First Look and Review: Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs

It’s official! We have visited the newly-opened Planet Hollywood Observatory!

We came. We saw. We conquered…And We Were Thoroughly Underwhelmed. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

A major overhaul to the inside, outside, and menu seemed like the perfect excuse to head on back to Planet Hollywood. So armed with a hearty appetite and a couple of friends, I set out for what was a big, faded blue orb, and is now Disney Springs’ newest “old, repurposed” building (Disney Springs is said to be based on a town in the 1920s that grew up around a natural spring — and many of the buildings have been repurposed into shopping and dining venues…so they all look vaguely industrial).

We don’t want give away the last line in this saga, so let’s start from the beginning. (Hint. It wasn’t all bad.) By the way, this is going to be a LONG review, so settle in, my friends!


Have you been to Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney? Then you know exactly where to find Planet Hollywood Observatory. It hasn’t moved. (Oh, and we’re calling it PHO from here on out, K?)

Outside View

Outside View

We walked around the building while the light was still good, just so you could get a sense of how much things have — and haven’t — changed. As you can see, most of the neon, and all of the blue, are gone. Also gone is the sign at the top of the sign. Unfortunately, nothing has replaced it, so the whole thing looks a bit — okay, a LOT — unfinished.

Planet Hollywood -- Another View

Planet Hollywood — Another View (And What’s With the Sign Stump???)

Still, the silver overlay of the “Planet/Observatory” and the brick surround does suggest the new “old” story. If you’re not familiar, lemme explain. Planet Hollywood has acquired a backstory as a result of its attempt to fit into its newly antiquated surroundings in Disney Springs. It is now the former observatory of this quaint old town, but these days, it’s been repurposed as a restaurant. See how that works?


Dome and Store Sign

The new bricked area is handy for more than just transforming the building’s looks. Around the base of the globe, you’ll now find additions, like store carrying branded merchandise.


Planet Hollywood Store


Planet Hollywood Observatory Merchandise

On the other side, Stargazers Bar occupies the open air area around the base of the restaurant and to the left. Stargazers holds an exclusive distinction. More about that in just a sec.

Stargazer Lounge Sign

Stargazers Bar Sign

Above Stargazers, you can see the patio of the upstairs bar as well. There are lovely views that we’ll share a little later on.

Stargazer's Lounge

Stargazers Bar and Outside Seating

From this angle, additional outdoor seating added with the renovation is visible.

Outdoor Bar and Seating

Outdoor Bar and Seating

Back at Stargazers, there is seating available at high top tables. Space heaters keep the area toasty during chilly Florida nights.

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Bar Seating

One of the most striking changes to the structure is visible from the front. Previously, the steps into the globe-shaped building were covered in a red plastic awning. That’s all gone now, and this dignified brick entrance has taken its place.



Step inside, and you find a more refined feel. We loved the ethereal glow of this light feature just inside the main entrance.

Super Cool Lighting

Super Cool Lighting in the Entrance

As you’ve probably guessed by now, you aren’t really here to see heavenly bodies. Not in the sense that you might think. Nope, the “stars” here remain the Hollywood kind. So it’s fitting that there’s a red carpet-worthy photo op as you enter. Pose for the paparazzi (well, just the one camera, actually) and your claim ticket will be delivered to your table.

Planet Hollywood Photo Op Wall

Planet Hollywood Photo Op Wall

Steps up to the main floor, which is really the second floor, are surrounded by this cool bead curtain. (I totally wrote that for my friend, who was all “Ooooh! Look at the pretty beads!”)

Steps to the Upper Seating Area

Steps to the Upper Seating Area (And Super Fun Employees)

At the top of the steps, you’re in this sort of gallery-like area. Walk toward the light and visit the podium to the left. These folks will figure out where you’re going to be sitting.

Top of the Steps

Top of the Steps

Inside the main dining room — the globe, as it were — things are definitely way more subdued than they used to be.

Inside Shots

Spacey Towery Thing

One side of the room is taken up with a large projected screen area that shows music videos (from movies), and also seems to be peering into space. Interspersed with popular music from different genres, we were also treated to lots of Disney favorites, like “Let It Go” and songs from Moana. We were told that once there’s a DJ in place, this screen area will offer unique entertainment. But on our visit, it was pretty much just a big screen saver.

Projection Wall

Projection Wall with Music Videos Playing

Planet Hollywood has always been known for its display of movie memorabilia, and that still holds true. Display cases line the walls, and any trip here should include a quick tour to spy your favorites.

Super Man!


Beetlejuice Props

Beetlejuice Props

Move Memorabilia

The Princess Bride, Y’all!

