Trend Alert! Supernova Shakes Debut Around Disney World and Orlando

Planet Hollywood Observatory is opening soon at the West Side area of Disney Springs!

And while we don’t yet know the opening date, we do know a few things. For instance, the refurbished restaurant (formerly Planet Hollywood – the “Observatory” part will be unique to Disney Springs) will offer four floors as well as outdoor dining, along with a 4,000 square foot video wall, live entertainment, and the Stargazers bar.

The location also shared that they have partnered with Food Network’s Guy Fieri in creating an exclusive Burger and Sandwich menu for the location. Other new dishes as well as Planet Hollywood favorites will also be available.

And now we know one more thing… Planet Hollywood Observatory will be serving some over-the-top ice cream creations in the form of some super-loaded Supernova Shakes.

Planet Hollywood Observatory construction

Planet Hollywood Observatory construction

Take a look!

@PlanetHollywoodObservatory Facebook

@PlanetHollywoodObservatory Facebook

That right there — starting from the left — appears to be a Strawberry Shake topped with a river of white chocolate and sprinkles. Oh, AND an entire slice of cake! The Chocolate Shake seems to include a whole smorgasbord of candies like mini peanut butter cups, mini M&Ms, and chocolate-covered malt balls while garnishing with a Kit Kat, a wafer straw, and a BROWNIE. If that last shake on the right is Cotton Candy, it’s complemented with gumdrops and chocolate-dipped pretzels, then topped with whipped cream, cotton candy, and a big swirly lollipop.

I think a bit of sugar shock kicked in just while writing that paragraph ;) .

Now, while these shakes are certainly eye-catching, we have spotted similar items before. In fact, these “super-loaded” shakes seem to be a trend in casual restaurant dining at the moment. The upcoming Paddlefish restaurant (also slated to open later this fall) has been providing sneak peeks of their newest creations via their social media accounts. One of the new menu items they’ve shared are shakes that, while not quite as bold as the Supernovas, definitely have some plentiful toppings involved and were also previewed in a similar mason jar serving style.

@paddlefishORL Instagram

@paddlefishORL Instagram

And we’ve heard tell of similar goodies at The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen, the new Willy Wonka-esque restaurant at Universal Studios.

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium Shakes at Universal Studios

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium Shakes at Universal Studios

So, hey, if super-loaded Shakes are the latest trend, I think I’m ALL for it! I’ll be sure to grab an extra spoon (and fork. AND knife!) in case anyone out there is willing to go halfsies with me ;) .

Which Supernova Shake would you try? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Heidi says

    Wow!!! YUMMY!!! I would pick Chocolate!!! The Supernova Shakes look awesome and I would certainly get the chocolate one. However, the Paddlefish shakes seem more reasonable.

  2. Krystal says

    Wow!! That pink shake on the end looks like it could be a “birthday cake” shake, which I would definitely try :) My husband and I really liked Planet Hollywood can’t wait to see the finished revamp :)

  3. Essie says

    Wow, these look like fun! If the cotton candy was pink, I’d try all of them but just once! LOL!

  4. Diane says

    Oh….My….Gosh! Unbelievable!!! I would definitely order one of those. They kind of remind me of the Kitchen Sink over at Beaches & Cream. A must do at least once in your life. I wonder how many people actually finish them including picking off all the candy and chocolate on the outside?

  5. Dana says

    I would try the Oaddlefish or Emporium ones. The supernova looks disgusting to me. But hey, it probably tastes good.

  6. Clare says

    lebeau – while they may be inspired by Toothsome, these sorts of monster ‘freakshakes’ originated in Australia over a year ago and have taken the world by storm.

  7. Sarah says

    As a certified sweet tooth, I have to say the Supernova shakes are a bit much. I guess I can’t get past the idea of the mess that will be caused trying to get through all that stuff and to the milkshake itself while everything melts. The shakes at Paddlefish and Toothsome look more manageable.

  8. Nicole says

    Black tap in NYC does these best. I feel like the Willy Wonka ones should be more over the top.

  9. Rusty says

    How much is too much? The look like a chemical tornado
    No wonder we have a weight problem
    Can’t imagine how much these will cost.

  10. Patricia C says

    I second Nicole, Black Tap in NYC has been doing these for a while now and they’re incredible. I forget the name of the bar, but some bar here in the city also makes a Bloody Mary similar to these, with crazy garnishes. I’d like to see THAT trend make its way down there too!

  11. Jason says

    We had the shakes at Toothsome on our recent trip at the beginning of the month. Between the 3 of us we got the Red Velvet, the Chocolate x5, and the Espresso Buzzz. We all enjoyed them and while they were “over the top” they were manageable with only the cupcake on top of my red velvet being a little tricky (they stab the straw through the cupcake into the shake but then the straw ends up plugged with cupcake so you have to pull it all the way out and clear it from the other end).

    Those Supernova Shakes are WAY too much IMO. That’s just a mess.

  12. says

    Totally!! Hey, Keith, I just tried to email you about another comment, but the email got bounced back because it said your email address doesn’t exist. Can you touch base with me AJ @

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