News: Handle-Free Refillable Mugs Spotted at Disney World Resorts

We’re coming to you today from Saratoga Springs Resort, where an updated version of the Refillable Resort Mugs has been spotted at The Artist’s Palette (the Counter Service restaurant for Saratoga Springs).

The Artist's Palette Sign

The Artist’s Palette Sign

Now, typically when we talk about updated Refillable Resort Mugs, we’re referring to new graphics on the mug. For instance, the most recent design change took place last October when the artwork on the mugs was updated to depict the Fab Five driving under the famous Walt Disney World entrance gate.

This time, though, the change is not to the graphics, but to the structure of the mug itself… which might be referred to as a cup or tumbler at this point, since the new cups no longer have handles attached.

Handle-free Refillable Resort Mug

Handle-free Refillable Resort Mug

Again, we found this mug at Saratoga Springs; reports vary as to whether or not they’re available at other Resorts at this time.

There is also a limited amount of mugs with handles left at The Artist’s Palette. However, according to a Cast Member we spoke with, all mugs will be strictly handle-free once those are sold out, and it’s anticipated that this will be a change across all Disney World Resorts.

Many guests might enjoy the change, as the cups may now fit easier into things like cup holders in cars or on strollers. Others, though, prefer handles which offer a way to attach the cups to their bags with an added strap or carabiner, or for ease in carrying.

Handle-free Refillable Resort Mug

Handle-free Refillable Resort Mug

But we’re curious to know what YOU think. Though guests participating in the Disney Dining Plan automatically receive the Refillable Mugs as part of the plan, they also remain available for individual purchase for Resort guests not utilizing the Plan.

Refillable Resort Mug Purchase Sign

Refillable Resort Mug Purchase Sign

Would this change affect whether or not you would purchase the mug?

What do you think of the handle-free Refillable Resort Mugs? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. says

    Mugs without handles is the worst idea that I have ever heard of!!! We often take all of the family mugs and refill at one time. How are we to do that without being able to hold onto the handles. Ridiculous!!! BRING BACK THE HANDLES!!!

  2. Linda says

    Stupid and inconvenient, but probably a monetary decision. Cheaper with out handle. Also changed coffee again which is terrible as well going to fake coffee creamer

  3. Mary Flagg says

    This is a terrible idea. The handles are much better as we attach a cord to the handle and it is much easier to carry the mug around the parks. The same goes for carrying hot beverages, the handle makes it much safer to handle.

  4. J says

    I’m at DW right now & was told by a cast member that the mugs with handles WILL be returning due to so many complaints about the new handleless version. BUT they have to sell all the handleless ones FIRST.

  5. Lovemycoupons says

    I hope it is true that they are bringing back the handles! The handles are so much better!

  6. Ron Hedy says

    We just came back from WDW and The Wilderness Lodge was getting new refillable mugs with handles. Great move Disney.

  7. Imboden Irene Sheldon says

    I really wanted one because the handle ones don’t fit into the cup holder in my car and because I have about 50 of the handle ones. I’m so disappointed that I can’t get one.

  8. Jan says

    I left Disney World the first of November, and the handled cups were just starting to be available again…so they ARE there now.

  9. DFB Sarah says

    Patricia, we haven’t seen the handle-less mugs for a while, so it appears the resorts have returned to the mugs with handles.

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