More Movie Memorabilia

Shawshank Redemption Togs

Bold carpet with spacey sprockets and cogs and stuff grabs your attention as you head to your table. The warm colors are a nice counterpoint to all of the blue lighting.

Carpet Detail

Spacey Carpet Detail

Remember that upstairs bar that you saw earlier? Here it is!

Bar Area

Outside Second Floor Bar Area

And while the bar is nice and all, I think the views are my favorite aspect of it. Gazing on the springs never seems to get old. They really did do a fantastic job with theming.



This shot gives you an idea of the redo as well as the layout. Here, you can see that the second floor is the main seating area, but there’s also seating on the first floor.

Lower Floor Seating

Lower Floor Seating

We were actually seated on the second floor overlooking the first. This isn’t our table — we needed a LOT more space — but you get the idea of the set up.

Balcony Seating

Balcony Seating

And now it’s time to EAT!!!


Whew! We finally make it to the foooood! But not before a few menu photos just for good measure. :-)

The menu here is very big, so I didn’t take shots of every page. I did want to highlight a few interesting things, though.

So, here’s a headscratcher: if you want a Local Florida Craft Beer, you’d better head to Stargazers Bar. According to the bartenders that we talked to, that’s the only place in Planet Hollywood that you can enjoy this selection.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Stargazers Craft Beer Menu — Click to Enlarge

We also wanted to share photos from the menu of a couple of the items we didn’t get to sample.

We really wanted to try the Rocket Fuel, with its mixture of Stoli Citros Vodka, Cointreau, Chambord, Cranberry Juice, and Sprite finished with dry ice. But they were out of dry ice. Apparently during the “friends and family preview” of the restaurant the bartenders didn’t control their inventory and kept making free drinks with the dry ice…so there wasn’t any dry ice left for when the restaurant actually opened.

So…here’s a picture of it from the menu.

Menu Pictures

Rocket Fuel

The Space Monkey is an intriguing combo of Cruzan Coconut Rum, Banana Liqueur, Pureed Coconut, and Chocolate sounded pretty great. AND — it’s served in a swell souvenir glass.

Menu Pictures

Space Monkey

Now, let’s get into the eats — with a first look at some of the menu items created by celebrity chef Guy Fieri!

We tried a couple of burgers, but we couldn’t get them all. So I’m happy to share pics of a few additional ones, like The Original Ringer — Angus Beef, Crispy Rojo Onion Ring, Guy’s Signature Bourbon-Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce, SMC, Cheddar, LTOP, and Donkey Sauce on Brioche.

Menu Pictures

The Original Ringer

What’s that? You don’t know what SMC, LTOP, and Donkey Sauce are? You need a lesson in “Guy-isms”. Here you go. :-)

Guy-isms. For Your Pleasure.

Guy-isms. For Your Pleasure.

The Straight Up With Cheese is Guy’s answer to a Cheeseburger, with Angus Beef, Cheddar, SMC, and Donkey Sauce.

Menu Pictures

Straight-Up With Cheese

Bird is the Word sounds pretty awesome as well, with Fried Chicken Breast, Ranch Dressing, Pickles, Cheddar, Slaw, and Hot Sauce.

Menu Pictures

Bird is the Word

Finally, there’s Championship Pulled Pork, with Pulled Pork, Bourbon-Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce, Onion Straws, and Donkey Sauce.

Menu Pictures

Championship Pulled Pork

Now that you’ve seen a little of what we didn’t get, let’s explore what we actually did try.

After I moved on from the disappointment of no Rocket Fuel, I decided to try the Proxima B Mojito. The drink, with its combo of Bacardi Superior Rum, Lemon and Lime Juices, and Ginger Ale was garnished with Fresh Blueberries and Mint. It was decent, and we appreciated the zip that the Ginger Ale brought to the mix. But then we noticed the rim.

Proxima B Mojito

Proxima B Mojito

These jars, it seems, get a lot of use as vessels for Drinks, Milkshakes, and even Desserts. While we quickly identified the brown smudges on the rim of the glass as Chocolate, it was a pretty off-putting discovery that the glasses weren’t thoroughly washed prior to being used again. And this pic below was AFTER we’d wiped most of the chocolate off. This wasn’t just a speck here and there.

We decided to skip the rest of the drink.

Proxima B Mojito -- Up Close

Proxima B Mojito — Up Close

We thought you might like to see one of PHO’s larger than life Planet Bowl drinks as well. Ultimately, we went with the Solar Eclipse, a mix of Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila, Cointreau, Citrus Juices with a Grand Marnier Floater.

Yep. It’s a giant Margarita. It was fine, and relatively strong. But nothing too special. If you like margaritas, and you enjoy sharing drinks with people, then go for it.

