News: Full Menu for Pongu Pongu, and DFB’s “Eat This, Not That” Video for Animal Kingdom’s Pandora!

With just a few weeks left until Pandora – The World of Avatar opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom we have more information about the menu at the lounge on Pandora, Pongu Pongu.

Pongu Pongu Concept Art ©Disney

Pongu Pongu Concept Art ©Disney

The full menu for the “eclectic” lounge has been released on the Walt Disney website! Let’s check it out!


Screenshot from Disney World website.

The top of the menu features the non-alcoholic beverages including Pongu Pongu’s signature beverage, the Night Blossom, a mix of limeade combined with apple and desert pear flavors finished off with passion fruit boba balls.



Note that on its own the Night Blossom is just $4.99 but when ordered in the Souvenir Mug with Glowing Unadelta Seed the beverage is $18.25! We sure hope that glowing seed actually grows a bioluminescent tree for that price.

Next on the menu are the alcoholic beverages including the Mo’ara Margarita (Sauza Conmemorativo Añejo Tequila with Strawberry and Blood Orange flavors topped with Strawberry Boba Balls), which is also priced at $18.25 when ordered in a souvenir mug.


Other drinks include Mo’ara High Country Ale in 16 ounce and 22 ounce sizes, and Hawkes’ Grog Ale also available in two sizes. If you’d like your draft beer in a souvenir mug it’ll cost $18.50.

And finally, there is one food item on the menu – the Pongu Lumpia, a spring roll filled with pineapple cream cheese.


This sweet snack is Disney’s take on a popular street food in the Philippines and Indonesia (and apparently, Pandora).

Television Shot of Lumpia on ABC's The Chew

Television Shot of Lumpia on ABC’s The Chew

Now that we have the full menu for Pongu Pongu and the menu for Satu’li Canteen it’s time to start planning what you’re going to eat and drink on your visit to Pandora!

Don’t forget to check out our latest DFB Video: “Eat This, Not That!” In Disney World’s Pandora for our DFB community’s recommendations!

What are you looking forward to eating and drinking on Pandora? Let us know in the comments.

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