DFB Video: Things Most People Don’t Know About Walt Disney World

Hey Guys! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re sharing some tips and tricks… because there is a lot of stuff that most people DON’T KNOW about Disney World!

Hidden Mickey in Epcot

Hidden Mickey in Epcot

And, sure, we’ve got some dining tips, but we’re stepping outside our usual realm to talk about charging stations (and where you can find them), Disney Resort guest perks, and some just-for-grown-ups activities. And wanna know about some fun you can have outside the parks… including hunting for Hidden Mickeys? Even if you’ve visited Disney World several times you might learn something new in our latest video!

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So check out the video and then let us know: What’s your favorite Disney World travel tip? 


  1. Campbell says

    When I had a toddler, I was pleasantly surprised at the baby care centers. Each one offered a quiet space with rocking chairs (One had private rooms even). These were a life saver for our first few trips.

  2. Rebecca B says

    One day, I bought a fuel rod at the parks because I had forgotten mine. I thought it would be a regrettable necessity, but it’s actually been great. That was more than a year ago and I have found that I can get a fresh, fully charged fuel rod at any fuel rod station at no extra charge. Both of the airports in my home town have fuelrod stations and the California parks also have fuelrod stations, so I have gotten a ton of use out of that one purchase. I was surprised the disney ones could be exchanged at airport stations too. It makes it really easy.

  3. Essie says

    Great video, AJ. I’m sure there are a lot of guests who didn’t know much of this info. I found all of the pathways interesting. I was aware of some, but not all of them. It’s always good tyo learn more

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