Solar Eclipse Planet Bowl

Solar Eclipse Planet Bowl

Your reward for ordering it is to take the 45-ounce souvenir glass home.

Solar Eclipse Planet Bowl -- Closer

Solar Eclipse Planet Bowl — Closer

After a bit, the food started to arrive. To begin, we chose the Nachos Grande.

Nachos Grande

Nachos Grande

They’re a pretty standard version of the popular dish, with Corn Tortilla Chips covered in Chipotle Chicken, Plastic Cheese, Pureed Black Beans, Salsa Verde, Pico de Gallo, Queso Fresco, and Sour Cream.

Nachos Grande -- From the Top

Nachos Grande — From the Top

We especially liked the two different kinds of cheese here, and the Plastic Cheese had a nice kick to it. We found the Chicken to be bland, however. Still, if you want Nachos, these are acceptable.

Nachos Grande -- Up Close

Nachos Grande — Up Close

We also took the plunge and ordered the High Roller. This Ferris Wheel of Snacks serves four, according to the menu. (Sadly, the ferris wheel does not spin. We were disappointed, but I imagine that if it DID spin, it would be a serious hazard to the servers!) ;-D

High Roller Sampler

High Roller Sampler

Corn Chips and Pita Chips accompanied the sampler, and served as dippers for the Five Cheese Dip.

High Roller Sampler Dippers

High Roller Sampler Dippers

Speaking of, the Five Cheese Dip consisted of Swiss, Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan, and Asiago cheeses with Spinach, Artichoke Hearts and Roasted Tomato. The dip turned in a solid performance, with good flavor and an easily dippable consistency. It was fairly light on veggies, but let’s be honest: you aren’t eating this to get your Daily Five. Approved!

High Roller Sampler -- Cheese Dip

High Roller Sampler — Cheese Dip — Up Close

Next came the Peri-Peri Shrimp. The breaded Shrimp are tossed in a spicy Chile Sauce. A VERY spicy Chile Sauce. This one wowed me. I would definitely have ordered a full app of these and been happy. While I gave these some of the highest marks of the night, my friends remarked that the shrimp were a little spicier than they expected.

High Roller Sampler -- Up Close

High Roller Sampler Peri Peri Shrimp — Up Close

A plate of four Twice Cooked Buffalo Wings — baked, and then fried — came with the standard sides of Carrots, Celery, and Blue Cheese Dressing. These were very standard and carried a slightly sweet buffalo sauce. Meh.

High Roller Sampler -- Wings

High Roller Sampler Wings — Wings

Next up was our other favorite passenger on the wheel o’ food, the Texas Tostados. My friends favored this combo of Crispy Gyoza Skins (Wonton Wrappers) topped with BBQ Chicken, Sautéed Onions, Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheeses, Pico de Gallo and drizzled with Sour Cream and BBQ Sauce. One of my friends said that she could have happily made a meal out of the sweet and slightly spicy combo.

High Roller Sampler -- Tostadas

High Roller Sampler — Tostados — Up Close

Finally, we came to the wheel’s most famous dish — World Famous Chicken Crunch. Apparently, this is a bit of a signature dish for Planet Hollywood. Chicken Tenders are breaded with a Sweet Crumb Coating. Friends tell me that the secret ingredient here is breakfast cereal, like Captain Crunch. That’s not specially stated on the menu, but I can believe it. The creamy Creole Mustard Sauce came on the side for dipping.

They were fine and good, but I personally prefer the standard Disney Chicken Tenders to these guys. Still, your kids might like ‘em.

High Roller Sampler -- Chicken Crunch

High Roller Sampler — Chicken Crunch — Up Close

FYI — here’s how they come if you order them as an entree:

Chicken Crunch if ordered as entree

Chicken Crunch if ordered as entree

After a healthy go at the appetizers, it was time to kick into high gear with main dishes. We started with a few Guy Fieri Signature Sandwiches — two Big Bite Burgers and one Knuckle Sandwich. What does that even mean? Well, just wait and see.

We couldn’t pass up the one we’d heard so much about, the Bacon Mac-n-Cheese. The sandwiches all come standard with a side of Triple Fries (we’ll take a closer look at those in just a minute.)

Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger

Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger

There’s a ton going on here, with a combo of Applewood-Smoked Bacon, Six Cheese Mac-n-Cheese, Cheddar, LTOP, Onion Straws, and Donkey Sauce.

Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger -- Up Close

Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger — Up Close

And do you like the branding on the top of the bun? It’s not easy to make out from the pic, but that’s a little skull burned into the top.

Burger Brand

Burger Brand

Inside, we found a good combo of all of the expected ingredients. We didn’t get a lot of flavor from the Mac and Cheese, though. Mostly this tasted like a pretty good Cheeseburger. The patty was nicely thin and smashed, and it came cooked to our medium-rare specifications.

Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger -- Inside

Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger — Inside

We also sampled the Prime Time American Kobe.

Prime Time American Kobe Burger

Prime Time American Kobe Burger

American-style Kobe Beef (google it — you’ll get a lot of different takes on what this means; bottom line: fattier, more flavorful beef), Smoked Gouda, Cheddar, Caramelized Onion Jam, LTOP, and Donkey Sauce.

Prime Time American Kobe Burger -- Closer

Prime Time American Kobe Burger — Closer

The patty on this burger was noticeably thicker, and was also cooked perfectly. In terms of flavor and consistency, the American Kobe Burger won out. I think we preferred its slightly simpler list of toppings, too. This one scored high points with one of my friends.


Prime Time American Kobe Burger — Inside

But then, we come to one of our favorites of the night — the Pimento Grilled Cheese.

Pimento Grilled Cheese

Pimento Grilled Cheese

The menu says it all when it boasts that this is a “Triple Stacked Grilled Cheese like you’ve never seen before.” Six Cheese Mac-n-Cheese, SMC, and Pimento Cheese are stacked between crunchy slices of Garlic-Buttered Sourdough.

Pimento Grilled Cheese -- Inside

Pimento Grilled Cheese — Inside

This, in the immortal words of Mr. Fieri, is, in fact, Flavortown. While many of the dishes we ordered were full of rich ingredients, they lacked any real staying power or flavor in my opinion. The Pimento Cheese Sammie was delicious and crunchy and gooey and I couldn’t stop eating it. (Well, I did. But it was really hard.)

Pimento Grilled Cheese -- Inside

Pimento Grilled Cheese — Inside

And oh, hey — it’s vegetarian. Which means it’s toooooootally healthy. Right?

We also took note of a few other touches that brought in the Guy Fieri branding, like specialty sandwich pics and ornate paper with a skull motif reminiscent of Dia de los Muertos artwork.

Guy Fieri Toothpick

Guy Fieri Toothpick

Pimento Grilled Cheese -- Cool Plate Detail

Pimento Grilled Cheese — Cool Plate Detail

Plates also bear a whimsical-ish skull wearing a chef’s toque.

More Cool Plate Detail

More Cool Plate Detail

So, about those Triple Fries. They came as standard sides with all three Sandwiches as well as the Ribs you’ll see in just a minute.

Triple Fries

Triple Fries

The “triple” comes from the fact that there are three different shapes. These are clearly seasoned fries, right out of a freezer bag, but we liked the sweet and salty seasoning mix, and they had good crunch on the outside.

Triple Fries -- Up Close

Triple Fries — Up Close

Next, we dug into a healthy helping of BBQ Ribs, which are served, adorably, on a tiny picnic table. We don’t really know why, but they were cute.

BBQ Ribs

BBQ Ribs

The garden variety ribs have most likely been cooked low and slow in the oven, then grilled and basted with a sweet BBQ sauce. There were quite meaty, but I felt like they were overdone. While they’re perfectly fine, I don’t think they’re going to impress any of our hard-core BBQ fans out there.

BBQ Ribs -- Up Close

BBQ Ribs — Up Close

With all this talk of Mac and Cheese, we had to give the actual dish a try. So next up was the Six Cheese Chicken Macaroni and Cheese.

Six Cheese Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

Six Cheese Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

The huge portion came to the table in what looked like a serving dish. In it, we found Sliced Chicken Breast, Cavatappi Pasta, Six Cheese Sauce, and spoonfuls of Ricotta Cheese. The dish was lightly dusted with Seasoned Bread Crumbs. There were also apparently Mushrooms and Spinach in the mix. But once more, we found the veggies to be applied with a light touch.

This was actually quite good and very decadent. I would have loved it as a side, but a whole entree is a bit much…even for me! ;-) The multiple cheeses were fantastic. The chicken was forgettable.

Six Cheese Chicken Macaroni and Cheese -- Up Close

Six Cheese Chicken Macaroni and Cheese — Up Close

For another dose of pure decadence, we dove into the L.A. Lasagna.

LA Lasagna

LA Lasagna

This is one that made it back on the menu after the refurb. As if Lasagna weren’t rich enough, in all of its Bolognese and Bechamel-y glory, this one is also Deep Fried. It won out as the favorite of another friend, although we all agreed that the trip into the fryer rendered the pasta a bit more chewy than we liked.

The sauces brought a ton of flavor to this dish.

