It’s HERE!: 2017 DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining Fully Updated **Second Edition**

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There’s still so much changing in the World of Disney Food that we’re now launching our 2017 Second Edition! To celebrate this milestone — the first time we’ve shared a second edition — and to say thank you to all of our loyal DFB readers, we’re offering you a reduced price for the grand launch.

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Why Now?

Because it’s crazy, but true — EVERYTHING continues to change so rapidly at Walt Disney World these days. So many new restaurants, kiosks, bars and lounges, menu items, and more have opened and updated. We are constantly go go go just trying to cover it all for our Disney World food lovers out there!

2017 DFB Guide to WDW Dining Cover March 6

So we decided it was time to produce the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining, 2017 Second Edition now.

We update everything with every new edition, so you can be sure that you’ve got the most recent details about dining in Walt Disney World at your fingertips.

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The 2017 DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining is chock full of tons of great features to ensure you have your best Disney trip, every time. These include:

  • A 5-Step Strategy for Disney Dining Planning, covering everything you need to know from budgeting and booking to kids’ meals, dining discounts, and fireworks.
  • A comprehensive and in-depth look at EVERY Disney World restaurant, kiosk, bar, and lounge, including our personal tips to ensure a positive and stress-free dining experience.
  • Four free, downloadable worksheets for planning your trip. These worksheets are designed to help you execute all the steps of planning the perfect Disney dining experience. And they’re reusable for all of your future trips!
  • Seven sample one-day dining itineraries for a head-start on planning.
  • A comprehensive index of bars and lounges. An often under-appreciated option for both dining and entertainment, the e-Book devotes a whole index to the topic.
  • The ability to be read on your mobile device or computer! It’s fully portable right in your pocket!
DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining Sample Pages

DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining Sample Pages

Here’s Just Some Of What We Have Updated In Our 2017 Second Edition Guide:

  • Fully updated menus, prices, and restaurant info for 2017 visitors
  • Updated details about available discounts and deals at Disney World restaurants
  • DFB’s own 2017 recommendations for everything from table service to counter service to snacks and more
  • Over 650 pages of updated Disney Dining advice, details, and information
  • Disney Dining Plan Updates and cost analysis
  • NEW Disney food and restaurant photos
  • Updated reviews of all Disney World restaurants, kiosks, bars, and lounges including all new eateries
  • An updated chapter on Snacks in the theme parks and resorts
  • A comprehensive section of What’s NEW in Disney Food, including new restaurants, new menus, restaurant closures, and more
  • An updated look at how MyMagic+ affects Disney dining planning
  • The 19 (we couldn’t help it!) great eats that you must try in 2017
Cinnamon Loaf

The Cinnamon Loaf at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe is a Must Have!

  • A section on the good, better, and best ways to re-charge your electronic devices while on the go in Disney World
  • What’s New and Upcoming at Disney Springs
  • What’s New and Upcoming at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • A list of the must-do restaurants for Disney World first-timers, fully updated for 2017
  • Updated suggestions for unique kids’ meals
  • Updated Suggestions and Reviews in our Drinking Around the World Chapter, Index of Bars and Lounges, and Late Night Dining Options Section
  • Updated recommendations for traveling with babies and toddlers
  • Our picks for the snacks you MUST try in 2017, including an update of the best cupcakes in WDW
  • Updated Dining Strategies to help you stick to your budget
  • New Seasonal Events
  • Additional Disney Dining Scavenger Hunts and Trivia, Updated Food Crawls, and Updated BINGO cards
  • Updated Disney Dining FAQ section
  • Additional Top 5 recommendations


We put tons of time, effort, and research into ensuring that we share with you the most relevant, up to date Disney Food Information that’s available. We do this so that you can plan your own Disney visit with confidence, and have the trip of a lifetime, every time.

DFB Guide Reviews:

But don’t take our word for it! See what DFB readers just like you have said about the guide on our Testimonials page:


Ready to see what all the fuss is about? We’d love to share our best tips with you! And remember, because the guide is an e-Book, it’s super easy to download it to all of your mobile devices and take it right into the parks with you!

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  1. Lisa Berryman says

    I have already ordered the guide but just wondering when it will be sent out in the mail.

  2. says

    Lisa Berryman — All of our books electronic books, so the copy you receive will come to your email address, and you can download it on your electronic devices. This saves money, time, trees, and makes it easier for us to regularly update our guides so that we can always provide the latest information. Saving it to your portable devices also means that you’ll have it right with you in the parks. I hope this helps. :-)

  3. Penny Blake says

    Does your book cover the WDW restaurants that serve gluten free food? I am bringing my niece at Easter 2018 and she has coeliac disease
    Love your videos and emails
    Thanks for a great service!

  4. says

    Penny — Thanks so much for reading and for reaching out. Our book has a chapter on dining in Walt Disney World with special diets, including information on gluten free dining. Disney is one of the world’s top destinations for guests who have food allergies and sensitivities, and they’re very accommodating. Best of luck!

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