Sneak Peek: Take a Look Inside the Upcoming AbracadaBar on Disney’s Boardwalk

Earlier this month, signs for the upcoming AbracadaBar appeared on Disney’s Boardwalk…

AbracadaBar sign

AbracadaBar sign

Though the building itself is still surrounded by construction walls, Disney has provided a small glimpse of the inside.

AbracadaBar Coming to Disney World's Boardwalk

AbracadaBar Coming to Disney World’s Boardwalk

Just a few details, really, but enough to make us even more excited for the opening of this magical cocktail lounge! (By the way, no official opening date has been announced as of yet, but signs currently point to somewhere around August 14th in conjunction with the anticipated reopening of the Flying Fish located right next door.)

The dark wood bar surrounded by walls covered with ornately patterned wallpaper will transport guests back to circa mid-1940s… to the night 70 years ago when a group of Boardwalk magicians, illusionists, and magician’s assistants visiting the social club vanished into thin air, leaving only their magic in the air behind them, which guests will experience when they visit the bar and try the “Enchanting Elixirs” and “Curious Concoctions” that the magicians themselves conjured up in the Golden Age.



Could one of those magicians be Nyokaa (whose “Eyes See No Lies”), as referenced on the framed print on the left?

As expected with any Disney dining spot, it looks like details will abound in the decor, if this next photo is any indication.



So, whaddya think so far? Are you as pumped as I am about this addition to Disney’s Boardwalk?! I’m excited to hear what you think…

Is the AbracadaBar on your list of must-visits when it opens? Please let us know with a comment!



  1. Hannah says

    Nice to have another hangout but another reason to NOT get a Boardwalk view while at the Boardwalk. It gets really loud at Bar closing time. Don’t plan on sleeping through the night.

  2. Lynne says

    I wonder if they will be serving any food at this location-or is it ONLY liquid libations?

  3. Kaz says

    Looks very promising! Will be interesting to see what entertainment they play to offer (both formal and informal – hoping for both, a la Adventurer’s Club)

  4. Linda says

    Can’t wait to check it out…going for Halloween week. We stay at the Boardwalk properties often especially when we come without kids. Jellyrolls and ESPN are always on our itinerary. Can’t wait for this one and I agree with Kaz above lets do the Adventurer’s club but with Magic!!! We both loved Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.

  5. DwarfPlanet says

    If it is just a bar with some stuff on the walls to add theming I will probably go elsewhere.

    If it is along the lines of Trader Sam’s or the Adventurers Club I will probably be there many nights in a row.

  6. says

    DEFINITELY excited for this one! My husband is a vintage/antique magic aficionado and will love this. Quite possibly could become regulars here if it is as lovely as it sounds/looks =)

  7. Gigi says

    Do you think they’ll notice/change the typo in the sign (“Elixers”) before opening?

  8. Jessica says

    Gigi, the spelling of Elixirs on the sign has already been corrected – this is an older photo.

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