News: Disney World Plastic Cheese Sauce Removed From Condiment Bars

Say it ain’t so…

Plastic Cheese dispenser

Plastic Cheese dispenser

Seriously? My beloved PLASTIC CHEESE (otherwise known as “Hot Cheese Sauce,” but whatever…) will no longer be offered on Disney World Counter Service restaurant condiment bars?!

As much as it pains me to say it, it DOES

look like the rumors are true. At least for now.

Onion Rings and Plastic Cheese

Onion Rings and Plastic Cheese


We got word of confirmation from DFB readers Michelle Layfield and Disneyfied Ash via twitter early this afternoon that the cheese vats are empty at Cosmic Ray’s and Casey’s. We haven’t double checked yet, but we’re guessing it’s also gone at Pecos Bill’s and other counter-service locations around Walt Disney World.

Empty Plastic Cheese Container

Empty Plastic Cheese Container at Casey’s Corner

We did find out, however, that the plastic cheese IS available behind the counter, so you can ask for it. But I’m not sure if that’s a long-term option, or just until the current stock of cheese runs out.

Dipping French Fry in Plastic Cheese!

Dipping French Fry in Plastic Cheese!

Here’s the deal: you may still see plastic cheese in some spots here and there… for now. But word on the street is, “When it’s gone, it’s gone.” One of our readers was told by a cast member that it was taken away because it was so messy, but other rumors have it connected to the plastic cheese lawsuit that occurred a few years ago.

Maybe the truth will come out at some point, but in the meantime, I’m drowning my sorrows in a side of Vintage Irish Cheese and Bacon Dip over at Cookes of Dublin if you’d like to join me. ;-D

We’ll keep an eye on the situation and let you know if there’s any change. Don’t forget to take a peek at some of our other favorite extinct Disney food here!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Plastic Cheese! Loved it? Hated it? Let us know in the comments below! 


  1. Emily says

    They took it away from the pretzel carts in Disneyland a long time ago. I was devastated! They replaced it with pre-packaged name-brand cheese sauce that is super thick because it isn’t warmed up. Not nearly as tasty or convenient to swipe a pretzel through!

  2. says

    No!!!! They actually did this once before; all the free-flowin’ cheese (as we call it) was removed. It was gone for a few months and then it came back. This was a few years ago now. (Possibly around the time of the incident?) It’s weird that it’s going away again now out of nowhere. :(

  3. Kate says

    Any updates on this yet AJ? So gutted that they’ve removed these from the condiment bars! Pecos Bill and Rays won’t be the same! :(

  4. Alan says

    I’ve finally coaxed my wife back in off the window ledge and the screams and multiple use of the word NO have stopped reverberating in my ears, after informing her of this change. I hope things are quieter in AJ’s household. Pretzels without cheese sauce may as well be used for ring toss.

  5. says

    Alan — I THINK the cheese will still be available for the pretzels at the kiosks (the kind that comes pre-packaged in the little containers), but the self-serve cheese sauce at the counter service restaurants is likely gone for good. :-(

  6. Cathleen DeNoia says

    I was at Pecos on July 5 and the cheese isn’t even available behind the counter anymore. The cast member told me the only place you can still get it behind the counter is Casey’s.

  7. Christina says

    Another case of sue-happy idiots ruining it for the rest of us. They might as well stop selling pretzels and nachos altogether because they aren’t any good without HOT cheese.

  8. Christina says

    My daughter burned herself while roasting a hot dog this weekend, I think they should ban campfires and I should sue the campground, and the people who invented fire and sticks.

  9. Heather says

    So devastating… I just learned this fact the hard way … I’m now sitting outside and wondering what am I suppose to dip my French fries in!!! So sad… I’m not have a very magical day

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