Dining in Disneyland: Halloween Time Haunted Mansion Holiday Cake

It’s not often that I venture into the French Market in New Orleans Square.  I don’t even have a good reason for not going, it just doesn’t happen on a regular basis.  But when there is HAUNTED MANSION HOLIDAY CAKE, you make it a priority.

French Market Restaurant

French Market Restaurant

When I arrived at the French Market, there were only 2 pieces of Haunted Mansion cake left!

Haunted Mansion Cake

Haunted Mansion Cake

I scooped one up, obviously the “better looking/centered chocolate one” and headed out to the lovely patio to enjoy it.

Seating at French Market -- doubles as Julep Bar seating

I really had no idea what type of cake this even was. But honestly, it didn’t matter, because the printed chocolate piece on top sold itself.

Chocolate Printed Haunted Mansion Holiday Design

Chocolate Printed Haunted Mansion Holiday Design

The design is made up of mirror images from the Haunted Mansion Holiday attraction.  You’ve got the “Monster” wreaths chomping on the “HMH” text bordered with two bats that are reminiscent of Jack Skellington’s bow tie.

What I really liked about this chocolate piece is that the design was printed directly onto the white chocolate.  It is not one of those printed sugar papers that you find on the krispies rice treats and other desserts that feature images. This one, you can bite right into and it’s just a mini slab of solid white chocolate.

Printed White Chocolate Piece

Printed White Chocolate Piece

As far as the cake goes, I asked the cast member to share the cake’s description with me.  She mentioned that it was more of a brownie than a cake, and that it was layered with caramel.  The cake appears white in the photos  because it’s dusted with powdered sugar.

Chocolate "Cake" Dusted with Powdered Sugar

Chocolate “Cake” Dusted with Powdered Sugar

Once you slice it open though, you can see the thick chocolate cake and its caramel layers.

Dissecting the Cake

Dissecting the Cake

I completely agree with the cast member’s description.  The cake was very brownie-like. It was thick and moist but definitely had a brownie texture.  Those layers of caramel really made for a great flavor combination.  I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but if you throw caramel in the mix, I’m in.

Caramel Layers

Caramel Layers

Overall I think that the Haunted Mansion Holiday Cake is 100% worth a visit to the French Market.  The cake is great and the ambiance of this counter service restaurant can’t be beat.  You can enjoy some nice jazz while admiring the views of the Rivers of America all while eating caramel layered Haunted Mansion themed chocolate cake.  It’s a win, win, win situation!

Have you tried the Haunted Mansion Holiday Cake from the French Market or do you plan to? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Richard says

    You found two pieces? Both times we’ve stopped by they were already gone! The CM did say more were coming later in the evening…

  2. Heather Sievers says

    Richard – It was 11:00 (opening time) and still only two left. I guess they go quick!

  3. Michele says

    Hahaha my first thought when I saw the picture of the cakes was “I hope she picked the one with the centered image!” ;) So sad I didn’t try this last month!!

  4. Oleg Chaikovsky says

    The top card looks like the tarot cards they handed out in Year 1 of HMH attraction ( I still have mine).

  5. Essie says

    Whoa, lucky those two little kids in the first photo didn’t take those last two pieces of cake! LOL It looks delicious; I would certainly try it if I was there; I love both chocolate and caramel.

  6. Heather Sievers says

    Essie – I went straight for the cake! No one was going to stop me, not even a cute little kid! ; )

  7. Justin says

    If you get the chance to try the 60th anniversary cupcake I cannot recommend it highly enough. The bakery on main street close to the entrance to Adventureland has them. It’s a lemon cupcake with all sorts of various extras. Plus it is large enough for 2 people to enjoy.

  8. says

    Oleg – I thought I recognized it too!

    Justin – It’s on my list, but that blue frosting scares me away every time! I’ll have to take one to go and stain my teeth at home in private! ; )

  9. Heather Sievers says

    Merilee – YES! It’s still there, but the image is a little different. It has Sandy Claus Jack on it. Very cute!

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