Guest Review: Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Party

UPDATE: A NEW VERSION of the Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party debuts on Sunday, July 5th, at Magic Kingdom.


It will be very similar to the Tomorrowland Terrace event featured in this post when it comes to views of the fireworks and dessert options, but this new event will include reserved seats, a sparkling cider toast, and a few new menu items (chocolate-dipped strawberries, chocolate mousse, ice cream, seasonal fruit, cheese assortments, Disney character cupcakes, hot chocolate, and signature lemonades). The price for the new dessert party is $49 for adults, and $29 for children with tax included.

Welcome guest reviewer, Liz Jostes , as she treats us to a review of the Magic Kingdom’s Fireworks Dessert Party. This fun Walt Disney World event takes place at the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant.

The Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party is held at the Magic Kingdom during the Wishes fireworks show. It is a “hard-ticket event”, meaning there is an additional cost to attend the dessert party and seats are limited.

Tickets for the dessert party can now be purchased at the 180 day mark along with your other Advance Dining Reservations. The dessert party begins about an hour before Wishes, and is held at Tomorrowland Terrace. Table assignments are made at the time of booking, which is nice because you don’t have to worry about checking in to the party as soon as it opens that evening. Your table is there waiting for you, whenever it is that you arrive!


You can get to Tomorrowland Terrace from Main Street (by walking past The Plaza Restaurant) or from Tomorrowland near Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.


There were a few PhotoPass photographers set up near the entrance to the party, which makes for a great opportunity for an evening photo with the lighted castle as the backdrop.

We waited in line for a few minutes before being seated. Each pre-assigned table had the last name of the party and the number of guests. Our hostess explained to us how the party worked, then told us to head over to the dessert area to choose what we wanted. She took our stroller from us and parked it with the other strollers as we made our way to the desserts.

Reserved Seating

Reserved Seating


There were 2 lines for desserts, with the cold drink station and ice cream sundae bar in the middle, and the coffee station across from that. The desserts were the same in either line, so it didn’t matter which line you got into. The desserts were unlimited, and you could go back as many times as you’d like.

Ice Cream Sundae Station

Ice Cream Sundae Station

Unfortunately, none of the desserts were labeled so we had to guess what may be inside each one. We grabbed what looked good to us and figured we’d give them a taste. You can tell from the photos that most of the trays of desserts were in need of being refilled when we were going through the line.



More desserts

More desserts



Dipped in chocolate

Banana Puffs Dipped in chocolate

Chocolate Boats

Chocolate Boats



My dessert selections

My dessert selections

I wish I could say that the desserts were wonderful, but I can’t. A couple things were truly wonderful (like the cannoli), but all in all, we were underwhelmed with most of what we tried. I’ve had much better desserts and sweet treats throughout the parks. (I’d definitely choose Main Street Confectionery over almost anything we tried at the dessert party.)

As we were finishing up our desserts and enjoying our coffee (and the comfortable chair!), we prepared to watch the castle projection show and the fireworks. The view from Tomorrowland Terrace is a good one, albeit somewhat off-center from the castle. You will have a good view of the castle projection show and Wishes, and you will get an amazing view of Tinkerbell, who flies right over your head!

Castle Projection Show

Castle Projection Show

Your hostess tells you when you are seated that chairs are not allowed to be pulled up to the railing during Wishes. We were in the back row of tables, and could see fine from our seats. Our kids wanted to stand at the railing (standing is allowed) to get a better view, so my husband and I joined them there. We stood off to the side so as not to obstruct anyone’s view. One very nice thing about the dessert party is how un-crowded it is. You have plenty of space to move around, which is a lot different than the experience you’d otherwise have standing in the crowd on Main Street.

Waiting for fireworks

Waiting for fireworks

We watched Wishes, oohed and aahed at the fireworks and drank our coffee.

Fireworks View!

Fireworks View!

Magic Kingdom fireworks

Magic Kingdom fireworks

When the show was over, we exited onto Main Street.


Even though we didn’t care for many of the desserts, my husband and I both agree that the party was worth not having to stake out our spot in advance or deal with the crowds of people watching the fireworks along Main Street. We felt much more relaxed and enjoyed our evening fireworks show more being at the dessert party and would definitely buy tickets again to attend.

Liz is a blogger, marketer and social media consultant who has been bitten by the Disney bug. She and her family are soon set to complete a visit to Disney World, Disneyland, and a Disney cruise in a 12 month period.

Share your dessert party experiences! What was your favorite dessert? Chime in!


  1. Mike V says

    Thanks for your review….glad you thought it was worth it.
    Myself I would not even try to experience to see if it’s worth it.
    I cannot imagine (husband wife and 2 girls) forking out more than $150 for some desserts (that you mention were underwhelming) and a reserved spot off center to see fireworks.
    Good for those that give it a try, but Disney out priced me on this one.
    Not even some adult drinks??

  2. NancyB says

    Although it’s been a couple of years since I did the MK dessert party, this review is in line with my memory of the food quality as well. (It was also my feeling about the Frozen Summer Fun dessert party last summer.) Mid-quality desserts not particularly well done, tart crusts too hard and lacking taste, fruit quality not consistent, and generally nothing really premium. You’re paying mostly for that spot with a reserved view (remember the Tomorrowland Terrace overhang will obstruct some of the view if you’re not at the rail) and all-you-can-eat OK desserts.

