Review: Corn Dog Nugget Meal Now Available at Casey’s Corner in Disney World

With the baseball season recently starting, there is no better place to get into the spirit of the season than Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom!

Casey’s Corner is one of our favorite stops for a quick meal or a snack anytime of the day. And while we love their specialty hotdogs, I’ve always been a huge fan of their Corn Dog Nuggets as well. And I know there are many of you who are fans.

On a recent visit, we noticed a switch-up on the menu that we couldn’t wait to share.

Corn Dog Nugget Meal at Casey’s Corner

There’s plenty of good news to share here. Both the Chili-Cheese Hot Dog and the Barbecue Slaw Dog are still available. And now, they come in two versions — regular, or foot long!

Of course, you can also still get the Hot Dog Meal, which comes with a plain dog that you can top anyway you’d like from Casey’s Plastic Cheese-less fixings bar. (Yep. It’s still not back. Sigh.)

But what really caught my eye was the new Corn Dog Nugget Meal. Sweet.

Updated Casey's Corner Menu

Updated Casey’s Corner Menu

Previously, the fan favorite snack was only offered as a side item. Now these little nuggets are officially a meal option!

Corn Dog Nugget Meal

Corn Dog Nugget Meal

The Corn Dog Nugget Meal, like the other meals, comes with an option of Apple Slices or French Fries. When it comes to hot dogs, french fries for me are the go-to!

I always love the fries at Casey’s. Recently they have become thinner, but they are always fresh and hot.

Casey's Corner French Fries

Casey’s Corner French Fries

In the meal you get 10 Corn Dog Nuggets, and they are exactly the same as they’ve always been.

Corn Dog Nuggets!

Corn Dog Nuggets!

Although they aren’t served as a side anymore, they’re delivered to you in paper boats, which still makes them easy to eat as you stroll.

Corn Dog Nugget Cross-Section

Corn Dog Nugget Cross-Section

Casey’s Corn Dog Nuggets have always been a favorite of mine. And I usually ordered a side of fries to make a meal from them. So for me, this is a great fit! Besides, you can never beat this view. :-)

Corn Dog Nuggets and the Castle!

Corn Dog Nuggets and the Castle!

But there is a slight downside to this consolidation: now that the corn dog nuggets are served as a meal, french fries are no longer offered as a stand-alone side on the menu. Though, if you really want them, I’ll bet you can get them as an off-the-menu item. Just ask.

And FYI — it appears that the Polish Sausage Meal has been replaced by the Corn Dog Nuggets as an entree option. But the register area does sport this sign:

Polish Sausage Meal Still Available For Now

Polish Sausage Meal Still Available For Now

Unfortunately, from what the Cast Members told me, the Polish Sausage is being phased out. So lovers of the specialty entree may want to make their way over to Casey’s before they are gone for good!

I guess this is a bit of a bummer for those who enjoyed the side option of corn dog nuggets and liked the grab-and-go cup. But as somebody who used to order a side of corn dog nuggets and then a side of french fries, the corn dog nugget meal just makes sense. The paper boats still make them easy enough to grab and sit outside (when you can find a seat) or sit down to watch the parade.

Now let’s hear from you! What is your favorite menu item at Casey’s Corner? Tell us in  comments below!


  1. Carolyn from the UK says

    See, this is EXACTLY what I always used to order too, AJ! I love corn dogs, and can’t get them in the UK, so always make a point of picking up these adorable little nuggets when in WDW. But now I can get them as a meal, ooh! That makes me super-happy!

    Roll on October 2017, which is the next chance I will get to have this meal!

  2. DLM says

    Casey’s Corner is still listed in the Dining Plan guide as a quick service meal for 2016. (L,D) and it still says that they accept the dining plan on the Disney website.

  3. Hannah says

    This looks like a must do for me. I do love corn dogs. I wish they would make some with American cheese instead of hot dogs…they’re even better…but these will totally do.

  4. Essie says

    I like hot dogs, but when we went the food was cold and the CM was so rude. I’ve never gone back.

  5. Paul says

    My 12 year old daughter’s favourite food in WDW bar none.

    They need the same meal at Restaurantasaurus.

  6. kimberley says

    This is just for more money now…. We used to order 1 fry and 3 nugget meals.. so now we have to pay extra money and throw the fries away…… so this makes it also even more unhealthy and wasteful!

    This was a quick snack, not too much fat, but now in order to get them you have to get alot of extra

  7. Ashley says

    I find this disappointing as I preferred the corn dog nuggets without the fries. It was easier to eat walking around in a crowd.

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