L.A. Lasagna -- Up Close

L.A. Lasagna — Up Close

But wait! There’s more! Because no way could we pass up a real live view of the Supernova Shakes we’ve been hearing about for months. These crazy over the top Shakes seem to be a trending at the moment, as we told you previously, and were similar to (but not as high quality as) Shakes we encountered at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium at Universal Studios.

Supernova Shakes

Supernova Shakes

One of my first questions was, how in the world do you tackle a shake that’s meant to be eaten as well as drunk? The answer: with a straw-spoon combo, of course.

Supernova Shake Straws

Supernova Shake Straws

Let’s take them one at a time. The Strawberry Supernova Shake comes topped with an entire slice of Cake and a Swirly Lollipop.

Strawberry Supernova shake

Strawberry Supernova shake

The Sprinkles are stuck to the glass by virtue of Icing. We took a little taste and there’s no doubt that the icing came straight from a can.

Strawberry Supernova Shake -- Closer

Strawberry Supernova Shake — Closer

My friend had high hopes for the cake, but we found it to be stale, dry, and utterly lacking in any kind of flavor besides SWEET. Womp, womp.

The shake itself was a standard strawberry shake, though it had a very icy texture versus a creamy one.

Strawberry Supernova Shake -- Cake Detail

Strawberry Supernova Shake — Cake Detail

Our impressions of the Chocolate Shake weren’t much better, although the Pirouline Cookie is kind of nice. Keepin’ it classy, Supernova Chocolate.

supernova chocolate shake

supernova chocolate shake

Again — a super icy texture. More like frozen chocolate milk than a creamy milkshake.

Chocolate Supernova Milkshake -- Up Close

Chocolate Supernova Milkshake — Up Close

Finally, we come to the Cotton Candy Supernova Shake. Once again, there’s no discernible flavor here. Just a whooooooole lot of sweet.

Cotton Candy supernova shake

Cotton Candy supernova shake

Of the three, I think the sprinkles were smushed onto this glass in the most artful manner. So. Style Points.

Cotton Candy Supernova Milkshake -- Up Close

Cotton Candy Supernova Milkshake — Up Close

My friend couldn’t get past the fact that the Cotton Candy had obviously been “handled”, though. I tried to explain that it was necessary so it would all stick together. But she wasn’t impressed.

Cotton Candy Supernova Milkshake -- Detail

Cotton Candy Supernova Milkshake — Detail

Still, I get that these things are a childhood fantasy come true. And if you’re looking for dessert with some dessert topped with more dessert, and you aren’t too picky about things like “flavor” and “texture”, then hey — go for it.

Slightly better were the three actual dessert options we tried. The Planet Meltdown gets show points.

Planet Meltdown -- Pre Melt

Planet Meltdown — Pre Melt

A Chocolate Sphere is melted tableside by Hot Caramel Sauce.

Planet Meltdown -- Melt Commencing

Planet Meltdown — Melt Commencing

Wait for it…

Planet Meltdown -- Melt Complete

Planet Meltdown — Melt Complete

There! Inside, you’ll find Double Chocolate Fudge Cake (a TINY slice of it), Fresh Strawberries, and Whipped Cream.

Planet Meltdown -- Inside

Planet Meltdown — Inside

While we’re not talking top-of-the-line chocolate here, this one brought a smile to our faces, and I think it’s a fitting sweet ending to a vacay meal.

Next, we couldn’t pass up the Key Lime Pie Star Jar. This is your standard Key Lime Pie, but it’s layered, parfait style, in a — yep — jar.

This was…epic. Honestly, I’m a huge key lime pie fan, and I was worried about this one seeing as how the rest of the meal had gone. But it was so creamy, so delicious. And they didn’t skimp on the graham cracker “crust” layers at all! This is probably the only thing I would actually go back to Planet Hollywood to order. But I would, indeed, go back to order this. Worth it!

Key Lime Pie Star Jar

Key Lime Pie Star Jar

On our server’s recommendation, we also tried the Brownie Cheesecake Star Jar. We expected to find layers of Brownie and Cheesecake. Instead, this seemed to be a parfait mix mostly of Whipped Cream and Chocolate Pudding.

We did dig around and found a bit of brownie eventually, but not nearly as much as we expected to see in a dish headlined with the word “brownie”. This is a pass for us.

Brownie Cheesecake Star Jar

Brownie Cheesecake Star Jar

And by the way — Restaurant People? Jars are not easy to eat out of. Just FYI.


So, here’s the deal. If you’re desperate to see the inside of the new Planet Hollywood Observatory, then book it. But seriously, there’s nothing here that makes me recommend it as a first choice dining destination.

