First Look and Review: AristoCrepes at Disney Springs

Editor’s Update: Please note, as of November 2016, the Aristocrepes kiosk is transitioning into a seasonal items kiosk that also serves an assortment of sweet crepes. Savory Crepes may instead be found at Amorette’s Patisserie

We have news — and reviews! — of another opening today at Disney Springs. Let’s take a peek at Aristocrepes!

The re-imagined shopping, entertainment, and dining district has wowed us with all of the new dining options so far. From new kiosks like B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co., The Daily Poutine, and YeSake, to counter service options like Morimoto Asia Street Food and D-Luxe Burger we have been uniformly impressed. And Sprinkles Cupcakes and Amorette’s Patisserie are literally the icing on the cake!

Today, we’re pleased to share the final food debut of the first full week that the Town Center district is opened. Let’s check out what there is to enjoy at AristoCrepes.


Looking to try out this brand new spot?

AristoCrepes Sign

AristoCrepes Sign

Look beyond the kiosk across the lake to get your bearings. You’ll see a certain not-very-threatening sea monster made of Legos poking up from the depths. :-)

AristoCrepes Kiosk

AristoCrepes Kiosk

From the other side, you’ll spy Ghirardelli and World of Disney.



This kiosk itself is sort of…well, non-descript. One gets the sense that it could easily be overhauled to make way for a different concept, should crepes prove to be an unpopular offering. However, there are some details that share the story here.



The name, of course, references the Disney animated classic, The Aristocats. And because the story is set in early 20th century Paris, it’s a perfect fit for the French-inspired street food menu here.

This copper facade offers a beautiful outline of Duchess, the regal mother cat in the story.


Detail — Up Close

The copper relief serves as a backdrop to an area where you’ll find napkins and utensils during service.

Utensils and Napkins

Utensils and Napkins

Speaking of service, it’s worth noting that currently, AristoCrepes’ hours are 4:00 PM until 11:00 PM. They are accepting the Disney Dining Quick Service Plan — a meal consists of a Crepe and two Beverages.

Weird, right? But the entree + two beverages thing is what several of these new kiosks are doing since they don’t technically offer desserts or snack options.

Check out the sweet little AristoCrepes logo on the napkin dispenser below, though. You can almost see Toulouse, Marie, and Belioz peeking out at us. :-)

Napkin Dispenser with Logo

Napkin Dispenser with Logo

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated seating for AristoCrepes. However, you’ll find some seating nearby, adjacent to MisMatched.

Nearby Seating

Nearby Seating

There are also a few high-top tables located near B.B. Wolf’s. These appeared overnight after the first day Town Center was open.

Tables Near BB Wolf's

Tables Near BB Wolf’s

Here’s a look inside the kiosk, where staff were preparing to assist their first guests. Check out those beautiful lights! So very French. :-)

Staff Waiting for Customers

Staff Waiting for Customers

Ringing in Our Order

Ringing in Our Order

The team was clearly ready for us! The kitchen was firing on all cylinders from the moment we got there, shortly after 4:00 PM.

Kitchen Area

Kitchen Area

I’m excited to share more with you about our selections this first time out. Let’s get to eating!


The menu offers plenty of variety. Choose from four savory options (including one vegetarian choice) and four sweet crepes.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Menu — Click to Enlarge

But as we have seen with other new Disney Springs locations, there are some interesting beverages as well. At AristoCrepes, you can enjoy Wine on Tap! We first saw this at the last couple of Epcot Food and Wine Festivals. It’s fun to see it as an offering in an everyday spot. Choose from Franciscan Estate Chardonnay or Concannon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.

Beer Taps

Wine Taps

There is also an assortment Beer and Hard Sodas as well as Frozen Cappuccino and Hot Cocoa.

Since the Crepes are made to order, you’ll let them know what you want and pay, and then await your ticket to be called.

Handing Over an Order

Handing Over an Order

Wanna see what we enjoyed during our first visit? I thought you might! (And by the way, we really liked these paper cones. They make both transporting and eating the crepes a snap, especially in light of the fact that there are no nearby tables. They also remind you that crepes are, quintessentially, meant to be eaten as you walk in most instances. This is street food, after all!)

Crepe and Kiosk

Crepe and Kiosk

And here’s the lineup! I mean, you didn’t think we could eat just one, right?!

Crepes From Above

Crepes From Above

All Four Crepes in a Row

All Four Crepes in a Row

But they all deserve their own close ups. So let’s take them one at a time. We’ll start with the Beef Crepe. Here, you’ll find Roast Beef, Horseradish Cream, Pickled Red Onion, Baby Spinach, and Sharp Cheddar.

Beef Crepe

Beef Crepe

The beef isn’t as pink as I’d like, but the fact that it’s thinly shaved makes the combo easy to eat. I loved the zippy horseradish. And I know it may not seem like it at first glance, but there’s a lot of food here. You’ll get full quicker than you’d expect.

Beef Crepe

Beef Crepe — Up Close

But I also decided to give the Salmon Crepe a try. The combo here is Cream Cheese, Capers, Onion, and Everything Bagel Topping.

Salmon Crepe

Salmon Crepe

The flavors were fantastic! It’s a fresh and light option. I did think they need to pull back a little on the Cream Cheese, though. There was way too much for me. Fortunately, the seasoning stood up to it.

Salmon Crepe

Salmon Crepe

Salmon Crepe -- Up Close

Salmon Crepe — Up Close, In the Cone

With two delicious savory options down, it was time for dessert! I decided to start with the S’mores Crepe.  Tucked inside, you’ll find Marshmallow Creme, Chocolate Sauce, and Graham Cracker Crumbs.

