple

Apples may also be tied to a current Disney film release, or even a previous one. Take, for example, the recent Cinderella Coach Apple celebrating the live-action film release.

Cinderella Coach Apple

Cinderella Coach Apple

Another case in point: the ongoing existence of the Olaf Candy Apple for those who just can’t… ahem… let. it. go.

Olaf Candy Apple

Olaf Candy Apple

So, selecting one is pretty rad. What’s the other fun part? Watching the apples come to “fruition” (see what I did there?) before your eyes. You can almost always find Cast Members creating them, and see the apples in their various stages. They all start as green Granny Smiths.

Granny Smith apples for Candy Apples

Granny Smiths for Candy Apples

After receiving their marshmallow ears and being dipped in caramel and chocolate, the Mickey Apples await their red shorts.

Mickey Apples pre-shorts

Mickey Apples pre-shorts

And though I can’t resist joking about the Olaf Apple, I do think all of that white chocolate looks pretty incredible on the Olafs waiting for their eyes and signature grins.

Olaf Apples in the making

Olaf Apples in the making

Every once in a while you can catch a Caramel Apple sample. But be warned: they offer these for a reason ;) . It’s because they know once you’ve tried even one bite, it’s practically impossible to resist getting an entire apple!

Which is what brings us to this moment: digging into our very own Mickey Caramel Apple.

Mickey Candy Apple

Mickey Candy Apple

You can request, of course, that Cast Members please slice the apple for you for easier chomping. So be sure to get your photo opps in first!

Mickey Apples

Mickey Apples posed for pictures

Notice the marshmallows that were previously “ears” waiting in the to-go carrier :).

Cast Member slicing the apple

Cast Member slicing the apple

You can see how the apple is perfectly sliced for sharing… or not ;) .

Sliced Mickey Apple

Sliced Mickey Apple

The crisp and slightly tart crunch of the apple goes perfectly with the thick layer of gooey, soft caramel. An additional flavor and crunch boost comes from the sugar glitter and jelly beans that make up Mickey’s famous trousers over the outer chocolate shell.

Slices of Mickey Apple

Slices of Mickey Apple

This is everything that anyone could possibly want in a snack: sweet, tart, buttery, crispy, gooey, chocolatey… and cute to boot! There is hardly a dessert descriptor that you can’t use when describing a Disney caramel apple, which is exactly what makes it so perfect.

And, yes, for a “snack” they are a little pricey (decorated apples run around $9.99), but when you consider the artistry, the quality, and the fact that these are a great option for sharing with a friend or even as a family, it is so very worth it.

Enjoying a Disney Caramel Apple is every bit as much a memory in the making as it is a snack. If you’ve never tried one at Disney World, I highly recommend adding one to your “Must-Eat” list on your next Disney vacation!

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Is eating a Caramel Apple part of your Disney vacation memories? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Mandi says

    There is not a Disney trip for me that doesn’t begin with one of these babies…..even if we don’t go to a park on our arrival day, I always find my way to Goofy’s to make my own; however, my all time favorite is from Karamel Kuche….the Apple Pie Apple. Dipped in caramel, dipped in white chocolate, dipped in pie crust crumbs and brown sugar. I am less than a month away from my next one! Hurry up May 3rd!

  2. Marlene says

    Much to our surprise, we actually liked the Main Street Confectionery caramel apple better than the one from Karamell-Küche in Epcot at least for the “plain” caramel dipped apple!
    (and it was about $1 little less expensive, too)
    If you have an Annual Pass, we also got a 10% discount in the Confectionery.
    We did not get any discount in Karamell-Küche.

  3. Brenda Kim says

    I love these!!! I always at least once, sometimes twice get one for breakfast. It’s a balanced breakfast right? Apples and milk in the chocolate. I mean it is practically a health food. My favorite is the Minnie Apple. Well worth the $9.99 price tag, which not all that expensive for breakfast for two people. The tip about having the helpful cast member cut the apple into slices is the best way to go, easier to share and way easier to eat.

  4. Joni says

    These are SO cute I love walking by the Candy Cauldron at DTN Disney and seeing all the festive apples. Actually I have never eaten one because I usually have just eaten and am stuffed but maybe this Dec. when I take my granddaughter this year… we will have to try one or two :) I have even bought one of those apple cutters to take with so I can take photo’s of my apple then cut it my self.

  5. Jan says

    This article just provided me with the one bit of information I need to try a candy apple.

    Granny Smith!

    So many other places use sweet or bland apples to make their candy apples that I had given up on them everywhere. But Granny Smiths have flavor and a little bite and would work wonderfully with candy. So next WDW visit I’ll be getting a candy apple!

  6. Marlene says

    If you are going to eat your apple right away, the option to have it cut for you is terrific.
    If you are taking it with you for much later in the day (or back to your room), you might want to wait and cut it when you are going to eat it!
    We found out the hard way that even with a refrigerator, they are best eaten within about 24 hours ;) – not 48 hours:(

  7. Angelina says

    As a candy apple expert ;) (no really, I worked in a chocolate store) i can tell you that granny smith apples are by far, better to work with not only because they are a sturdy apple that can hold up to the hot caramel and a barrage of treats loaded on top of it, but because you have more room with what sugary goodness can be put on top if you start with a tarter apple.

  8. Evelynn says

    We get at least 2 apples every time we go. M&M for the kids, plain old for the adults! Haha

  9. Hannah says

    As cute as they are, I have never tried these…even after many Disney trips. NOW…knowing they will cut them for you, I am much more likely to try one. IF, as Joni states, I am not too stuffed from somewhere else.

  10. Mary says

    We always spend our first day in Downtown Disney and always create our own caramel apple at Goofy’s Candy Company. Sometimes we have them slice it and sometimes we do it ourselves at our resort….depending on how stuff we are.

  11. JoAnn says

    Last December while walking through Big Top they gave us a sample of the Mickey Apple!
    OMG. Sooo rich that I don’t think I could have eaten more than the sample!

  12. says

    Stefanie — While some of the basic caramel apples that you’ll find around WDW are now available as a snack credit, we haven’t seen the character apples, which tend to be a little more expensive, available as a snack credit yet.

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