There are dishes that we enjoyed. I would definitely have the Peri Peri Shrimp again, and both of my friends gave good marks to the Tostados. The Kobe Beef Burger was a winner, and the Pimento Cheese and Mac and Cheese Sandwich (I know. I know. But — VACATION) was hard to put down. We also thought the L.A. Lasagna was pretty good, although extremely heavy. And the Key Lime Pie hit all the right notes.

So yes — you can find things to eat here that are decent. But bottom line — we just weren’t impressed.

Service was uneven. The dirty glass we encountered was off-putting. There were several items we tried to order that were missing ingredients, so we couldn’t get the dish. And I think my friend put it best when she said that the decor looked…dated. And even though the restaurant had JUST re-opened after a long refurb…the “dated” comment made sense. And it made me sad that, after all of this time and effort, they didn’t make this transformation something awesome.

I expect that Planet Hollywood Observatory will be busy based solely upon its prime location at the bottom of the Orange Garage escalators. But take my advice. Plan ahead, and keep walking.

But now I’m super interested to hear what y’all think. Will you be visiting the old-but-new Planet Hollywood Observatory? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


  1. Carol says

    When I saw that orange carpet “Dated’ was my first thought… did they did it out of some storage unit Disney has been holding out for 20 plus years?

    Didn’t do much for me before and your review didn’t help. Not giving up my Boathouse for this! :)

  2. marie says

    None of that food looks or sounds appetizing at all – more like the food you eat when you’re drunk and then regret it the next day. Disgusting!!

  3. PSUAth says

    You would think that the ferris wheel would have a pin that could lock it in place for transport, and then remove at the table.

    that metal “tower” in the middle there looks to be the framework of the telescope of the observatory. (google a real observatory and see)

  4. Rod says

    The big warning signal for me was that they didn’t do a grand opening. Even when they had the friends and family night (Thursday before opening), we were at the Springs, and the employee I asked about opening said “they are hoping to open this weekend”. Honestly that, combined with the impression from your review, makes it really feel like they have completely mismanaged the opening of this place. And there are many other really good dining options within a few steps. So we will give it a miss.

  5. JessicaL says

    I was watching several video bloggers reviews and they basically came to the same conclusion that the food was very “meh” and not worth the money to spend there especially compared to the vastly superior eateries that are all over Disney Springs.

  6. Chelsea says

    How about the dissapinting fact that you pay 14$ for a cotton candy milkshake and it comes out strawberry?! Still looks nothing like the picture!!! I was highly disappointed when I ordered mine and got strawberry flavored… and management couldn’t explain to me why it was like that.

  7. Dr. Leonid K. Soup says

    In other words, exactly the combination of bombast and lack of substance one would expect from a place with Fie-etty’s name attached. Oh well, maybe it will go bust quickly, the exterior can be re-themed as a giant meatball, and Batali can take over.

  8. Katie Jensen says

    Those shakes look amazing but I have never been a fan of planet Hollywood. I am glad for the advice before going to DW.

  9. Jean says

    I truly appreciate the thoroughness of this review! It must’ve taken a long time to compile. Thanks for that!

  10. Brandi says

    If a restaurant’s plates and serving vessels are more memorable than the actual food, it’s got a problem. The ferris wheel, the wire chicken, the picnic table–I can remember all of those. But I can barely remember what was served on them. With all the other great places to eat at Disney, this looks like a pass for me.
    PS. Donkey Sauce doesn’t sound remotely appetizing. It might be delicious, but the name is just off-putting. But I don’t expect much more from Guy “over the top” Fieri…

  11. says

    Jean — Thank you! The team worked hard on it, but we really feel that our readers want to feel like they’re at the table with us, so we believe in sharing all the details. We really appreciate you reading!

  12. Mike V says

    Excellent review, but ashame that the food was not as good.
    Food pictures REALLY looked good but then I read your analysis and get bummed…
    Probably try once to check it out, maybe they get some kinks worked out.

  13. Hayden says

    The ferris wheel appetizers look awesome! I know my kids would LOVE those shakes! Especially the one with the cotton candy on top. The macncheese looks amazing. Can’t wait to eat here on our next Disney visit. Thanks for the review!!

