News! The Orange Bird Returns to Magic Kingdom — With SUPER Limited Time Merchandise

As you may know, there was a little switch-up in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland a few months ago: Aloha Isle (home of the Dole Whip) and Sunshine Tree Terrace (Citrus Swirl haven) changed places to accommodate construction — it is widely believed — for an upcoming Jungle Cruise-themed restaurant.

New Sunshine Tree Terrace location

New Sunshine Tree Terrace location

On the day the “new” locations opened, however, there was one obvious thing missing: the Orange Bird could not be found at Sunshine Tree Terrace (to learn a little more about the Orange Bird’s long Adventureland history, check out the video in this post!).

Disney assured fans, thankfully, of his impending return, and it seems it has now come to pass. The original Orange Bird figurine returned today — Friday, May 29th — to Sunshine Tree Terrace (and he is going to be honored on the location’s sign as well).

Welcome back, Orange Bird!

Welcome back, Orange Bird!

To celebrate his homecoming, the Disney Parks online store is selling a LIMITED RUN t-shirt and poster featuring our little orange pal! Through June 4 only, this Orange Bird T-shirt will be available in an Adult and Youth size:



A print featuring the same design is up for grabs, and so is

an Art on Demand canvas wrap.



Just a few ways to say, “Welcome Back” once more to the little Orange Bird! Have a great day, and remember to “Think Orange Thoughts!”

Are you glad the Orange Bird has returned to Sunshine Tree Terrace? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Sandra says

    A year or so ago I bought an antenna topper of him at the Art of Animation shop. I think I finally may be getting over associating him with Anita Bryant and her crusade against gay people. He’s certainly a cheerful and appropriate symbol for the Sunshine Tree Terrace.

  2. Missy says

    I wish they would bring back the Orange Slush, along with Orange Bird! My favorite drink!

  3. Linda Jacklin says

    When I was 14 , my first visit to Florida included a stop at the welcome centre where we were greeted by Orange bird ! 20 years later a trip with my young daughter and I found old orange bird merchandise at a fruit stand on a dusty old shelf still at the original prices !!!! I got a couple of yo-yos , a few banks and some jewellery :) A few weeks ago my husband and I returned to Epcot and I was almost in tears when I saw my old friend Orange Bird :) I bought two bowls and a lunch plate and one of your cast members gave me her personal Orange Bird pin ! I enjoy his bright happy face everyday with my breakfast ! Thank you for returning this adorable character to us !

  4. Sue says

    Love,love,love adorable Orange Bird! I have a mug, bowl, ceramic figurine, Magic Band, kitchen towel and salt and pepper shakers. Can’t get enough of the little guy. Glad he’s back and the shirt and poster are musts.

  5. Kathy says

    Absolutely am pleased with “orange bird’s” return, traditions are good Disney should remember that!

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