News: Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs Now in Magic Kingdom at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

We’re gonna go waaaay back today… all the way to 2013 ;) .

That’s the year that Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs arrived — at long last — in Disney World, thanks to the Fantasy Fare Disney Food Truck.

Of course, Disneylanders have a long history with Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs. The Little Red Wagon and Stage Door Cafe in Disneyland Park and Corn Dog Castle in Disney California Adventure long ago elevated the standard theme park/carnival/state fair corn dog to a work of art.  An extra-thick layer of corn batter surrounds the hot dog, while the hand-dipped treatment lends a heartier, tastier, more satisfying crunch to the deep-fried golden batter.

Even with that description, it’s still hard to imagine how much this process improves upon your basic corn dog without trying one for yourself.

Hand Dipped Corn Dog

Disneyland Hand-Dipped Corn Dog from the Little Red Wagon

And now, there is one more spot in Disney World where you can do exactly that. Better yet, it’s in a PARK this time! Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Magic Kingdom is now serving Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs!!

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Our long-time pal, Laura G. (@buyul on Instagram), sent us some pics of the menu…

Menu at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Menu at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Though it’s listed at $8.49 with House-made Chips, Laura let us know that you can request your Dog without chips for the price of $5.99.

Close-up of Hand-dipped Corn Dogs on the menu

Close-up of Hand-dipped Corn Dogs on the menu

And, you know, while she was there… ;)

Hand-Dipped Corn Dog and Chips (and a Baked Potato!) from Sleepy Hollow

Hand-Dipped Corn Dog and Chips (and a Baked Potato!) from Sleepy Hollow

So there ya go! Just in time for the summer crowds, one of Disneyland’s most coveted snacks is now available in TWO places in Disney World. And since hours — and even location — of the Disney Food Trucks do tend to vary, it’s nice to know that you’ve got a definite, non-mobile spot where you’re guaranteed to find it.

Hand-dipped Corn Dog from Fantasy Fare

Hand-dipped Corn Dog from Fantasy Fare

And, really, can you beat Magic Kingdom as a spot to enjoy a quintessential Disney snack? I think not :) .

So, stake your place in line at Sleepy Hollow early, folks… because with the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich, the Fresh Fruit and Nutella Waffle Sandwich, Baked Potatoes, and NOW, the Hand-Dipped Corn Dog, you can be pretty darn sure there’s going to be one!

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Will YOU be heading to Sleepy Hollow for a Hand-Dipped Corn Dog? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Tricia says

    I wish they would do the cheese corn dog like they do at Disneyland. I love hand-dipped corn dogs, but I don’t eat meat.

  2. Hannah says

    Tricia…I totally agree….although I do enjoy a good corn dog once in awhile, I would much rather have a breaded cheese stick. I can’t find them anymore and really miss them!

  3. Brad Boling says

    I hope these stay for a bit… won’t be back until late January… and I really love a good corndawg.

  4. Kelly says

    Are the corn dogs and spicy chicken waffle sandwich available on the Disney Dining Plan as a quick service credit or a snack?

  5. Doug Johnson says

    It appears they no longer sell corn dogs. We went today and they are no longer on the menu.

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