News: Highway in the Sky (aka Monorail) Dine Around Progressive Dinner Begins December 2nd in Disney World

Who doesn’t love a trip around the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Resorts on the Monorail?

I know I do. And now there’s a new extra ticket dining event you can add to your trip on the Highway in the Sky… the Highway in the Sky Dine Around!

The Wave Entrance

The Wave Entrance

Your evening begins by checking in at The Wave… of American Flavors at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, accompanied with a welcome appetizer and specialty cocktail.

Next stop? Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort for island-inspired spirits and appetizers!

Lighting fixtures hanging over the Polynesian lobby

Lighting fixtures hanging over the Polynesian lobby

“Please stand clear of the doors” as the monorail then brings you to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort for a Chef’s main course selection at Citricos.

Window Seating

Window Seating

The selection will be followed by champagne and artisanal cheeses in the Resort’s lobby.

Finally, the monorail will carry you back to the Contemporary for desserts, cordials, and coffee served on a private patio, as the evening ends with a viewing of the Wishes nighttime fireworks spectacular.

Booking for the Highway in the Sky Dine Around is available online for select Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights beginning December 2nd, and the cost is $150 per guest (plus tax; gratuity is included). Only guests 21 and older may drink alcoholic beverages offered at this event.

What do you think of this newest dining event? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. GrumpyDad4 says

    Sounds like a fun event. Really curious about the food. Can’t determine if worth the expense at this time.

  2. says

    One article that was posted yesterday said this was available through March 2017 but this particular article doesn’t say that. We will be there for my hubby’s bday in May 2017 and I’d love to do this for him as a present. Will it still be available then?

  3. says

    We are very interested in the Highway in the Sky Progressive Dinner. However, we wonder if they give a discount for people who do not drink? Also, do they provide non-alchoholic drinks? It sounds exciting, but not if the non-drinking idea is not answered for people like us.

  4. Lynn Lambert says

    Any tips on how to get a reservation. I have been trying since the day they opened and have not been able to get one.

  5. Axelskater says

    I booked this for January the day it came out – there is no “alcohol – free” price or kids menu. You pay the same regardless of what you have to drink or whether it is an adult or child. I called back yesterday to ask about where the Wishes viewing would be, and in chatting with the CM, I also was told almost every date was already sold out. So looks like the group size is small and they were snatched up quickly.

  6. catherine says

    Sounds like it is a maximum group of 24 and while non-alcoholic beverages can be provided, there is no reduction in price. Nor is there any reduction in price for persons under age 21. They’ll also accommodate allergies. Again no price reduction.

    There are currently a few single spots available on some days but that’s it, it’s all sold out otherwise.

  7. Jenni Hall says

    We joined in with this event on 6th December 2016 and although the food and the idea of the event was lovely, we felt that the alcohol thing was ‘pushed down your throat’ (pardon the pun) a little too much. Overall, this is what happened to us:

    On arrival at the Wave, we were brought cocktails. When we asked for non-alcoholic drinks the waiter seemed surprised and had to go away and make us something (I would have thought soft drinks would be offered alongside the cocktails but hey ho). We were addressed by the chef, who brought us tiny cups of butternut squash soup with truffle as our amuse bouche. After about half an hour, we were escorted to the monorail and taken to the Polynesian.

    At the Polynesian again we were offered rum punch cocktails in tiki glasses. We had to ask again for soft drinks, which were not readily available. The tuna sashimi appetizer was nice, but they seemed to be making a big thing of there being two shots of rum in the drinks and they brought out shot glasses of water at the end, which seemed a bit odd and unnecessary.

    At the Floridian they were excellent, offering sparkling water with the main course of enormous scallops, cauliflower puree and beef short rib. They also offered us non-alcoholic cider with the cheese board. Red and white and sparkling wine were available if you wanted it.

    We then returned to the Contemporary via one of the friendship boats where we sat on the terrace and were presented with little boxes with the Contemporary logo on it and two chocolates inside. We had coffee and watched the fireworks and enjoyed the desserts. Alcoholic drinks were again set up waiting for our arrival.

    Overall, the food was really good (especially at the Floridian) and the staff were friendly and helpful, however we were shocked that we could have potentially consumed 5 or more cocktails (some with two shots) and then gotten into our car and driven back to our hotel. No-one even asked if we were driving and we felt that soft drinks should have been more readily available. This really needs to be given more thought as it turned out an expensive event for the designated drivers among us.

    Hope this helps anyone deciding to join in the event and sorry it was so long :) Jenni x.

  8. Cookie says

    We were unable to book because every spot was already taken. I hope
    they will extend the offering window so more of us can join in.

  9. Sarah says

    Anyone know what date this is offered too? I can see it up through March but nothing further and not sure if this is just that it hasn’t been released yet or isn’t available.

  10. says

    This event has opened up for April, May and June. We booked for May 11. You can reserve for 150.00 per person plus tax but the new price will be 160.00 per person plus tax. Hurry. Really looking forward to this.

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