  14. Ruth Smith says

    Went as a walk up on 1/30 excited to try something new for my birthday. Had my picture made at entry. Was told there was no elevator option to the giant staircase that there was only an elevator at the top of the stairs. They texted us when the table was ready but we were shooed out of the large gallery area at the top of the stairs citing fire code and were forced to stand in the tiny bar area in the way of the elevator, waiters and other patrons. The theming missed the mark to me. I was expecting a few projected stars on the inside of the dome but it was only music videos. They seated us and then tried to sell me the picture from the lobby for $20 before they even took my order, a real turn off. The service was ok except we were told the Disney annual passholder would apply but at check time the manager declined to honor it. Chef was awesome and came out to help us order before and after the meal when an allergy was revealed. Original ringer was good, steak salad had issues. Steak was not well done as ordered and iceberg lettuce was shredded very finely but kale was in clumps. Ratio of red cabbage to lettuce was off so it ate more like coleslaw than salad. Dressing on the side came out awkwardly later than the salad and I was startled to find a rogue blueberry that wasn’t supposed to be part of my salad. We were encouraged to wander the floors to see the displays. Some displays were still empty so its a work in progress I guess. Took the elevator down to the lobby where we were told it did not go. There were a few stairs to get back to the lobby. Wonder how they get around that? Too many other options as a passholder to go back again anytime soon. Very disappointing as a fan of Disney and Guy Fieri.

  15. Ashley says

    I know this was all for a review but I HOPE you sent that mojito back! That’s disgusting! The only thing I would order would be the mac n cheese. Disappointing!

  16. Alexandria says

    I just went there last Tuesday and I have to say, I feel the same way. The food was all right, though I’m kinda sad I didn’t try that grilled cheese. I think I would have liked it a little better if I didn’t try to ask if I could just not have the ranch sauce on one of the sandwiches and was told I couldn’t do any substitutions or changes, which I found very strange. And, then we tried the strawberry supernova shake (the main reason I wanted to go) and it was disappointing as well. Thank you for the review, amazing as always!!

  17. Jodi says

    I don’t really like to be negative about things but wow…
    That dirty mug is an absolute NO for me! I don’t care how busy they might be – if that would have happened to me, I would have lit them up! That’s disgusting! I hope that you brought that to the manager’s attention & then they should be sure to let ALL the staff so they can make sure it doesn’t happen again! Unacceptable! I sure hope you got it for free!
    I want to take my teen there because it will be “cool” to go but I will be sure to inspect everything I get now…
    Thanks for the great review though!

  18. Diana Powell says

    Every year we look forward to visiting this Planet Hollywood location , and when we heard they were renovating we were really excited . What a let down . When we arrived it seemed they were over staffed since there seemed to be a lot of staff just hanging together in clusters. But i guess that wasn’t the case since after we were seated no waiter came to the table so after 10 min we had to go up and ask for one . The interior looks plain and even the photo backdrops are not as exciting . If they were going for a more sleek modern look they missed the boat . I tried the Lobster Feast Fra Diavlo and while the presentation was impressive , (it’s served in a lobster shell ) the pasta was not . For almost thirty dollars I got spaghetti in a bland tomato sauce with pieces of overcooked lobster . The lobster was so well done it didn’t even taste like lobster . My husband had a burger which he said was quite good , but we will not be going back . And we too asked about the annual pass holder discount and there isn’t one . One word to describe the whole experience would be disappointing .

  19. Doris C says

    We were super disappointed in PH years ago. They literally nearly ruined one of our wedding anniversaries. Was hoping for improvements but alas, seems not. With so many other excellent dining options at Disney Springs, this will stay on the NO list for us. Thanks for the excellent review.

  20. Tracy says

    Thanks for the review. Nothing looked very appetizing to me. I will only go to the upstairs bar to see the view but definitely won’t be eating there.

  21. Bill says

    We actually ate there twice while on vacation. First night I had the kobe beef burger and my wife had the six cheese mac n cheese. She felt her dinner was a little too rich in taste and texture. Portion was too large. I loved the kobe burger, gave my wife a bite she agreed. That’s why we went back for lunch. She had to have the Kobe burger and again loved it. Best tasting burger. I tried mac n cheese burger. It was good but not as good as kobe. As far as service–when we had lunch Alexandra was great she was very attentive and outgoing. Ask for her! No we are not related.

  22. John says

    Well, I suspect that just like before the redo, if you like T Rex and Rainforest Cafe, youll like this. Thankfully for me, theres plenty of other options.

  23. Bill G says

    I was there on Jan 31st. The experience was quite poor. I was upstairs. It took me quite while to get a server’s attention even though they were all standing around talking. In fact, everyone I felt with seemed like they really didn’t want to be bothered.

    There was no craft beer of any kind upstairs. The “craftiest” was Guinness and turns out they were out of it.

    I, too, thought the food was quite unmemorable.

    I asked about discounts (TiW, AP etc.) and was told there were none.

    I won’t be going back.

  24. Gary Parker says

    My wife and I just visited on Friday, 02/03/2017. My wife has some medical issues and the first thing issue we encountered was the staircase up to the dining area. We asked the staff if there was an elevator, which they took us to. We went to the second floor and registered with the hostess who actually assigned us to a table on the third level. Once seated we were promptly greeted by our server.

