News: Limited Pilot Program Gives Select Resort Guests the Opportunity to Purchase Theme Park Extras

A limited time pilot program launching on January 12th allows guests who are eligible for Disney Signature Services to purchase a Theme Park Extra for $50 (plus tax) per person in their traveling party per day. In order to participate, these guests must have purchased a theme park ticket for a minimum of three days (or an annual pass).

Frozen Ever After Entrance in Epcot

Frozen Ever After Entrance in Epcot

What’s included in the theme parks extras? According to the language used to promote the offering:

  • Three additional FastPass+ selections per day. FastPass+ attractions and entertainment experiences, the number of selections you can make and available arrival windows are limited.

  • The opportunity to reserve these three additional FastPass+ selections in more than one theme park when a valid Park Hopper option is also purchased with the ticket.

  • A booking window of up to 90 days in advance for these three additional FastPass+ selections and the ability to book them at multiple top-tier attractions. Guests may not repeat the same FastPass+ attraction during a single day.

  • Preferred viewing location for nighttime spectaculars, one per day, including Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom®Park, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth at Epcot®, Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios® and Rivers of Light at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. Advanced reservation is required and availability of each nighttime spectacular preferred viewing location is limited.

Selected guests are also reminded that: “All theme park Guests with valid theme park admission continue to receive up to three FastPass+ selections at a single park per day at no extra charge, as well as additional day-of in-park selections that may be reserved and redeemed one-at-a-time after those initial three selections are redeemed.”

So what do you think of the offerings included in the pilot program? Is it something you’d be interested in participating in if presented the opportunity?

We’d like to thank Small World Vacations for the heads up!

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  1. Mike V says

    WOW Disney……another example of submissing to the 1% and leaving us in the 99% out in the dark.
    Hey wealthy folks, we’ll take you cash so you do not have to wait in line with the peasants of the world.
    Horrible Disney, just horrible.

  2. Marc says

    I like the option of additional FastPass+ at a different park, and would like to have the option today of reserving my FastPass+ at more than one park. Fifty dollars for these extras feels very expensive!

  3. Nadine says

    Ouch, $50 per person per day can get VERY expensive. And agreed, it’s a nice bump for the affluent crowd. Bummer that it doesn’t apply to the loyalists (Passholders, DVC, etc.). My hope is they will use the paying program as a pilot and then roll it out for free to others. I do think it would be VERY helpful to have FP available at more than one park! We need to remember that Disney is a business and they keep upgrading and opening new worlds/attractions. They need to make the $s to do that and it seems like this is a great way for them to make a little extra off of people already in the parks. For now, it’s not a viable option for my family.

  4. Hannah says

    A select few….way to take the magic away from all the others when they’re not selected so they are made to feel unappreciated after being a DVC member for years and saving every year for a Disney vacation.

  5. Karen says

    It is my understanding that the phrase “being eligible for Signature Services” means guest who are staying in Club Level rooms only. Considering how much you already pay for that level, $50 per day seems a bit much for that privilege.

  6. Lori says

    I think purchasing the Park Hopper should entitle you to split your 3 Fast Passes for different parks on the same day without having to pay even more. $50 per person per day is pretty steep for what boils down to 3 extra Fast Passes – especially when other significant discounts (like free meal plan) are disappearing.

  7. Corey says

    I heard it was for club level visitors. Either way…I think it’s a great idea. Money makes the world go round. I don’t cry if I can’t afford a Ferrari. I don’t find it unfair at all. More reason to strive for my personal best.

  8. April says

    It’s so disappointing that greed is taking over. They should have a loyalty program for all of us that already pay out the nose to come Year after year. Getting harder and harder.

  9. Marie says

    Definitely expensive, but I’d be on board on certain full-schedule days where the time you’d save would be totally worth it. To be fair, I usually just travel with one other adult, and it would be a different situation with a big party. But come on… Disney is a for-profit company with tons of expensive “extras,” vacationing is already a luxury expense, and the entire world works under the principle that you get things by paying for them. $50 is not cheap, but it’s laughable to call this a perk for the 1%.

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