News: Modify Your Disney Dining Reservations Online!

Here’s some info for any of you who are well into planning-mode for your next Disney vacation… . The ability to change certain aspects of your Advance Dining Reservations is now an option via your online Disney Account!

Walt Disney World Account Sign In Screenshot

Disney Account Sign In Screenshot

Here’s a look at the process… let’s say you found out you have some friends who will be visiting Disney World at the same time as you, and you would love for them to join you for the breakfast buffet you’ve lined up at Boma in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.



But you’ve already made your reservation! What’s a trip planner to do? Well, in the past, you could dial (407) WDW-DINE and ask to add more people to one of your Advance Dining Reservations (and please know that this option certainly still exists). Or, you could schedule an altogether new reservation online and cancel the standing reservation through your Disney Account.

But now you can streamline the online process: the ability to change your standing reservation is now available through My Disney Experience. You’ll find it listed on the right of your reservation information via your computer (please note: at the time of this writing, this feature is not yet available via the app on your smartphone or tablet).

Reservation Listing Screenshot

Reservation Listing Screenshot

So, what happens when you click “Change Reservation”?

You’ll see that you have the ability to alter the date, time or party size for your Advance Dining Reservation.

Modification Options Screenshot

Modification Options Screenshot

For instance, in our scenario above, you’d need to change your reservation to accommodate four people instead of two. Just select your new party size using the dropdown scroll…

New Party Size Screenshot

New Party Size Screenshot

… and any available times that can accommodate that change will populate on the screen.

Times Available for your Modification

Times Available for your Modification

Take your pick!

Selecting 10:45 AM Screenshot

Selecting 10:45 AM Screenshot

Then enter any requested information. TA-DA! You now have an Advance Dining Reservation for a party of four under your original Advance Dining Reservation confirmation number. No need to make an entirely new reservation at all!

Reservation Changed! Screenshot

Reservation Changed! Screenshot

The updated information now appears under your Dining Reservations on My Disney Experience.

Updated Reservation Listing with Completed Modifications Screenshot

Updated Reservation Listing with Completed Modifications Screenshot

And should you encounter another change of plans, no worries! The Change Reservation option still exists.

So, what do you think? Can you see this option coming in handy as you plan your Disney World or Disneyland vacation?

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Are you glad to have the ability to modify your Advance Dining Reservations online? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Emus says

    I think this is an awesome feature and it will eliminate many headaches from the service when wanting to make a simple change

  2. Brenda says

    Thank you so much for letting us in on this awesome change…I wouldn’t have noticed it on My Disney Experience otherwise! It works beautifully and will certainly be much nicer than the process used to be!

  3. elizabeth says

    Does the dining system hold your original reservation until the new one is confirmed or in case you change your mind and decide not to change the reservation after all ??

  4. Erica says

    Can you also add on that people in your party have food allergies? We didn’t see that section when making the reservation.

  5. says

    Erica — I found the section for dietary special requests when making the reservation, but not when attempting to modify it. It looks like you can only change the basics when you’re modifying an existing reservation — date, time, and number of people. I think adding details to the reservation about allergies will require a call still.

  6. says

    This information is all well and good but there is no mention of what happens when you have to make a change and you have already given a credit card guarantee, which most of the restaurants require. I assume that the policies remain in effect?

  7. vince says

    Still has issues. If you try to decrease party size and the restaurant is booked you can’t modify. What a joke. I’m trying to give back 2 reservations for someone else to use and I now need to call in. Disney IT needs some attention

  8. Liam says

    So if I made a reservation and need to change it last minute to next week which I did and everything was changed…and now there is a slight chance my party wants to cancel it. Will I still be charged penalty fee because the original reservation was pretty much on same day or within 48 hours that it was changed? Thanks.

  9. says

    Liam — I don’t think so. I think the new 24 hour period would apply. But for confirmation, I’d call 407 WDW DINE. At the very least, you could bump the advance dining reservation out again, and then cancel it, most likely.

  10. BETH says

    If you change reservations less than one day before your visit, do you get charged the cancellation fee, or do you get a reprieve since you’ve made a new Disney reservation?

  11. DFB Sarah says

    Beth, if you cancel the day of your ADR (or just don’t show up), there is a charge. If you change your reservation — even the day of –, there should not be a charge.

  12. Jessica says

    Do you need to have the other party’s reservation linked to yours in order to do this? Or can I just book something for 9 people when I only six of us are on my reservation? Do I somehow have to show who those other three people are? Thanks!

  13. DFB Sarah says

    Jessica, you can make your reservation for nine, no proof of diners necessary. :) Have fun!

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