News! Dining Updates and MORE Coming to Disney’s Coronado Springs and Caribbean Beach Resorts

We all have our favorite Disney Resorts, right? Well, today, we’re hearing some big news about two cult favorites — Disney’s Coronado Springs and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort!

Old Port Royale at Caribbean Beach Resort

Old Port Royale at Caribbean Beach Resort

There’s fun stuff to share, so let’s take them one at a time.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

One of Disney’s newer moderately-priced resorts, Coronado Springs has been a favorite spot for us in years past.

Pepper Market

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

But its out of the way location near Disney’s Animal Kingdom, combined with its less than memorable cuisine has resulted in our spending less time there. Sure, it’s been fine. But not anything worth making the trip out there for.

Until now.

Disney has announced that they’ll expand the resort by 500 rooms. And rather than add to the sprawling campus — they’re building UP!

Artist's Rendering of the New Tower at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort © Disney

Artist’s Rendering of the New Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort © Disney

The new addition will be a fifteen-story tower taking center stage at the resort. But our favorite detail? There will be rooftop dining! The space will feature panoramic views that will showcase fireworks displays from nearby parks. Could this be the next California Grill? It sounds like it!

Floating gardens, new suites with concierge services, and an island oasis connected by bridges to the rest of the resort will complete the transformation. Existing rooms will also be refurbished as part of the facelift.

Rix Lounge Entrance

Will Rix Lounge Receive a Makeover? We’ll See!

But seriously — rooftop dining! Fireworks viewing! Cannot. Wait.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

But another beloved resort — Disney’s Caribbean Beach — is also getting some love. While details are a little more vague on this front, the resort will be “re-imagined.”

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating at Caribbean Beach

It makes sense. After all, as fun as the Nemo- and Pirates of the Caribbean-themed rooms are, there was a never a cohesive sense of theming here. So we’re anxious to see how it all shakes out!

The resort’s current centerpiece, known as Centertown, will receive a makeover, which is set to include new retail outlets as well as waterfront dining. But Disney, our only request: pleeeeease don’t mess with Banana Cabana — one of the world’s best Pool Bars. Pretty Please!

There’s no word about the fates of the Old Port Royale Food Court or Shutters, a largely forgettable table service restaurant.

Shutters Dining Room

Will Shutters Be Shuttered?

Could this also bring into play the proposed Gondola system connecting CBR to Epcot?? We’ll see…!!!

While Disney hasn’t shared a timeline for the completion of either project, we look forward to sharing details with you as they emerge!

Now let’s hear it: are you excited about the changes coming to Disney’s Coronado Springs and Caribbean Beach Resorts? Leave a comment and let us know! 


  1. Felicia says

    I’d love to see Coronado get a Murphy bed in order to sleep 5 like Carribean and Riverside have. We need another moderate!

  2. Brandon says

    I have to say all the time I spent down there either working as a Cast Member or just visiting, I have never set foot inside Coronado Springs. But this is great news and seems to be a huge step for Coronado. I am assuming their core convention business is still growing. I wonder if this will push the resort to a quasi upper moderate level.

  3. Nicole H says

    This is so exciting! We LOVE Coronado Springs, but have never bothered with the dining there. I’m looking forward to staying in the new section when it’s done, and checking out the new dining option! My husband’s family always stayed at Caribbean Beach when he was a kid, so he has fond memories, but I’ve steered him away from staying there lately since I’ve always felt like it needed an update- big time. I’m glad to hear it will finally be getting one, as that would open up another moderate option for us :)

  4. Sue says

    Only two disney hotels I stay at love Coronado springs as an adult visiting with no children and love Carribean Beach too but both could definitely do wth an update, specially the dining options so really looking forward to seeing what Disney come up with.

  5. Nikki says

    Oh no. I just booked Coronado for a June stay yesterday thinking it’d be more relaxing than the hustle and bustle of a value. I’m worried this is going to ruin that vibe for our upcoming trip. Anyone know when it’s all slated to start? Construction on the tower, that is?

  6. Essie says

    This is exciting as I love the CBR and would love someday to visit CSR, but I’m afraid these changes will cause skyrocketing hotel room price increases. :(

  7. says

    It all sounds so wonderful I can’t wait for it to open! The tower sounds like a beautiful place for a very special dinner!

  8. says

    Nikki — Work has apparently already begun on the project, but I’m not sure of the impact to guests at this point. We’ll have photos of the progress in upcoming “What’s New” posts, though. Stay tuned!

  9. kimberly says

    This sounded wonderful, as did the post about the new burger and the pastries, until I got the email that the construction at CBR would be going on the week we are going to be there in May. The food court, restaurant and pool bar are going to be closed during our stay. I’m a little bummed.

  10. Jan says

    Coronado Springs is our favorite. We’ve made friends with one of the girls at the front desk and always make sure that we stop to see her. The last time we were down we had to stay at Caribbean Beach. TOO BIG! We made sure that we stopped to see our friend and she introduced us to one of the managers. We proceeded to tell him what great treatment we had always gotten from her. Keep upthe GOOD work GAIL!

  11. Ret says

    Just curious – Now that so much more information is being posted on other sites about the food options, when will updates regarding CBR’s temporary amenities be added to the Disney Food Blog?

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