Giveaway! Enter to Win The Elusive Beauty and the Beast Light-Up Rose Tumbler!

Editor’s Note: The winner has been picked at random, and was announced in our April 8th Newsletter. Tha you to all who entered!

You’ve seen it. You know you want it. And now, it can be YOURS.

The Beauty and the Beast Rose Cup is All. The. Things. And if you’re as over the moon about it as we are, then you better get yours FAST before they sell out! Again! Because you know they will. 

Welllllllll…we’ve got some GREAT news. We’re actually GIVING ONE AWAY! 

Enchanted Rose Cup

Enchanted Rose Cup

Shut up!! But it’s truuue!

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And if you’re already DFB Newsletter Subscriber, yay for you! Because you’re automatically entered to win.

Okay — enough from me! You have important buttons to push!

The winner will be contacted by email on April 1st. Fingers crossed it’s YOU!

So let’s hear from you guys! Will you be entering to win the Beauty and the Beast Rose Tumbler? Leave a comment and let us know if you plan to add this baby to your Disney drink vessel collection!


  1. Laura says

    Oh my gosh, I didn’t even know this existed until now! Oh, yes, I do SO want this cup!! Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favorite! This cup is SOOOO pretty! And I really wanted to put in a starry-eyed emoji, but I can’t seem to find one… I may be overlooking it in my excitement, though…. okay, I’ll go away and be quietly excited by myself now… Lol!

  2. says

    I plan on putting on my desk so I can look at it every day. It will be shared by me and my four granddaughters on a rotating basis!

  3. Jean Heubach says

    Took my granddaughter to see Beauty and the Beast and the first thing she wanted was the souvenir drink cup, so of course grandma got it for her. I know she would love this one, it is extra special.

  4. says

    My grands love disney the foods and all the adventures and amusements . as well as Sea World and many attractions of Florida.

  5. Susie Trader says

    J’adore! Id love to win this for my daughter who just celebrated her 10th birthday!! I made a Be Our Guest dining reservation for this Friday the 14th specifically to get this cup and celebrate her birthday at Magic Kingdom however I am hearing the cups are now sold out :( Is this true?
    Thanks :-)

  6. Yvonne Crook says

    OMG have seen this on your blog before would love to win – everyone in the U.K. would be soooooo jealous!

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