DFB Video: Best Disney World Sit Down Restaurants for Kids

Hello, friends! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re checking out the best Disney World sit down restaurants for kids!

Dine in a Convertible at Sci-Fi

Dine in a Convertible at Sci-Fi

Now, a lot of people think that Disney World is just for kids… but we know the truth: Disney World is for kids and all of us kids at heart! Still, there are some dining experiences that parents especially will want to know about, as we think these are some top picks for those traveling with kiddos! Sure, we will discuss some character dining options, but we’ll also share some under-the-radar spots which those planning a trip with children might not consider at first glance. So join us to explore some of the best sit down dining for kids at Disney World!

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So check out the video and then let us know: What is your (or your kid’s!) top choice for sit down dining in Disney World?


  1. nursejackie says

    Just ate at Sci-Fi Diner about 10 days ago for the first time and loved it. I had an 11.10am booking but I was seated by 10.55am and it was almost empty. I was a solo diner and by the time they put other people in my car I was taking my last bite of the delicious burger they served me. I enjoyed watching all the old adverts and trailers. I am definitely going back next year.

  2. Dave says

    Many years back we didn’t have a good meal at Sci Fi plus the fact that the kids got 0 out of non-recognizable movie clips from yesteryear. Glad to hear they have improved the food, now just improve what’s on the screen to help a little with thee attention spans! But my all time favorite, and again the 1st one we will be enjoying 1 week from today when we arrive is Ohana for dinner. Just amazing ambiance, amazing non-stop food, and coconut roll games and fireworks view. I have learned over the years to go easy on the 1st few courses and not eat too much pineapple bread/dumplings/wings to save space for the amazing bread pudding dessert! And we do it earlier these days to walk for a while to let the food settles since its all you care to enjoy!

  3. Kelly D says

    My kids’ hands-down favorite is Whispering Canyon Cafe. They cannot get enough of the servers wacky behavior and the bottomless milkshakes!

  4. says

    My three girls love Crystal Palace and Donald’s Safari breakfast at Tusker House. Akershus is another one of our favorites.

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