First Look! Amphicar Tours at The Boathouse in Disney World’s Disney Springs (and Reservations Now Available!)

Downtown Disney’s newest eatery, The Boathouse, is set to begin soft openings this Monday, April 13th!

The Boathouse as seen from the water view

The Boathouse Back Porch

We’d love to give you a sneak peek — thanks to our great friend, MealTrip — at some of the fun from a recent invite-only dress rehearsal for the spot, featuring the highly anticipated Amphicars that will be a part of the entertainment at this unique establishment.

The Boathouse outdoor seating

The Boathouse outdoor seating

Check this out!! It took me a couple of minutes to realize I was actually looking at a CAR in the WATER!!!!

Amphicar in practice

Amphicar in practice

The Captains appeared to be having a blast giving them a go. How much fun are these?!?



Yep. Seriously. A car.

Pulling in the Ampicar

Pulling in the Ampicar

Once available, Amphicar Tours are rumored to cost $100 for a 20 minute ride around the lake, taking in the sights of what will someday be Disney Springs.

Amphicar closeup

Amphicar closeup

As far as dining during the soft open period, The Boathouse will accept walk-ups only beginning April 13th and — as typical for soft openings — reserves the right to

close at any given time to accommodate further construction as needed. But, if you’re looking for a guaranteed seat, you can now make a reservation via for dates beginning May 15th! (Currently, you cannot make Advance Dining Reservations for The Boathouse through the Disney World website.)

We can’t wait to bring your more of the latest news! Until then, keep on cruising!

Would you like to cruise around in an Amphicar? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Essie says

    Yes, that is a lot of money, but it’s novel an I’ll bet that a lot of people will be glad to line up for the fun of experiencing it (although I won’t be one of them)!

  2. Georgeanne says

    This is definite something my family would consider as a fun vacation splurge. On another note, I just read that the Boathouse is owned by Gibson restaurant group. This is a game changer for Disney restaurants. I am sure that dinner will be worth every penny and can’t wait to visit on a future trip.

  3. says

    @Kimberly – Sure thing… that would be at… … the reason it may not be showing up, is because the first available date for reservations is May 15th. The system may not “see” the restaurant unless you select that date (or a date after that) to specifically search for.

  4. Elaine Smith says

    I happen to have one. Needs repair though. BUT our family always had fun freaking everyone out as we drove down the boat ramp and “swam” off.

  5. Daniel says

    Why pay $100 for 20 minutes when you can ride the ferryboat for free, and on the same stretch of water?
    Plus, looking at the menu for the restaurant the boats are not the only thing that’s over priced.

  6. Ashley says

    I’m trying to make a reservation for Mon., May 25 but it’s saying there are no reservations for that day. How is that possible when reservations just opened up??

  7. says

    @Ashley – That’s a really interesting thing that you have discovered! It looks like May 25th is the only day in the OpenTable system that doesn’t have any times available. My guess is, one of three things… it could be a glitch in the system… it could be a media day (and therefore the restaurant is closed to the public)… or it could be closed for construction purposes. There is still a lot of construction going on in and around The Boathouse’s general area, so if they had to cut power or water for some reason to that area, the restaurant could not remain open to the public. I’m pretty sure it’s not because it’s booked solid though… there are times available on most other days. I wish I had more info… but hopefully you might be able to go on a different day?

  8. Tami says

    These are super cute!! How do you “reserve” a ride in the amphicar? Is it something you would do in advance or on the day of your dining with a server?

  9. CraigInPA says

    $100 per person for the Amphicar would be beyond my budget. But, if that was for up to 3 people, I’d definitely get in line for that…

    The cost of a restored Amphicar is over $50k. If you are offering a ferry or tour service, you also need to have a regular coast guard inspection and a licensed skipper. And, consider the maintenance on these cars, which were built 50+ years ago… None of that comes cheap.

  10. says

    Hey folks. I was at the test nights on the 9th. This restaurant is something special. It’s expensive but worth every penny.

  11. Amphi captn says

    Getting a ride in an Amphicar is a very rare thing these days unless you happen to be close to where a swim in is happening, then everyone gets a free ride! Its a unique experience that you will remember forever! You might even get hooked and have to have one of these special cars! I have owned one for 9 years and it still doesn’t feel right driving it down the ramp into the water! With the costs involved with buying, restoring and maintaining an Amphicar today $100 for a 20 minute ride is a bargain!

  12. Greg says

    While I can appreciate the expense to refurb an Amphicar, and how enthusiasts marvel about them. I don’t see a 20 minute ride being worth $100 (for 3). I will enjoy watching others in them but I’ll spend the $100 bucks on dining, or at least a down payment on it :-)

  13. Billie says

    Will there be a Disney photographer there to take pictures? For a $100.00 I would want a picture!

  14. April says

    A 20 min ride for $100 is just over my budget and I can’t justify spending that much money on a boat ride. Disney has become too expensive and I am afraid Disney will soon be for people with deep pocket only.

  15. Monica says

    I tried to make reservations on Open Table for June 2nd and was given the message “online reservations are not available for this date at this restaurant.” To test it, I decreased my party size to 4 and attempted to make them every day after May 15th up to June 30th, and it is telling me the same thing for all of them. Surely all these days are not booked up… Could they possibly not be taking the reservations anymore?? Any insight? I see where on April 12th you said there were times available on most other days, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore…

  16. Jim Japczyk says

    I thought that reservations can’t be made until after May 15th. That’s how I read it, but I could be totally wrong (that has happened many times before).

  17. Stephanie bond says

    We just returned for WDW! The new Boathouse restaurant area and amphicars are absolutely fantastic! The boats on display are beautiful works of art. The price was not per person, it was $150 for 30 minutes on the water. We plan on trying it next time we return in about 6 months and we’ll inquire about any passholder discounts that may be available.

  18. Cat says

    Thanks for the update Stephanie! We’ll be there in July, and I think we could swing $150 for the amphicar ride, but hopefully they’ll offer DVC discount by then.

  19. Laurisa says

    I’m a little confused…we’ve never been to Disney World…is this apmhicar something we can take to the main park instead of a ferry? Also, we’d only be intrested if a Disney photographer would take our picture…is that available ?

  20. says

    Laurisa — I’m not sure about photographs, but to answer your question about the amphicar, you can’t take one to the parks. The amphicar tours basically cover the lake right there behind the restaurant at Disney Springs. Hope this helps.

  21. Stephanie says

    Hi Laurisa…no the amphicars are not going to transport you to any specific park location. They are leisurely optional rides (like renting a surrey bike, riding in the Characters in Flight hot air balloon or like renting watercraft at the Contemporary Resort) all things that add to your trip and are optional enhancements. I’m so excited for you that it’s your 1st visit! I’m sure that if you really wanted to have a photographer present that wdw could arrange it, but PhotoPass photographers are not usually in that location.

  22. Martha myers says

    As a little girl I always looked at cAR books with my dad. There was a pic of an amphicars in the book and I was always mesmerized by it. I would love to take a ride in one of these cars and would be more than willing to pay $100. I hope I get to do it soon.

  23. Katherina C says

    Hi – I would love to hire a car and reserve this for later in the year but only see to be able to book a table not a car tour (we have already booked the Rex Restaurant for a lil boy who loves his dinosaurs). Is it possible to just book the boat tour??? Also I know it says 3 guests but is 2 adults and 2 young children possible?? Thank You in advance and look forward to hearing from you!!!


  24. says

    Katherina — You can give Boathouse a call at (407) 939-2628. They should be able to assist you and answer any questions that you have.

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