S'mores Crepe

S’mores Crepe

It was my favorite sweet option. The graham cracker pieces are nice and big. The marshmallow creme has the texture of a marshmallow, but the creamy consistency makes it a lot easier to eat.

S'mores Crepe

S’mores Crepe — Up Close

The chocolate sauce had a good depth of flavor and a nice texture. It brought down the sweetness just a bit.

S'mores Crepe -- Up Close

S’mores Crepe — Up Close

But we really wanted to try one more option, and something a little more traditional appealed to me. So our last selection was the Strawberry Romanoff.

Strawberries Romanoff Crepe

Strawberry Romanoff Crepe

This light and creamy combo consists of Strawberries, Whipped Cream, Sour Cream, and Sugar. So how could you possibly go wrong?

Strawberries Romanoff Crepe

Strawberry Romanoff Crepe — Up Close

While the S’mores Crepe was my favorite, this was still pretty special.


Whew! We’ve done it! We are officially through the first wave of the final Disney Springs food openings. And personally, I think that AristoCrepes is a wonderful addition to the party.

There are lots of ways to wrap up food and eat it: Tortillas. Nori. Even Bread Cones.

But there is something so…refined. And delicious! About a crepe. And so we expect to enjoy many, many snack stops at Disney Springs’ very own creperie.

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First Look and Review of AristoCrepes at Disney Springs!

Now I want to hear your thoughts! Which crepe will you try when you visit Aristocrepes the first time? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!


  1. says

    Awesome! I’m glad to see Disney paid homage to The Aristocats in the design, and the crepes look great! I can’t wait to try this place out.

  2. Hannah says

    I will totally be there for the Vegetarian Crepe. Has all the ingredients in the Beet salad that is no longer at Sunshine Seasons.

  3. says

    Those all look great! I’ll probably end up with the Banana Crepe since that was my go-to while in France. But I may also get a S’mores, for research of course.

  4. barb says

    OMG….I had the strawberry romanoff crepe last night and it was delicious – full of fillings and flavor. You forgot to mention it has a touch of brandy which must be in the sour cream. I was there around 10pm Sunday night and there was only a couple other people getting crepes. I have a feeling this place is going to get overlooked rather quickly since it’s in front of Rainforest Cafe and not near the new section. I asked if they will have longer hours and they are hoping they will. I would prefer they be open at lunch as the crepes would make a great lunch alternative.

  5. BARB T says

    I do believe that is where we shall be on arrival day in September. I love crepes. When I make Swedish pancakes, we often will turn them into a crepe the next day. My son loves them with my pot roast as the filling. I plan to try the turkey and the key lime cheesecake and wash it down with Not your Father’s Hard Root Beer.

  6. MeLissa says

    I love the crepe cart in Epcot, I can’t wait to try this!
    All of the new tempting offerings at Disney Springs are making it hard to head straight to Earl of Sandwich (that turkey!!). I think we’ll need a day to just explore, and EAT!

  7. Keith says

    Typically…Strawberries Romanoff is prepared by sauteing the berries in brandy/cognac. Is this how these are prepared for the crepe?

  8. Another Kimberly says

    We just tried Salmon, Vegetarian and S’Mores and all were wonderful. We thought we may be able to try all at once, but after reading your review we realized these are not as small as we thought. Very filling! We are going back soon to try the turkey, beef, banana and strawberry. I hope these stay around for a while but like Barb said, I’m afraid the place will be overlooked. I hope people actually try these instead of steering clear because they are too far from the boring norm. I think offering more varied food choices is one of the smartest things Disney is doing right now.

  9. Sharon says

    Had the Keylime Cheesecake Crepe the other night. I was very good.
    Also those high tops during the day in the sun get blazing hot!

  10. Dan says

    Looks delicious! I’m a bit surprised they didn’t have a nutella crepe though. That’s a classic – at least over in France.

  11. Another Kimberly says

    @Dan – They do: Banana, Nutella and Salted Caramel. I’m looking forward to trying it.

  12. Kimberly says

    Hi there : )

    Just a note… the cat in the copper facade image is actually neither Duchess nor Toulouse. It’s actually Berlioz. He’s the one wearing the ribbon bow with the ends trailing. The image pictured also matches the smaller artwork of him used (alongside Marie and Toulouse) on other signage and items at Aristocrepes. : )

    (In all honesty, I think using Duchess for the larger image would have been far more appropriate!)

  13. dwarfplanet says

    That beef crepe just looks really really good, I can’t wait to try it. On the other hand I am just having to much fun pronouncing the place as AristoCreaps, okay come on someone had to say it :-)

  14. marina says

    Just a doubt! Does it worth to use a quick meal for this? I mean is it enough? Thanks!!!

  15. Heather says

    I guess the one of the correct pronunciations is Aristocraps, right? But they don’t look crappy :D

  16. Another Kimberly says

    Now I’ve also tried Strawberry and Turkey. Turkey was an unexpected surprise and is now my favorite. The Dijon and cranberries provided the perfect kick to the turkey and soft brie. Now the only ones I haven’t tried are Key Lime Cheesecake (not a cheesecake fan) and Banana Nutella (they had no bananas that day). But they did put Nutella on my Strawberry crepe for me, because I had paid before they realized their banana situation. It was magnificent. But then, everything’s better with Nutella, isn’t it?

  17. Amanda says

    Are any of these gluten free? Very disappointed if not because buckwheat crepes are easy and gluten free and would be a welcome change from the fact there are very few unique snacks or desserts just Disney that are gluten free (aside from pre packaged choices I could buy anywhere)!

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