NEW! Maple Popcorn in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Disney popcorn is addictive. We love it flavored. We love it in pretty buckets. We love it smothered in hot caramel. Shall we keep counting the ways?

How ’bout just one more: we love it in Refillable Popcorn Buckets. Like, LOVE it in refillable buckets. Because the only thing better than popcorn is more popcorn.

So imagine our happy dance upon discovering a new flavored popcorn with the refill option in the Magic Kingdom: MAPLE!  It’s available only at the Frontierland Popcorn Cart[Editor’s Update: Please note, the Frontierland Popcorn Cart no longer has MaplePopcorn, BUT you can find it popped fresh in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion!]

Frontierland Popcorn Cart

Frontierland Popcorn Cart

The menu here is pretty straightforward. You can grab a beverage, an ice cream treat, or, you know, POPCORN.

Frontierland Popcorn Cart Menu

Frontierland Popcorn Cart Menu

Naturally, we had to try this. The smell alone was enough to draw us in: popcorn with unmistakable sweetness. Ideal combo.

Frontierland Popcorn Cart Maple Popcorn Bucket

Frontierland Popcorn Cart Maple Popcorn Bucket

Bucket: as fun as ever. Popcorn: yummy. Now, the maple flavoring is not super prominent. We could definitely stand to have a little more of that. But the sweetness was there — all cozy with those freshly popped kernels.

Frontierland Popcorn Cart Maple Popcorn

Frontierland Popcorn Cart Maple Popcorn

The real star here is the texture. It’s much more akin to kettle corn than to the buttered popcorn that’s ubiquitous at the Disney Parks. So if kettle corn is your jam, you want to pop on over and snatch this up. At $5.25 or a Disney Dining Plan snack credit, we think popcorn fans will like this hot option.

Frontierland Popcorn Cart Maple Popcorn

Frontierland Popcorn Cart Maple Popcorn

And super, super awesome: if you buy a refillable bucket in the Parks, you can refill it with this here Maple-y popcorn for just $1.50. We think that’s a pretty sweet deal.

FYI: If you’re looking for non-packaged flavored popcorn elsewhere on Property, there’s only one other location at this time: the Future World Gourmet Popcorn Cart in Epcot. They pop Cheddar Cheese, Buffalo Bleu Cheese, and Sour Cream and Chive.

So, listen, we think they could have gone a little heavier on the maple flavor. Really. But that kettle corn-like situation was a total win. Plus, it’s always a good thing to have more refillable popcorn bucket options. Here’s hoping they’ll shuck some more flavor options in the future!

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See Where to Find Maple Popcorn at Magic Kingdom


Are you a Disney Parks popcorn person? Pop down to the comments to plead your popcorn case!


  1. MARIO says

    I was in Frontier Land yesterday and noticed that the maple popcorn stand only had buttered popcorn. I asked the CM about male and he said that they no longer sell maple because there was a problem with the oil

  2. Chief says

    Yep, just tried to get some at MK. They didn’t reorder the oil. Only available in Canada at EPCOT now.

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