  3. says

    Mike V — The review is of the current event, which is priced lower (I think 1/2) of what the upcoming Wishes Dessert Party will be priced at ($49/adult). So, while we don’t know if that version will be worth the increased cost, I do believe that the one reviewed above was priced lower. HOpe that helps and isn’t too confusing! ;-D

  4. Allison says

    We went to the dessert party last Jan. It would have been worth the (old) price to me, even if it were just ice cream and soft drinks. I get really claustrophobic in crowds–especially ones that are standing still. Having this view without feeling the pressure of staking a spot & having some literal breathing room was worth the price. The delight my children felt at “all they could eat desert” was just icing on the cake (pun completely intended).

  5. MeLissa says

    We attended the dessert party in January (at the “old” price). We thought it was worth the price, for many of the reasons listed-no crowds, room to move, Tink, and in our case, shelter! It was pouring, but we were nice and dry. The only dessert offering that appealed to me was the chocolate covered strawberries. Everything else was basic buffet desserts.
    One tip that I would add is this: don’t rush, don’t wait in the big initial “get it before it runs out” line. The castmembers refilled all desserts for the duration of the party. Grab a coffee, hang out and after about 15 minutes, walk right up and fill a plate…with the strawberries.

  6. says

    This review of current event (named the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party) runs between $25.99 and $29.99 per adult, plus tax… depending on whether the night you want to go on, is in a “holiday pricing” period, or not. All remaining dates are booked out, but you never know… there may be a cancelation here and there if you want to go.

    The new event (beginning July 5th and called the Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party) is priced at $49.99 per adult, plus tax… and is (drum roll please), already booked solid for the next 180 days. The price increase, it seems, has not effected demand for the event. We’re all still patiently waiting to find out if the new sparkling cider is of the “adult” variety or not.

  7. Holly says

    This was one of the best experiences of our last trip (November 2014). We almost cancelled this while on our trip and I am so glad we chose to keep our reservation. I travelled with both of my parents (my mom had just had knee surgery in July) they loved that we could have coffee and sit down. Perfect view (one of the front tables) my mom chose to sit throughout the castle show and fireworks to rest. I stood at the rails to get some pictures. So wonderful to not be jostled while taking photographs or have an adult try and stick their kid in front of you after you held a spot for over an hour waiting for the show. Yes, the desserts weren’t the greatest I have ever had (we did have chocolate dipped strawberries though – there are delicious things and I feel like everyone would enjoy something). We asked the cast members what each item was and they were happy to tell you and recommend items. I would do it all again for the following reasons: Save time (table is reserved for you), ability to sit down (helpful when traveling with multi-generations), Ability to hear (the music and show are piped in – you can hear very clearly), and Ability to see everything including Tinkerbell. I will continue to reserve this experience for all of our trips in the future as Wishes is our favorite fireworks show. I realize that this could be considered expensive but everyone makes different choices with their money and the type of vacation they want to have.

  8. Jennifer says

    We have reservations for August. We are looking forward to being a little more relaxed while watching Wishes.

  9. Keith says

    How do I get into the dessert area to watch the fireworks ? Is there a waiting list?

  10. Sandra says

    Mealtrip, I sadly doubt they will be offering alcoholic cider (which in my experience is not really fizzy) at the dessert party since they only offer adult beverages at BOG–and only at dinnertime there. I have several bottles of sparkling cider in my fridge and that’s what we use for celebrations (very tasty, and we don’t miss the alcohol) so everyone of whatever age can toast.

    We did this dessert party the first year, and I was surprised that my husband was willing to spend almost $80 for the three of us. My husband and son are on the autism spectrum and crowds are problematic for them both. We enjoyed the desserts (the trays at ours were labeled unless it was obvious, like fruit), especially the little crème brulet pots and mini-fruit tarts. We had done a late lunch so we were ready for food, and enjoyed filling a couple of plates with goodies to go with our coffee. A Photopass photographer was present and took a nice picture of our son with the Castle in the background. Even though people stood up to watch, we still had a nice view–and having Tink fly overhead is something my son must do each trip. I don’t know that we would pay the new price, as my husband is now on a very restricted diet, but for us, it was definitely a good experience.

  11. Ashley says

    Back before they started doing the dessert parties, this used to be our favorite spot to watch the fireworks. We’d grab supper at the restaurant about an hour before the fireworks started and just hang out at the table waiting for the show. The cover was especially nice if it was raining. However, my family definitely would not be willing to pay that much for the dessert party (especially the new higher rates). It’s just not worth it to us as we can find lots of good spots to view the fireworks.

  12. Holly says

    Keith it is a hard reservation which can be made 180 days out by calling the Disney Dining line.

  13. Lisa says

    My husband and I were severely disappointed in the dessert party especially after having used this review to make our decision. The view of the castle is obstructed by trees and the lights are not dimmed. In addition, there are so many people crammed into the area that you have to ask people to move to get out. Forget about seeing celebrate the magic. Save your money and get a wishes fast pass. The view is mug better and it’s free.

  14. Michelle says

    I was very disappointed in the Wishes Dessert Cruise. My husband and I booked it as a nice evening out. I asked about what they would have for food because I am gluten free and they said it would be no problem. I was given a bag with a cookie and a brownie in it which was disappointing. There were kids running around everywhere on the boat screaming and yelling. The photographer on the boat was focused on one family that had some really bratty kids and wound them up even more. It was pouring rain and just overall not an enjoyable experience for the money.

  15. Debbie shultz says

    Is the wishes dessert party still available to purchase? I will be at Disney in Nov and want to attend but it shows all dessert party’s are no longer available.

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