    We ordered the bacon mac n cheese burger and the citrus kale salad. Water was our preferred beverage on this day. The food arrived in a timely manner and we dug in. My wife and I both thought the food was just average and were not impressed. So I agree with your review as we were both unimpressed. The bill for the two of us was $36.19 before any tip was added an we did not have anything to drink. We should have kept walking. Next time we will!

  25. Arlene says

    So this place is NOT wheelchair accessible? I read the comment from someone who said there
    Elevator in the main lobby and the only way to
    to get to the first level was to climb that huge flight of stairs?

  26. Momo says

    Why would you serve anything in a mason jar at a Planet Hollywood themed as an observatory? I don’t get the connection. This opening appears to have been pushed to open too soon. All of the items you reviewed have too much “stuff” going on top and are distracted by cute serving “dishes” (again, how do wire chickens, picnic tables, ferris wheels, and tattoo skulls fit in with the theme of an observatory?)… clearly trying to distract the diner from the quality of food and inflate its price. I did like the upstairs bar and its view; this would be a pleasant place to unwind after the parks and try a beer flight of locally brewed beers.
    Thanks for the review.

  27. says

    Arlene — I don’t know from personal experience — we took the steps — but I would imagine it would be required by law to be wheelchair accessible. Perhaps they meant that the elevator was reserved for guests who required use of it.

  28. Sarah says

    @ Alexandria:

    Thank you for the heads up on the “no substitutions”. Why this would be an issue at a table service restaurant I have no idea- I would hope they are making any burgers and sandwiches fresh and to order. Guess I can add this to the many reasons already given for avoiding the place. There are too many other awesome places to eat in Disney Springs to waste time here.

  29. Mike says

    Really strange about not having the ability to ask things be left off…would be a second later and they’d have a customer who left.

  30. DwarfPlanet says

    After seeing that dirty glass with the mojito there’s no way I would even think of getting one of those milkshakes. After reading the review I kept wondering what else was under all that icing from someone elses dinner.

  31. Lori says

    We’ve been going to PH at the beginning and sometimes also the end of our vacations for years. I’m happy they kept my fave items Chicken Crunch & L.A. Lasagna. I’d like to visit and check out the new theming. The shakes look like a bit too much.

  32. Fred L says

    We went to celebrate a 9 yr old’s birthday. 5 of us had burgers and a 5 year old had 2 child pizzas. The bill ended up being $220.00 after tip. It was very disappointing to say the least. Service was decent, but whoever looks at the order doesn’t follow instructions to hold the onions on 2 of the burgers. The vegetable bean burger tasted like bean paste. The server was personable and very helpful, but her service couldn’t make up for the average at best quality of the food. They need to reduce their prices, but I imagine they won’t since I imagine the tourists will want the experience. This was my first expeience at a PH, and it will definitely be my last.

  33. Pat says

    On March 29, 2017 we went to Planet Hollywood for the main purpose of having a Guy Fieri hamburger. I was so excited about finally getting a Guy burger with Donkey sauce. I ordered my burger medium rare and received a well done and cold burger, plus the bun was burnt. My husbands burger was cooked well done and cold. The french fries were so over cooked they were not edible. Plus my husband and I ordered iced tea, which was delicious. However, when we finally flagged someone down to request a refill as we hadn’t seen our waitress for 15 minutes, we were served iced coffee. So we requested a glass of water that was served with only 3 ice cubes in it. Not a cold drink. Our waitress seemed to be overwhelmed with the number of tables she had to wait on and was unable to take care of her customers. We will not be returning to Planet Hollywood for a Guy Fieri hamburger.

  34. Suzette says

    We went to Planet Hollywood for dinner a few weeks back. We ordered the New York Strip for 2. It was cooked to our liking, and was plenty of food for two. Our kid ordered chicken strips and mac n cheese. Both enjoyed their meals. We also ordered dessert (the Planet Meltdown) which was delicious, but definitely not enough to share as we were led to believe. This was the best steak we’d had all week and was the most reasonably priced of all our meals. Our server was great, but food came out a bit on the slow side. We’ll definitely go back. They were showing a lot of fun videos on the big screen, and did fun things like announcing groups and birthdays of those dining with them.

  35. says

    We were in fla last week to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We stayed near disney springs so we could enjoy our selves. We went PH to try this place because of guy and I will not return!! We waited 1hr after being told 20_30 mins. While waiting a party of 4 that came in after us and didn’t have reservations got seated before us a party of 2. We finally get brought to a tiny table that was elbows close to another table. We left!!poor customer service!!

  36. Christie says

    The food is not the best but I will tell you we had a 7 and 14 year old with us and they LOVED the video wall. It entertained them the entire time and that is with it even though the food is mediocre.

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